Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturiser Jasmine with Avocado Oil

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Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturiser in Jasmine with Avocado Oil combines a blend of botanical oils to nourish the skin without feeling greasy. Jasmine extract balances skin’s moisture levels and increases elasticity while avocado oil provides deep hydration.

Price above is for 200mL. Also available in 400mL.


Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturiser Jasmine with Avocado Oil


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I really like the scent of Jasmine and did purchase this as a budget option. It is a generous size and the scent is lovely however I don't like that it contains mineral oil and isn't more package conscious. I prefer to spend more on a 100% organic Australian product. Especially if you're applying it to your whole body I imagine it would feel quite greasy. I won't repurchase this product for myself. A great budget option for those who cannot afford a more luxurious moisturiser.
Beautifully thick and extra luscious, this is the perfect body moisturiser for that after shave glow. Makes your legs feel super sleek and soft. Great pump bottle so it's easy to apply on the fly and a soft natural fragrance that's long lasting. Apply a couple of times a day to cure those winter skin woes.
I'm a huge fan of Jasmin as I grew up with Jasmin flowers in my backyard so it is probably one of my favourite flowers which is why I like this moisturiser.  It has a Jasmine based scent and the formula is great for my dry skin.  I keep this next to my bed so in the morning when I wake up, I pump a little bit out and use it all over my body: hands, legs, feet and arms.  The moisturiser is creamy without feeling greasy on my skin.  I like that it has avocado oil for an extra boost of hydration.  It works well for me especially in the winter my legs can get very dry and itchy.  The lotion helps calm my skin down and I find that I don't have to scratch it.  The lotion absorbs easily and it doesn't leave any residue behind.
Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturiser Jasmine with Avocado Oil is one of those body products you can't go wrong with. First thing first, the smell is drop dead amazing. It does not only contain jasmine, but also infused with citrus oils. It is a unisex scent suitable for the whole family. The product itself is a white lotion of thin to medium consistency. I have drier skin and I found this body lotion more suitable for warmer seasons. It is quiet quickly absorbed and I found that I can get dressed rather quickly after applying, without a greasy or sticky after-feel. I also like that the beautiful scent lingers for a while without being over-powering. I use the matching shower gel to make the fragrance last even longer. The body lotion comes in a convenient, sturdy pump bottle. The bottle lasted me for at least a couple of months when used twice a day. A couple of things to note: it has mineral oil as the second ingredient, which does not bother me at all, but some people may not like this. It is an "infusion" product, so the avocado oil and jasmine extract are not the main ingredients. However, for a beautifully scented body lotion priced at a few dollars, absolutely no complaints from me!
The Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturiser is a budget friendly option to combat dry skin in need of moisture. There was a lot that I enjoyed about this moisturiser- it is cheap, it is low fragrance, and it improves skin texture and moisturises with the furst few applications. Unfortunately I rated it as 3 stars, most because I am too impatient and hate having to use real effort to help the product absorb completely and once it was absorbed I didn't enjoy the greasy feeling afterwards. For the price, it will do the job for you  but there will need to be a little time and effort involved.
This is a great everyday moisturizer that smells great. I love the floral jasmine scent which makes this moisturizer so luxurious to use. I love the fact that the scent is not too overpowering. This is a good value for money. Also good that it is a pump pack so that the whole family can use it conveniently and hygienically. The moisturizer blends in nicely into my skin without leaving it feeling greasy. Great for gifting as it has a nice beautiful packaging.
Great brand, great name, been around for what seems like forever.  This moisturiser has a nice scent, bit strong, so I don't use heaps.  The amount that I use is enough to give a good covering and it leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft and well nourished. A little goes a long way.
This moisturiser is my go to. It has a light constancy on the skin and sinks in very well. The jasmine and avocado smell amazing in the moisturiser and I love how it’s not just another floral moisturiser and has avocado in as well. The pump on the bottle is perfect for an easy application and doesn’t create a mess. My favourite time to use this moisturiser is in summer as it is very lightweight and doesn’t give the skin a closed in feeling or like you have too much product on your skin. I am definitely going to repurchase this moisturiser as it is amazingly economical and feels great on the skin. 
I LOVE this moisturiser, I prefer it over other more expensive body moisturisers as well. It smells lovely in a way that won't compete with your perfume and absorbs so well I can feel confident that when I put my clothes on it won't mark or stain them. I couldn't recommend this enough and will definitely be repurchasing!
This body Moisturiser by Palmolive is good for summer and warmer months. The texture is very light, it spreads really easily and smoothly on. However, it’s not abundantly moisturising or hydrating so it’s not suitable for me for the colder and winter months. The fragrance of jasmine is quite strong as well. It’s a nice floral scent but it’s a little too strong for me. Overall, this is a good summer body lotion.
This is a great budget friendly moisturiser, I cant go past $5,99 for something that lasts so long. This is great for all over body, especially after the shower and for tough skin areas like heels and elbows as its super hydrating. it sinks in really well without feeling greasy and leaves skin soft and feeling firmer, a great bonus. The fragrance is beautiful,like spring jasmine and I adore the convenience of the great pump bottle as this eliminates mess and makes it easy to get the right amount of product. It feels lightweight to wear and not sticky, awesome for legs and arms in summer. I really love this and would recommend it, especially for the great price
The Palmolive body moisturiser with jasmine and avocado comes in an amber coloured plastic pump bottle. The body moisturiser is a lightweight lotion with the gorgeous scent of jasmine and avocado. I always apply this lotion on my body after showering. I smooth it on from my neck to my feet and find it takes just a few seconds to sink in and absorb into my skin. My skin feels instantly hydrated and softened without any sticky or greasy feeling.  The lightweight texture of the lotion makes it easy to smooth onto my skin especially if I'm in a rush. I find I reach for this more often in the warmer months as I find its lightweight texture really suits my lifestyle in the hot weather. The scent is pleasant but not overpowering and the inclusion of jasmine and avocado oils nourishes and hydrates my skin beautifully. Its a good value for money body lotion and excellent for warmer weather days when you don't want a heavy rich lotion suffocating your skin.  Pro  Lightweight  Hydrating and nourishing  Non sticky  Non greasy  Pleasant scent 
I like how this product comes in a pump applicator and comes in a 400mL container.  The jasmine and avocado scent is subtle and does not linger like a strong perfume.  It hydrates the skin with a non greasy feel.   The only downside is that the product contains EDTA and is not 100% made in Australia.
I have been enjoying this new more natural range of moisturisers from Palmolive.  This is very hydrating and smells sweetly of the jasmine scent.  The avocado in it softens off the scent a bit which is really pleasant so that it's not just another floral moisturiser. The fact that it has real plant extracts in it is attractive to me and I love the price!  There is so much value for money here - a huge pump top pack for $10.  The pump makes is super convenient and easy to get into the habit of applying body moisturiser at any time of day but I especially love to put this on straight after a shower and especially if I've just shaved my legs. I can recommend this to anyone with dry body skin of any age.  It leaves my skin feeling satisfied with moisture and I can leave my dryness behind when I use this.  This moisturiser is certainly a great one for legs and parched arms.  It will quench anyone's need to pamper their skin with hydration.  
I keep my bottle of Palmolive Oil Infusions beside my bed because I use mine as a hand cream because it is a light cream that I use several times per day.  It not only keeps my hands, elbows and arm moisturised, it has also strengthened my nails.  They are now long & hard with regular usage.
Great product. Smells beautiful and skin feels so soft.
The pump pack makes this moisturiser perfect for quick access when your hands are in need of some hydration. I love the fresh fruity smell and it is economically priced.
I received this in a recent Marie Claire Parcel and was excited to try as my usual moisturiser had just run out and my skin was in definitely in need of some hydration. The product comes packaged in a generous sized brown pump bottle. It smells very pretty and refreshing and the cream itself is more a lotion than cream texture. I personally found this did not absorb well at all,just kind of felt like it stayed sitting on top of my skin. It did hydrate a little but it just never fully absorbed and left me feeling quite greasy. Pros Very well priced Lots of skin beneficial and natural ingredients Smells great and the scent is long lasting Cons Left me feeling oily as it didn't absorb well
I received this in my last Marie Claire box and was quite happy with it. The scent is fruity without being too strong, and the pump is great and makes it easy to use without wasting. It does sink into the skin really nicely, as I was worried it might feel a bit oily being "oil infused ". My only complaints is I find it a bit "watered down" meaning I don't feel it's really going to give a lot of moisture to your skin if you feel really dry. But it is only $5.95 so I guess you can't expect it for the price. I will keep on using it in the warmer months when my skin doesn't feel that dry, but I don't know that I would actually repurchase this, I do think there are better lotions out there
I received this product in one of my Marie Claire parcels. I was not very happy at first, I loved the summery packaging so was keen to try it.  Unfortunately I could not undo the twist tap no matter how hard I tried. My hubby took it out to the shed and used a tool to break the top open. I was able to use the product and loved it. It smelled devine. Was very easy to  apply soaked in quickly and left a lovely silky feel. So I loved the cream!  As I was disappointed with the packaging I sent an email to Palmolive explaining the problem.  They responded immediately with a lovely email expressing their concern and asked me to send them the faulty bottle which they paid the return postage on. They sent me two new bottles all of which were easy to open and some samples of their other products. So I have been able to share this oil infusions product with friends too.