Pantene Pro-V 10 Repair & Protect Shampoo

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Pantene Pro-V 10 Repair & Protect Shampoo is a shampoo that delivers 10 hair benefits in one. It will help prevent split ends, strengthen against breakage, smooth the hair, moisturise, soften, enhance shine, improve manageability, detangle, restore natural volume and provide balanced cleansing. The SMART Pro-Vitamin formula contains active ingredient histidine to help repair damage for stronger, shinier hair.


Pantene Pro-V 10 Repair & Protect Shampoo


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Feels like a Pantene Ad

My hair has been so damaged from saltwater, chlorine, heat, dye, and from probably even brushing my hair. I have been on a tiresome hair journey to revive and renourish my hair. After using this product my hair felt, luscious and healthy. It was glowing again! I cannot get over how smooth my hair feels, especially after being so dry and bristly for so long. I really do feel like I'm in a Pantene ad, waving my hair around and it gloriously bouncing in the shimmering sun. 100% recommend to everyone. Get on this! Especially before summer hits and the damage gets worse.
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This shampoo smelt amazing, I remember using the original Pantene when I was younger and I used to love it. Back then my hair wasn’t dyed and I had my natural colour. I feel like it did dry my hair a bit and made it a little frizzy but also made it soft and smell really nice. I shared it around with my housemates too and they loved it just as much. I feel like on natural hair it would be really nourishing and moisturising but just wasn’t enough for my blonde hair. It has a thick creamy texture and the ingredients list is definitely much better and more clean than it used to be.
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Decent and affordable hair reparing shampoo

A month into using the shampoo, i realised my hair has become more volumised than before. Now, when I run my finger through my strands, they seems to be thicker in volume (not the texture of the hair). This has been so far the most obvious repairing effect that this product has on my hair. The shampoo itself is very lightweight with a pleasant fruity scent that is not too overpowering. It lathers well and gets the job done with only small amount of the product and it cleanses the hair very well without drying it up. I would personally use the conditioner afterwards to avoid any tangling/frizzy issues. Apart from that, it is indeed a very affordable shampoo as compared to some of the other hair repair shampoos that I've tried.
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Silky hair

My hair is chemically treated so it can appear dry and damaged if I don’t take care of it properly. I carefully choose my shampoo, conditioner and a mask so that my hair is in top shape. Pantene Pro-V 10 Repair & Protect delivered what it claimed. It repaired my hair, it is now very silky and smooth. I’ve also noticed that it appears more hydrated. The shampoo smells beautiful and it doesn’t weight my hair. Even my husband started using it because he loved the scent of it, now we share it. The bottle is practical and nicely designed. I highly recommend this product.
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Keep it shiny!

I found this product to be great!! I really loved how it got into the roots of my hair. I have very frizzy, dry hair & curly hair. After every shower I apply quite a few products to help stable the frizz & keep it nice tame & hydrated. After using this shampoo quite a few times now, I have seen a lot of good results with the frizz, my hair is much more calmer and I do not have to put so many products in my hair post shower. I have also noticed my hair has more of a shine to it now and have received quite a few compliments. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to help improve their hair and keep it hydrated and nourished.
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Lush Experience!

I loved everything about this shampoo! From the amazing smell when first opening the lid, I knew I’d found the one. This shampoo is definitely great value for money, a little goes a long way. This shampoo lathered very well and the smell made it even more enjoyable. My hair was left feeling very clean and soft after each wash. Over the course of a few days my hair was manageable and remained shiny and healthy looking. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product to my family and friends. Pantene products never seem to disappoint. I can’t wait to continue trying more from them.
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Repaired hair

After using the shampoo for 3 weeks and around 6 washesl I can confidently say that my hair has benefited from the repair and protect shampoo. My hair is originally a bit dry and damaged from heat being applied to it once a week for years now. After using the shampoo there were differences in the shininess of my hair, I obviously didn't see the difference up until 3 washes for me but now I can see the retention in moisture, silkiness and breakage in the hair. Even for someone with a lot of hair a little did go along way. My hair did feel more weightless and even got a compliment from a co worker wondering if went to the salon. The scent of the shampoo is not overpowering and is quite subtle compared to other brands I've used. I would recommend to friends and continue to use this shampoo in the future.
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Nice and affordable shampoo

I have been using Pantene hair products for many years now and I'm super excited to try out the ProV 10 Repair and Protect range. This shampoo has Pantene's signature scent which I love and claims to provide deep hydration for dry hair. I have long thin, dry and fragile hair which sounds like this shampoo will work perfectly for me. After few washes, the quality of my hair did improve. The shampoo did a great job cleaning out the dirty and oil on my hair but retain the hydration at the same time. My hair feels clean, fresh, lightweight with healthy shine after each wash. Also worth mentioning that this shampoo does not contain silicones and paraffins which is another tick for me. Overall, a very nice and affordable shampoo.
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Great Protect Shampoo

I've been using the Pantene Pro-V 10 Repair & Protect Shampoo for past week and I'm very happy with the results. The fragrance is nice, not something that looks to artificial, it's simple and subtle. I noticed that my hair is visibly better, the only thing that would be better is that I have oily hair and dry ends, I still find the ends a little bit dry. I'm using the Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Repair & Protect Daily Treatment combined with the Shampooo and I can see that my hair looks shinier and healthier. I Highly recommend this product from Pantene and I’m certainly buying more.
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Glad I rediscovered!

The scent and texture of Pantene products is pretty nostalgic as my Mum purchased this for me to use years ago as a teen. Reusing this brands products sent me on a trip down memory lane and was exactly as I remembered it. My hair felt clean and nourished after using the Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo, it remained that way for three days to follow which is the same timeframe I usually leave between hair washes. Pantene is a brand I had lost in the saturated market, but glad I rediscovered as I will definitely repurchase!!
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I have to say I have not been taking care of my hair, particularly in lockdown! I've been putting my hair in topknots and probably not brushing it as often as I should but thankfully Patene Pro-V 10 Repair & Protect Shampoo came to the rescue. This shampoo is the business! It's like I having a salon treatment at home. The smell is wonderful and I feel like my hair is nourished when I'm lathering up in the shower, plus you really don't need to use too much of it. I have quite long hair and I only use a small amount to fully lather me hair. This shampoo is definitely my go to, so give it a go... you won't regret it!
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Leaves hair so silky and soft!

This is my first time using Pantene and I have been so pleasantly surprised! I have really thick, coarse and dry hair so I often find myself with damaged and dull ends after cleansing my hair/scalp. This shampoo, however, leaves my hair so soft to touch and adds shine too! I feel like it does the job of a conditioner while also cleansing oily roots - I can definitely feel the difference in my hair texture straight after rinsing it off in the shower. So worth it at such a low price point, especially if you have dry, coarse hair.
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As good as the name suggests

This is without a doubt, one of the best shampoos I’ve used. It does exactly what the name suggests, and I’m just so happy with how my hair looks even after a few uses. Previously, my hair was visibly damaged, dry and brittle, from years of heat damage and colouring, but this shampoo has really helped turn that around. Not only does my hair feel and look healthier, it also has a bit of bounce to it. I’m seeing less breakage and less loose strands as well as it’s almost as if this shampoo adds a layer of protection to my hair, all while gently cleaning it. This is a massive plus for me because I’ve always been conscious of hair loss. I’m going to be using this shampoo for quite some time, won’t be switching anytime soon!

Strengthens and repairs hair

Pantene is a great brand and this prov10 repair and protect shampoo is amazing for hair protection. I love Pantene and have been using the brand for a long time and this shampoo keeps my hair strong and healthy and free from split ends. It has a lovely creamy texture and lathers up well, it has a pleasant scent and helps with detangling my hair. I have very thick hair that needs a lot of care, it’s also coloured so can be a bit dry. After using this shampoo my hair feels super soft and silky and it’s really easy to style, it also adds a lot of shine. This is a great product for those needing extra care for their hair. I would absolutely buy this shampoo again, great value, great results