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Pantene Pro-V Intense Miracle Shot Biotin is a one-minute rinse-off treatment that directly targets the cause of hair damage. It is created using biotin and multi-supplemented infused formula. Biotin (otherwise known as vitamin B7) is one of the best-kept secrets in hair care. The vitamin helps aid dull and damaged hair by nourishing strands from the inside out so that hair returns healthy, strong and resilient. The Pantene Pro-V Ampoules give you 100% stronger hair and helps repair signs of hair damage by transforming damaged and dry hair into visibly healthy, shiny, and strong hair.


Pantene Pro-V Intense Miracle Shot Biotin


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This product smelt amazing, I remember using the original Pantene when I was younger and I used to love it. Back then my hair wasn’t dyed and I had my natural colour. I feel like it did dry my hair a bit and made it a little frizzy but also made it soft and smell really nice. I shared it around with my housemates too and they loved it just as much. I feel like on natural hair it would be really nourishing and moisturising but just wasn’t enough for my blonde hair. It has a thick creamy texture and the ingredients list is definitely much better and more clean than it used to be.
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Effective hair shot that smoothen my frizzy hair

I have recently finished the 3 shots by using them once a week. I have to say everytime after each wash, I can feel my hair got smoother and well-moisturised, tangles and knots were non-existent. I am quite surpised by the effect that these shots had on my hair as they make my hair manageable and less frizzy than usual. I tend to style my coloured hair with straightener almost everyday, and this product is definitely a rescue if I have last minute plan to go out. Given that the price of the shots, these are good at-home treatments that give you a decent afterwash touch. I can't deny, these have won my heart over and my re-purchase is actually on the way as I write the review.
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Shot of hydration

Such a great product. I enjoyed using it to boost the hydration of my hair and especially when I was challenging it with chemical treatments and curling tongs, blow dries and other actions that make our hair looks glamorous but it can be taxing on it. It has a thick consistency that can be easily applied, it smells divine and in about 3 minutes you get a very healthy and silky hair. I would like to see in future treatment that you only need to apply for 1 minute, every minute counts in this hectic world. I highly recommend this product whenever you need extra care and love for you hair.
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Magic in a little bottle.

This product was amazing. I did not think that a product in a small bottle would do such an amazing job. I have very frizzy, dry hair & curly hair. I don't do a lot of treatments in my hair and when I do results only last for 1-2 days. I used this product for the first time and I was shocked! It was beautiful. My hair went from crispy to slick and smooth only after the first use! I couldn't believe it. I usually apply quite a few products to help stable the frizz & keep it nice tame & hydrated. After using this shampoo quite a few times now, I have seen a lot of good results with the frizz, my hair is much more calmer and I do not have to put so many products in my hair post shower. I'm so glad that this product comes within 3 bottles as it is portable & travel safe for on the go. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to help improve their hair and keep it hydrated and nourished.
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So nourishing

The Pantene Pro-V Intense Miracle Shot Biotin really is a miracle My hair is thin and on the dry end. Normally after I wash my hair my hair is so knotey and tangles so easily and when it drays its not soft or shinny. but after using this miracle shot it changed. I would put this in after using shampoo and conditioner and let it sit for a minute and then brush it through my hair which my fingers and my hair was way less knotty then before. Once it dried it was so soft, shinny and easy to work with. it didn't knot up I could wear it out naturally not having to worry about it looking tangled. I would 10/10 recommend this product to everyone.
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Love, love, love!

I highly enjoyed the Pantene shots. Firstly, can I say how great and travel friendly these shots are!! I truly Enjoyed the creamy texture of this product and as per usual with Pantene products the amazing, pleasant smell. I’ve now used up all 3 shots and can confirm that I’d repurchase. I tend to always let my hair dry naturally before going in with styling tools, my hair definitely felt soft & smooth to the touch. Upon styling the shine and health in my hair was very present. I don’t know much about Biotin however, it was definitely worked a miracle of my ends. I would highly recommend these conditioning shots for hair that is dry or for someone who uses hot tools on their hair often.
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Something new

I've never used a treatment for the hair like a shot before and can I say a genius idea. This is the perfect product for going away for a weekend or travel where you won't need to bring a tub size product around. Depending on how much hair you have it can give you 1 or 2 treatments. As my hair is mostly damaged on the ends I only applied it there and loved the results. I didn't have to wait to long, however leaving it in the hair does produce better results. Applying the shot once a week was ample time between treatments and washes. It left my hair silky smooth, less breakage and visibly healthier hair. I would recommend this product and continue to use in the future.
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Miracles Shots that are real Miracles

Pantene Pro-V Intense Miracle Shot Biotin is a great treatment for damaged hair. I've been using all the range for damage hair for the passed weeks and I can see that my hair looks brighter, stronger and healthier. The thing that I have noticed and I simple loved was the texture, just so good. Easy to use, just one-minute rinse-off treatment and you can noticed the results. I recommended this product for sure. My hair feels so much better since I've started to use all the range of the products.
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A new fav!

By far my favourite product in the Pantene Miracle range! The product size is perfect, for someone with thick hair I was pleasantly surprised when one tube of this product was plentiful. It was very easy to wash out of my hair and didn’t leave any residue or heaviness like some other hair repair products. I also didn’t have to leave it in for long to feel the results following the 1 minute instruction. When my hair dried it was very clean, soft and detangled and it felt like this for the days to follow, until I decided to wash my hair again. Overall, it is a great product that is easy to use, requiring minimal application effort and makes your hair feel sensational!! I would recommend it!
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Hair saviour!

I have no idea what Biotin is but after trying the Pantene Pro-V Intense Miracle Shot Biotin I am obsessed. Like most people I usually forget to include my hair in my usual beauty/ self-care routine and it was starting to show big time! I was really looking for a treatment to help me fix those months of neglect and I think I've found it. I've never really invested time/ money into hair treatments besides what you get at the hairdressers but this treatment makes my hair feel as good as when I'm stepping out of the salon plus it's cheaper too! My hair feels soooo much healthier that I'll definitely be incorporating this as part of my beauty routine now.
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So hydrating and conveniently sized!

These biotin Miracle Shots are the perfect travel sized tubes for when you're on the go, staying the night elsewhere, or simply when you're looking for a last minute boost for dry or dull hair. I especially appreciate that the twist-off lid can still be repurposed to plug in the opening to the tube, in case you want to save some product for later. I personally find that I only need to use around 1/2 of the tube each time to see a visible difference in my hair, so I think that all-in-all it's a great value purchase, and would work really well for anyone who is short on time and looking for an alternative to time-consuming hair masks and treatments. (Not to mention how lovely and luscious it leaves your hair feeling!)
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Pleasantly surprised

When I received Pantene’s Miracle Shot Biotin as a sample, to be honest I didn’t know what to expect as I had never used a product before that claimed to repair hair in minutes. After going through all three shots now, I can comfortably say that I was pleasantly surprised. I had no expectation of what it would do, and only trusted that it would work well as Pantene has reputable products, so I was really quite pleased with how smooth and healthy my hair felt and looked, even after leaving it in my hair for just a few minutes. My hair felt soft to the touch, and didn’t appear like its lifeless and dry self. I’ve since looked this product up online and I’ve found that it’s not overly expensive, which is more of a reason for why this will be going on my shopping list!