OPI Start to Finish Formaldehyde Free

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A breakthrough, high performance formula, free from formaldehyde. OPI Start to Finish Formaldehyde Free is a convenient and gentle 3 in 1 formula that combines a Base Coat, Top Coat and Nail Strengthener. OPI Start to Finish Formaldehyde Free can be applied before applying polish to prevent stains, as a top coat to even out your polish, add gloss and increase the longevity of your wear. This innovative product also conditions and strengthens the nails.


OPI Start to Finish Formaldehyde Free


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Shiny and strong

This was such a great polish. I tend to wear UV gel on my nails but gave this a go. To start, formaldehyde free was a big bonus. The formula and finish on my nails didn't indicate any difference to regular polish. It dried rather quickly and gave my nails a really nice shine. My nails actually felt significantly stronger when the polish dried. I would recommend to wear even without any colour. It just makes your nails look clean and very polished. I like that it is able to be used as a base and top coat.
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Great for a home manicure

I love that this product is formaldehyde free, it didn't seem to smell as much as some other nail products too. I don't do my nails at home very often but this is great as a top and base coat for at home and makes sure that your polish doesn't chip very easily. It also gave a really nice shine finish. It definitely tempted me into buying some more OPI colours just so I could use it some more and also works well just to give your nails a nice shine. Would buy again if I went back to doing my nails at home more often.
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Great & affordable!

O.P.I is a nail brand I love & trust and this one lived up to its reputation! It operates as described, it’s a great base coat, top coat & nail strengthener. For me, I work a lot and don’t have much down time to apply coloured polish. What I enjoyed was this product is quick to dry, easy to apply and when I used it consistently I could see results. It really does make your nails stronger and as a result made mine grow longer as there were less breakages. I found it pays to apply every couple of days to see these results. Overall, I believe this is a great & affordable product easy for those on the go!
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Strength AND shine

OPI never fails to impress! I have used this alone, as a top coat and as a base coat and my nails feel strong, healthy and look shiny. I particularly love pairing this as a base and top coat with a high gloss red OPI poilsh and find that reapplying this as a top coat from time to time boosted the shine and longevity of the polish colour! I also love going without polish, so the OPI Start to Finish Formaldehyde Free is a strengthening coat for long, healthy and strong nails between colours! I would highly recommend this fabulous product, it really is an all in one product which ensures that your nails won't suffer because of wearing polish too!
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Nice product

I like that this is a 2-in-1 product for base coat and top coat as it makes grabbing all the manicure products a bit lighter. Otherwise, this is a pretty standard base and top coat and fairly similar to other OPI products and other brands on the market. My nails do chip after looking at them, so other people with less histrionic nails may get better results from this product. If like me, your nails are weak, you may also find that this isn't a standout product, but it is also not a terrible one. I think the lack of formaldehyde is a nice choice if you prefer to not have that nasty on your nails. For me, I don't have much preference but this may be something you consider important. If you like OPI products or want to try them out, this could be a nice pick.
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Healthy shiny nails!

I put this onto painted nails and it protects the nail colour to break. The nail colours stays nicely until my nails grows long and I took it off. It depends how many coat you apply, but if you only apply one coat on top of your painted nails, it does not feel thick. The bonus here is that the polish is Formaldehyde free, therefore it is no chemical in the polish. I don't feel there is any difference to the ones I used with chemicals. Therefore, I highly recommend to use this instead of the chemical ones, as I believe there is no differences except it is healthier for your nails!
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I was so happy to try this as I know there has been some talk about what OPI put in their nail polishes. I try to use products that have less chemicals or at least not the nasty chemicals - so was very happy with this! The finish was nice and shiny. I have used it on it's own to give my nails a neat and fresh look and I have also used this on top of my regular nail polish colours. I found that it was super shiny and allowed the nail polish to look neat for longer. I usually don't get much wear out of nail polish and they always seem to chip, so I only wear it on special occasions, but this gave my nail polish a few extra days. The good thing about this is you can also use it as a base and top coat. Definitely worth trying the new range.