Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Night Multi-Rejuvenating Serum-In-Cream

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Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Night Multi-Rejuvenating Serum-In-Cream is a rejuvenating nighttime serum and cream. The overnight moisturiser targets signs of ageing including wrinkles, firmness, texture, and pores, while boosting skin’s radiance. The two-in one treatment combines the concentrated power of a serum with the nourishing benefits of a cream to create a youthful-looking appearance.


Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Night Multi-Rejuvenating Serum-In-Cream


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This product comes in a beautiful and sophisticated black colour jar and i love it that you have to mix the pink pearls into the cream when you first open it to activate the ingrediants. The product itself has quite a thin and runny consistency, perhaps more like lotion rather than cream and is quickly absorbed into the skin. However, personally i find the product not quite hydrating enough for my dry skin.
I was absolutely thrilled to receive this as part of a Philosophy prize pack through BeautyCrew last year. I have used so many night creams over the years and wasn't overly excited by the results of any of them so was looking forward to seeing if this one would be the end of my search for the perfect night cream. The Philosophy night cream comes in a black cardboard box and contains a heavy black glass jar (the cream), small packet of wet baby pink pearls in foil (serum ) and a little plastic spatula. Before using the product you need to pour the pearls in with the white cream then stir with the spatula. You then wait 5 minutes and mix the pearls in some more. The end result is a lotion consistency white cream that is mildly pink. I was immediately impressed just because of the originality of it. You get to be involved in the final step in the making of the product.-kind of like making your own beauty potion! I love "activating" type products and this one was quite fun and innovative . Because of the lotion type consistency,I found I only needed a tiny amount to cover my whole face and neck. The scent was quite strong initially, but a nice pretty floral. It fades not long after the moisturiser/serum absorbs to a delicate mild scent that is quite pleasant . I found this to be incredibly lightweight and non greasy. I have combination skin prone to oily tzone yet dryness on my cheeks. I found this moisturiser/serum to be quite balancing and I woke to skin that just felt soft and smoothed. Some kind of magic occurs overnight with this product as I always wake with plumper feeling skin! The first thing I do is touch my face each morning after applying this the night before-my skin just feels so incredible!  I dont really see a difference in fine lines but I certaintly FEEL a difference in my skin texture and I love it. It's good to finally find a night cream my skin loves. Will be a repurchase for me in the future for sure. Pros *2 in 1-serum and moisturiser.  *Lightweight and fast absorbing *Pretty floral scent *Elegant ,sturdy packaging *A little goes a long way *Softer,plumper skin each morning Cons *Initially costly so try and get a sample first just in case it doesn't work for you.
I have been using night creams and serums for years because I believe I need to keep my skin nourished and hydrated as it repairs while I sleep.  This is a really important part of my skincare routine.  I also like to try different products – I suppose, in a way, looking for the holy-grail – and I had been interested in trying Philosophy when I won a set of Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker through BeautyCrew.  On opening the black box I found a black glass jar with a screw-on black top, a small spatula and a container of pink pearls.  I followed the instructions for mixing the pearls into the white cream, waited the designated five minutes, and then mixed again.  Not only is the spatula handy for mixing the pink pearls through the cream but it can also be used for dispensing the product each night.  The cream has an extremely light consistency and has a subtle floral fragrance.  This cream feels luxurious so I am not surprised that it absolutely melts into my skin.  I find I don’t need much of the cream at all because it smooths so easily over my skin, and because the product is so light it doesn’t leave my skin feeling clogged like some heavier night creams tend to do.  The cream is in no way greasy or tacky.  I have mature, dry skin so I like to use products that actually feel and look like they are improving the texture and firmness of my skin, and I also like to use products for at least four weeks before deciding on their effectiveness.  I have been using Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Night Cream for about six weeks now, so it is now time to decide on whether it has lived up to its claims.  I would say a resounding ‘yes’.  Each morning my skin looks refreshed with a radiant glow, and my skin is plumper, smoother and looks much brighter.  The fine lines (plus a couple of deeper ones) around my mouth are gradually becoming less noticeable, and I’m positive my neck is now firmer.  Also, knowing that my skin looks good gives me more confidence.    I would definitely recommend the Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Night Cream to anyone with mature, dry skin but also to anyone who wants to reduce the signs of skin ageing.  Why wait for those pesky little lines to creep up if you have the opportunity to use such a fantastic product as soon as you can.   
i was given a sample last week by a friend and today i literally bought one they are amazing works a charm. leaves the skin feeling incredible after one use!
Oh! This was a fun one to play with. Skin-tertainment. As a serum-in-cream product the first use sees you combine the pearls of serum into the cream and mix for 5 minutes. The cream is quite fluid yet the pearls don't alter the consistency. I really like the texture as it still feels very effective without the heavy weight of a thicker cream.  This is one of the few Creams that I have seen a result in increased hydration from. 'It won't happen overnight, but it will happen ', or at least it did for me.  After about 3 weeks I noticed my skin was no longer so dry, my skin felt a little more plump and softer.  I don't think that it is permanent. I believe it is transient and my skin will revert back when I stop using the product. But until then, I have found something that is working for me. 
I love the glow this night cream leaves me with in the morning and it's so simple being a serum within a cream - no extra serum needed!  This is an interesting and different sort of night cream because to begin with I had to mix the little pink pearls for five minutes into the base cream in the pot. In the box comes a little black spatula, the pink pearls in a separate little section and the pot of white cream.  I found that mixing is simple: I just added the pearls into the white cream for five minutes. The pearls completely dissolved and created a very slightly soft pink coloured cream. The cream is quite a runny consistency but I loved that about this cream because it wasn't heavy or greasy like some anti-aging creams. It was very quick to apply because it is so runny and it quickly smooths around the skin - including my eye and lip areas and also my neck and decolletage. So it was fast to get this cream all over those areas and it hydrated my skin instantly. I noticed that this cream had  increasing effect over time and especially after a week there was a noticeable difference. I didn't notice much of a difference until the first 2-3 days but after that I was very happy with the results.  I noticed it more in the morning too - after it had time to do it's work - but not straight away in the night when I put it on - except of course for it's moisturising abilities. So don't expect results straight away - give this night cream a few nights to show it's work. My skin was hydrated and thankfully not greasy in the morning which was great.  My fine lines were alleviated and I saw a finer appearance of my pores and much smoother texture of my skin. After several nights useage I noticed a firmer, more bouyant feel to my skin. The scent is very light and almost non-existenct which is fine for night time.  It comes in a black pot whereas it's matching day and eye creams come in silver pots - this makes it easy to quickly differentiate the night and day creams at a glance. The whole system is very quick and easy and the serum is included right in the night cream so there is no need to even apply a serum at night! Too easy! My skin feels completely cared for and I love the anti-ageing benefits! This night cream would be brilliant for those who need (and like!) quick-to-apply products - especially at night when you're tired.   This cream contains the serum so it makes it super quick and easy for night time skin care - it removes the skin care regime step of having to apply a serum at night.  Brilliant!
This night cream is like nothing like I've ever used before and I think the product is quite innovative because it's actually a serum and night cream in one! You add the serum component of the night cream on first use, which allows the product to retain its potency of all the active ingredients. The night cream has a lovely light floral scent and it's absorbs readily into my skin, with no greasy or oily residue. After almost 2 months of use, I can say that I'm absolutely delighted with the results so far that I have seen. I'm waking up looking more refreshed, my skin feel so soft and looks much brighter and well rested. I think my skin looks more refined, my skin feels smooth and looks more youthful and vibrant.  Although the cream is not on the cheap side I feel you are getting a product that works and if you consider that you are not buying a separate serum it's quite cost effective,I love this night cream!
Miracles Happen!! If a night cream had been designed specifically for me, this glorious philosophy ultimate miracle worker night could not have been more wonderful. I love the concept of a serum / night cream combination. The consistency, once the pearls are mixed as directed, is perfect. I have continued to use the little spatula to apply the cream and find this excellent. I honestly can't believe the difference it has made to my good but ageing skin. My skin looks clearer, softer, more vibrant and my neck has responded too. I have applied the cream about 30 minutes before retiring so that there is no stickiness remaining and I've avoided my nose and chin - they do not need any additional moisturising! I have super sensitive skin and can be affected by fragrances but I have had nothing but wonderful results from using this "miracle" for 3 weeks. I don't always use a night cream because previously the ones I've used have been too rich or not rich enough or I've had a reaction. That has all changed since I "discovered" this miracle. Honestly, if the cream had been made specifically for me, it would not have been better. It appears expensive however I have used so little and the effect is so good that it is worth every cent. Philosophy, you've won me.