Philosophy Pure Grace Eau de Toilette

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Philosophy Pure Grace Eau de Toilette is a clean fragrance inspired by the scent of soap and water to make you feel fresh and clean, like you’ve just stepped out of the shower. The perfume features notes of lavender, musk, jasmine, water lily and bergamot.


Philosophy Pure Grace Eau de Toilette


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I am in love with Philosophy’s Pure Grace fragrance! I’m not a huge fan of perfumes. A lot of the scents give me migraines so I have to be extra cautious in this department. This scent is so super light. It has a clean scent without being overpowering. So many people ask me what scent I’m wearing and that makes me feel great! Such a pretty fragrance! Makes a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!
This is such a beautiful, elegant floral scent, so fresh, so pretty. I adore philosophy products, love the cute messages also. This scent is crisp and light yets lasts for hours really well, its great quality in elegant simply packaging. I love the notes of musk, amber, jasmine and lilly, some of my favourite scents. This is not an overpowering fragrance so is really ideal to wear throughout the day, it never gives me a headache as some stronger perfumes can, I have received compliments wearing this scent. This scent is really crisp and fresh when first applied then settles to clean pretty floral undertones that last well. I adore it aanad would highly recommend it. It also makes a lovely gift as it feels special.
Philosophy's Pure Grace edt comes in a simple rectangle shaped glass bottle with a metal cap that goes on over the spray nozzle. The design has a minimalist feel to it and has unisex appeal. The packaging ties in well with the fragrance housed inside the bottle. - simple, clean, fresh. The fragrance has lavender, musk, jasmine, water lily and bergamot notes. Sprayed on my pulse points, the top note is sharp and crisp but dries down to soft, soapy notes, It is like a just out of the shower, clean skin feeling scent. It is a very inoffensive fragrance that is safe for the office, and worn out to the beach. Definitely a summer day fragrance with a cool, crisp, clean vibe. It lacks warm notes but sometimes I like to layer it with a warm note perfume to give it some depth - Giorgio Armani Sun de Gioia is a good one as its got warmth and depth.  The sillage of this fragrance is soft to moderate. It is not going to enter in a cloud before you or linger in the air long after you have left the room. The longevity is moderate to weak so I like to layer it over something oil based such as Vaseline or lip balm to increase its staying power. Overall, a decent, clean skin fragrance that works well worn with a tee shirt and jeans or at the office where you don't want to offend anyone. 
I love Philsophy's shower gels and I use Grace in their shower gels. It smells really lovely and so enjoyable in the shower. This fragrance smells so lovely, it does smell like soap but I can also smell water lillies and musk. It smells very lovely. This fragrance is a really subtle fragrance and it lasts for 5 or so hours when I spray it on my skin. The bottle is very simple. It comes in a block. A classic bottle.
I love the freshness the purity the casual its Sunday feel this scent evokes. My husband adores it, its clean but sexy, fresh but sensual, nice but naughty too. Its a very ageless scent and my new favourite that I received for my Birthday. The packaging and bottle are simple and suit the scent perfectly. My only wish is that it lasted longer but it doesn't take away from the purchase as the price is excellent.
My perfect summer fragrance, it is crisp, fresh and beautifully minimalist. I love the uncomplicated, clean scent which envelops me with a feeling of calmness. It is my unseen accessory, which provides an uplifting spring in my step.  It is a green floral fragrance containing notes of lavender, musk, jasmine, water lily and bergamot. I think the notes are perfectly balanced for a fragrance that is not overpowering, but understated and easy to wear. The opening notes are clean and sharp and it wears well throughout the day and has an aquatic quality to it. I wear this as my work scent as it is quite a neutral fragrance and have received quite a few compliments on its uniqueness. I spray it on my pulse points and find that it lasts well (8 hrs) on me.  Definitely a scent you need to experience which is more modest than others on the market, but carves out a niche for itself.