Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel

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Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel is a rich hair and skin shower gel and shampoo that smells like a freshly baked vanilla cake.  It softens, smooths and leaves skin and hair silky-smooth with a gourmand fragrance. 


Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel


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The smell is amazing! But is a world of $2 shower gels and soaps it is hard to justify spending so much on soap. A beautiful gift  to give or receive. It feels like the sort of thing you only use on a special occasion. The whole range smells amazing.
I love the philosophy range, and this product is no exception. It is a multi-purpose shower gel, this smells divine. As a shampoo it isn't my favourite product, although it leaves the hair looking lush and smelling great, I find that my roots look oilier a little quicker than usual. As a shower gel it feels nice and leaves the skin with a nice subtle fragrance. These shower gels are a little on the pricier side, so I wouldn't purchase for myself generally, but they are great idea for presents!
Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel is pure pleasure to use in the bath and shower.  I absolutely love it, the smell is heavenly and is so sweet and divine.   This gel is creamy and lathers up beautifully, you will have a lot of fun using this shower gel I promise you.  The smell is amazing, and smells like vanilla cake frosting, so good, you almost are tempted to eat it!    You can use it on your body ad hair and trust me, if you wash your hair and body with this, you will smell gorgeous for hours.   I also use this as a bubble bath, it is heavenly and lathers up well and creates a super fun bubble bath, that will leave you smelling  lovely.  I love to use this at any time, but at night, it is extra gorgeous as you drift off to sleep breathing all the gorgeous vanilla in, you will have a very peaceful slumber indeed.
One word sums up Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel - DELICIOUS! It looks delicious, it smells delicious and you actually feel delicious and slightly naughty - who couldn't vanilla cake is irresistible in every way. The packaging is clever,tactile sensible and fun. The product itself is not all froth and bubbles - it does what it promises cleanses hair, body and is also a decadent bath soak. My skin and hair feels beautifully cleansed and the scent is divine. A perfect way to start the day and a perfect way to end it relaxed and smelling delicious.
I was first drawn to the Philosophy brand because it exudes personality and an all round good vibe. Adorable names, fabulous fragrances, recipes or meaningful messages to promote wellbeing, and simple no fuss packaging so you can take it all in. How could I not fall in love with Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel when it combines two of my favourite things- Birthdays and cake!! I have the biggest sweet tooth and if I can get my fix without all of the calories I go for it. The packaging is adorable and it has it’s own little recipe on the front. Have I tired the recipe on the front? You bet I have! Who isn’t just a little curious to see if it really makes a perfect little vanilla cake? I made cupcakes to cut my cooking time down and they were moist and yummy (I actually ate one hot because they smelt so good). The kids loved them and they are fussy so they must be good. Vanilla Birthday Cake Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel is the cutest name and what a great birthday present for (me) everyone, did I mention me?? I have been lucky enough to receive this for my birthday before and I loved it that much that I also buy it for friends as a birthday gift. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like the smell of vanilla birthday cake and this is mouthwatering delicious. One product and three uses means less clutter in the bathroom so it is just prefect. This is how the 3 in 1 works at my house: My kids use it for the bath, my husband uses it for shampoo and I love using it for shower gel. We all have sensitive skin so I have to be careful I what I buy but none of us have had reaction to this gentle foaming gel. I love that fact that fragrance is mild, it’s not too foamy and it leaves me smelling fresh and not overpowering. You know when you are stuck in the store walking around in circles and don’t know what gift to buy? This is my no brainer birthday gift and I recommend this product to everyone but it is so nice you won’t want to hand it over! Pros: The smell, the smell, the smell!        No irritation        Cute name        Large bottle        Yummy recipe        Non drying      Cons: If you buy it for a gift it is hard to part with.  
The first time I saw this product, I was a bit put off.  'A $40 shower gel? $40 to do the same thing as soap from the supermarket can do? There's no way this is worth it.' And then I smelt it.  Upon first sniff I could smell the buttery, vanilla scent. The name definitely suits this product, as it smells exactly like a sweet vanilla cake I would have had for my birthday when I was younger.  I caved and purchased this based on the smell and packaging alone. The bottle is quite large, which means you get heaps of product. What I assumed was the ingredients list for the product was actually a recipe for a vanilla birthday cake.  I thought this was an amazing touch to the packaging. I also noticed that this product is not only a shower gel; it's also a shampoo and bubble bath!  When I first used this in the shower, the smell was much more potent. It made my bathroom smell of vanilla cake!  It lathered into a creamy layer, and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. The scent stuck on my skin for hours.  I did not need to use a moisturiser afterwards as the gel is very hydrating.  I have used my bottle around 10 times, and the bottle is still mostly full! I can see this lasting a long time, and when it eventually does run out, I'll be rushing to the store to repurchase!
Attention all sweets and dessert lovers, or for those who have always wanted to smell like cake, this body wash is for you! Now you can have your cake, just without the calories!  Just flip the lid open and you will be transported to those childhood memories of vanilla birthday cake with delicious vanilla icing that was fluffy, moist and would just melt in your mouth.  It's rich lather made showering so much more enjoyable and the fragrance lingered throughout my whole bathroom. A nice way to relax and indulge at the end of the day!
Vanilla..a scent that calms,warms and soothes,thanks to some deep,entrenched memory of being a newborn. Anything that gives me such a calm state is a must have in my book,and as a Philosophy customer for some time,i knew how great their products getting this was a no brainer.It lathers beautifully...leaving you feeling cleansed,soft and a little bit fun (ever read any of the Philosophy bottles / jars / tubes or boxes ?They have some real thought inducing,fun statements that leave you feeling so good about the world and yourself ).This is gentle enough to use daily by the whole family...and at a whooping 500ml,it will last the family ages and negate the requirement for multiple products,as this is a great shampoo as well (just not for hair that is coloured or is heat styled with a lot of product). Try this gel if you feel like a little luxury at the end of a hard day,and feel yourself letting it all go (make sure it is the real deal though...many look similar in some "cheap" shops,but are not a patch on this.TIP:Try mixing with another Philosophy shower gel to concoct your very own,bespoke creation (i love this with Coconut to make a tropical escape in this cold weather)
Smells so delicious and creamy!! I love the smell of this bath wash, it smells like vanilla, but actually like vanilla cake, and it smells so yummy! I use this as a body wash and either apply it onto my hands and lather it up in the shower and massage it in. Or I apply onto a face wash and then apply it over my body. It smells sweet and is still subtle and inviting. I have used it as a shampoo and it makes my hair feel soft and easy to brush thru and I could smell the vanilla in my hair several hours later. It is not irritating or drying on my hair and I enjoy treating my hair to this fragrance goodness. I recommend this as a both wash for anyone who wants something sweet and pleasant in the shower to enjoy some special me time.
I love philosophy products, they are gorgeous looking and smell amazing.  I love the vanilla cake shampoo, body wash all in one.  I've gifted this to several people and they have loved it.  You can find it as a two in one gift at a few stores.  People might think it's pricy but it's value for money for roughly 500ml of an all in one  high-end product I personally use its as a body wash as I love the smell. It does smell like a yummy vanilla cake and I can smell the product on me when I exit the shower.  I have used it as a hair shampoo but I do prefer a shampoo and conditioner combo which this product doesn't do.  It is luxurious and looks great in the bathroom, I have bottles of philosophy in my bathroom and also the guest room. I do think you pay for what you get and it is a superior product.  There are imitations that I have used and they are not the same, don't be fooled by them. 
This smells exactly like vanilla birthday cake in a bottle! It comes in a flip top bottle and can be used as a shampoo, bath gel or in a bubble bath.  I used it mostly as a body wash in the shower and not only did it smell delicious it also made me a bit hungry haha.  The gel was creamy and lathered up rather nicely.  It gave my whole body a good clean while also leaving my skin smelling like vanilla which is one of my favourite scents.  Even after several hours of using I could still smell the vanilla on my skin! A wonderful body product for those that love a gourmand scent!
Lovely shampoo, it doesn't quite smell like vanilla cake to me but it does have a very sweet vanilla scent. I found that you only need a really small amount of this to get the job done, it builds into a nice lather and leaves my hair feeling really squeaky clean! It is quite pricey for a shampoo but can also be used as a bubble bath or shower gel so it's a great multi-tasking product that smells yummy.