OPI Brilliance Block File

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OPI Brilliance Block File is a dual nail buffer that quickly and effortlessly brings artificial and natural nails to a high gloss shine. Gentle on nails and cuticles, the green side removes imperfections while the white side polishes to a shine.


OPI Brilliance Block File


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OPI Brilliance Block File is an absolute must have product if you love doing your own manicures.    I try and do my nails every 5-6 days, and this way my hands are always in pretty condition.   After I have removed my nail polish, then filed, out comes this gorgeous block file, to polish and smooth my nails.  One side smooths ridges and bumps, and the other side makes it smooth and shiny.  You only need to use this file once a week,  and take care to not file down the nail too far, if your ridges or bumps are very pronounced, it may take a few weeks of use, to get really smooth nails, as you don't want to make them too thin by buffing away for too long.   The block file can also be used on your toe nails. Once you have used this file, you can proceed with the rest of your manicure.  When you go to paint your nails, your base will be so smooth, the polish will just glide on, and also leave your polish looking so much more even and neater, so much more professional.   With products like this, you can master your own at home manicure, and enjoy doing your own nails again.