Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Eye Multi-Rejuvenating Eye Cream SPF15

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Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Eye Multi-Rejuvenating Eye Cream SPF15 is an eye treatment that contains vitamin C and caffeine to help fight the signs of ageing, including lines, wrinkles, firmness, dark circles and puffiness. The eye cream also  features full spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays, infrared and visible light to assists in counteracting the visible signs of ageing.


Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Eye Multi-Rejuvenating Eye Cream SPF15


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The fact that this eye cream contains SPF caught my attention straight away. I love how this eye cream has lightweight texture and absorbs onto my skin quickly. I wear makeup and the eye cream works very well with my foundations. It doesn’t mess up with my makeup and keep my eyes hydrated throughout the day. Having tried many eye creams in the past, $75 is not too bad.
I love eye creams and I’ve been using them for many years and, in fact, I think it’s one of the most important parts of my skincare routine.  Of course I have my favourities but I also enjoy trying different brands to see what else I can add to my ‘must haves’.    When I introduced the Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Multi-Rejuvenating Eye Cream spf 15 to my skincare routine I was expecting good results because I had also been using the night and day creams in the same range and was really pleased with their effectiveness.  Although I am in my 60s I don’t have dark circles or puffiness but I do have fine lines and, naturally, I want firm skin around my eye area.    The eye cream is packaged in a silvery pink glass jar (or maybe it’s silvery grey because it seems to change with the light) with a black screw-on lid.  The jar holds 15ml of creamy white eye cream which has a subtle floral fragrance.  The eye cream is silky smooth and has a lightweight consistency.    The first couple of times I used the eye cream I could feel a stinging sensation and my eyes were quite watery.  This hadn’t happened to me before with other products so I guessed that it was probably the addition of sunscreen that caused the problem.  I resolved the issue by applying the eye cream more towards the eye bone and brow bone without going too close to my eyes.    Only a tiny amount of the eye cream is needed, and it absorbs quickly leaving my eyes looking fresh and bright.  The skin around my eyes looks nourished and well hydrated.  The fine lines are slowly becoming less noticeable, so I can only hope that over time the Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Multi-Rejuvenating Eye Cream spf 15 will show continued improvement to the delicate skin around my eyes.    I would definitely recommend this eye cream to anyone who is looking for a formula to help rebuild collagen and rejuvenate the skin around their eyes.   
I was lucky enough to get to try this thanks to winning a Philosophy prize pack off this site about mid last year. I was thrilled to receive this as I may never have purchased otherwise due to the high price and me having very sensitive eyes that react to most eye creams and basically anything going near my eyes at all (mascaras,eyeliners,even foundations). The fact this also contained sunscreen would have basically made it a definite no as sunscreen is usually among the worst offenders for my eye issues. I was immediately impressed with the solid, metal-like tub this eye cream came packaged in. Gave it a feel of luxury and kept the eye cream quite cool and fresh. The cream itself was a moisturizer like consistency and had no scent .It absorbed almost instantly after it was dabbed under the eyes. I was truly surprised to find this product did not cause my eyes to itch or tear up .There was NO discomfort at all.It felt like I had nothing on .Makeup applied effortless over the top with no pilling or caking. I have now used this daily for over 6 months and I still have half a jar left so it works out to be very reasonably priced in the end as you will get a year or more of daily use from one tiny jar. I do still get puffy, dark under eyes on occasion but I dont believe any eye cream can make up for a good nights rest. This definitely protects against sun related damage and keeps fine lines and crows feet under control. I was used to using just the one eye cream for day and night use as I reacted to most with sunscreens but I am happy to use a separate day eye cream as the SPF is quite important for day wear for me as I am outdoors a bit. Pros *Great for sensitive eyes *Contains sun protection and protects from harmful, aging UV rays *A little goes a long way and one jar will last about a year with daily use * Lightweight,fast absorbing and works under all makeup Cons *Initial price seems a lot without being able to sample/test first *Need to buy a separate night eye cream
I really like the concept of a special eye cream for day as well as an eye cream for night time use. This beautiful eye cream is a dream to use and the effect is obvious after consistent use. It is very economical as you need such a small amount. It glides on without stretching the delicate skin around your eyes and feels beautiful right away. Because it isn't at all greasy it doesn't affect your makeup in any way. I'm impressed with the way philosophy products are technology driven but with "real women" in mind. This "multi-rejuvenating eye cream" with broad spectrum SPF 15 protecting against both UVA and UVB rays definitely assists with puffiness and dark circles when used consistently over a month or so. I would never expect miracles from an eye cream but this "ultimate miracle worker eye" has earned it's miracle status for me. As an ageing beauty with super sensitive skin I a delighted with the results.
This has a soft and silky fine texture.  I like to dot it on then gently blend it in.  It sinks into my dryer delicate eye area straight away - there is no waiting and it effectively hydrates and protects my skin all day.  My fine lines seem less emphasized and the skin appears much more hydrated and smoother.  It's a wonderful eye cream to use before I put make-up on too.  It's not oily so it doesn't make my make-up slide around at all during the day.   There is hardly any scent at all - it's very minimal and almost undetectable.  The SPF 15 included in this eye cream is the best!   You don't even notice that there is SPF in this cream - it doesn't feel anything like a sunscreen type of cream.   I love that so much about this eye cream.  The silver little pot is solid and stable and matches the other day and night products in this range.  It holds 15ml and looks cute alongside the matching day and night cream and you can tell they are part of the same team because they are all done in a complementing colour scheme (a silvery pale pink and black). It's a dream to be able to use this every day around my eyes  because of the benefits of this eye cream.  I also like to extend application of this cream down onto my upper cheeks where the skin is quite fragile and dry and also just above the point of my eyebrow, where it is quite dry and I have a couple of little fine lines (from the raising of the eyebrow motion).    I feel completely confident that  my skin is getting the best of care when I use this eye cream.  It's a favourite! 
This was my very first philosophy skin care product that I've tried and it's fabulous! I am in my late 40's and I look every bit my age and more when I haven't  had enough sleep. I tend to get dark circles, I suffer from puffy eyes, fine lines and dreaded eye bags, which tends to make me look tired all the time. This eye cream is delicately scented and feels so light weight and absorbs so readily, it's not greasy or oily and hasn't caused any milia. It also has the bonus of containing SPF which is a welcome addiiton. I usually pat this in gently around my under eye area and I find it instantly hydrates the delicate area around my eyes. The area generally looks a lot brighter, the skin more plump and hydrated and my lines look less noticeable due to the firming effect. Although this eye cream is a bit pricey,  a little goes a long way and I can see this lasting me probably 5-6 months! I can highly recommend this for any one wanting an antiaging eye cream. I've been using this for over 2 months and I'm so pleased with the results so far.