Philosophy Turbo Booster Powder C

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Philosophy Turbo Booster Powder C is a 99.8 per cent potency topical vitamin C powder that can be used on its own or mixed with other skin care products. The vitamin C powder protects skin from harsh environments and helps to prevent premature ageing, leaving skin brighter and more even toned.


Philosophy Turbo Booster Powder C


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Let's be honest Philosophy has it's product design and names right on the money. I can't help but want to try their products with their statements on the labels. So shopping for Vitamin C I came across Philosophy Turbo Booster Powder C. It is an easy to use product as I mix it in with my moisturiser to give my skincare a boost. If I am just heading to the gym there is nothing better than a bit of Vit C in my moisturiser to give me the up and glow look. Like the rest of Philosophys range it works.