Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Night

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Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Night is a deeply-hydrating night cream. Infused with skin renewal technology and natural MYRAMAZE™ extract, this overnight moisturiser helps to boost, brighten and soften the skin.


Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Night


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I am a huge fan of Philosophy products. This was my go-to night cream. I have combination skin and am prone to the odd breakout. Although it does come with a price tag it is well worth it. It only took about 3 days for me to notice a huge difference. I would apply at night before bed and wake up to a gorgeously soft, hydrated face in the morning. Especially useful in winter when you get blasted by heating. cold air and everything else drying. It didn't leave my skin too oily (which I worry about with combination skin) just beautifully plump and soft.  Application is easy, however, I much prefer pump bottles to tubs where you stick your hands in...I will keep using this gorgeous product I have struggled to find a night cream that comes close!
I’ve been using the Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Night Cream over the past few weeks and so far my skin has been loving it! I think there are some products when you know after the first application if you are going to like them or not, and I knew almost immediately that I was going to love this one. It ticks all the boxes for my mid-thirties and two kids dehydrated skin: ·        It has a beautiful, creamy texture that is perfect for night time use ·        It feels nourishing and hydrating on the skin, without being heavy or sticky ·        It’s very easy to apply (it pretty much glides onto the skin) ·        It has a lovely subtle scent ·        My skin looks plump and smooth, and feels incredibly soft in the morning Two thumbs up!