Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Oil-Free Oxygenating Gel Cream

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Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Oil-Free Oxygenating Gel Cream is a hydrating moisturiser formulated with clean-air technology™ to oxygenate the skin, and a blend of antioxidants and anti-pollutants to protect skin against free radical damage. The soothing cream helps restore moisture in the skin, leaving it soft and resilient.


Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Oil-Free Oxygenating Gel Cream


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I love this moisturiser so much! It is perfect for my skin type. It is perfect for normal to oily skin and isn't too light or heavy. It has a gel texture which absorbs into the skin very quickly leaving it very hydrated and smooth. I have definitely found that blemishes and redness have been reduced when using this cream and my skin feels so refreshed. It can be used day or night but I often use more product at night. During the day or if I wear "Take A Deep Breath" under makeup, I don't use as much product and it works very well under makeup as it absorbs very quickly.
I first bought this product in the US a few years ago, and i'm so glad its finally made its way to Australia! If you have normal to oily skin, i think you'll love the Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Oil-Free Oxygenating Gel Cream. It has a wonderful gel/cream texture that glides onto the skin and absorbs quickly. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin, but still makes my skin feel moisturised and look plump. It also has a subtle fresh scent which i quite like.  I'm not sure if/how it 'oxygenates' the skin as per the claims, but it is a great option at a reasonable price. Would recommend!
I received a sample of this with an online order. While I don't usually use new moisturizers, I decided to give this one a go anyway. The consistency is different as it's a gel. I found it sunk into my face quite quickly, which is good. It didn't feel like it was sitting on top of my skin, and didnt leave a greasy feeling. I think it's average, because it didn't do much to help either. Once it had sunk in, it didn't feel like it applied any moisturiser at all. It seems like a waste of money to me, as it's such an expensive product.
This is a nice moisturiser in summer as it feels very light when you apply it. However if I use it during the day it makes me very oily. Nice subtle scent which is really pleasant and refreshing. I probably wouldn’t repurchase it but someone with dry skin might love it!