Playboy Play It Lovely EDT

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Playboy Play It Lovely EDT is a flirty and playful fragrance featuring top notes of citrus, blackberries and peaches; heart notes of sharry baby orchid, belle de nuit and tuberose; and base notes of amber, patchouli and tonka.


Playboy Play It Lovely EDT


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To me a fragrance is an expression of who I am. Being a very avid fan of the Playboy Bunny franchise. I bought Playboy Play It Lovely EDT primarily for the bottle, a cute clear bottle with a bunny ear and a bow tie as a cap. It contains a light peachy color liquid that possesses a mild, floral and soft fragrance. Its quite feminine and really suited to 'girly, girl' character types. The staying power is a huge disappointment. It does not last long at all. I found after an hour it and simply vanished into thin air (excuse the pun). It is more akin to a body spray than a perfume. I also must admit I prefer a stronger scent that makes me noticed when I walk into a room.  I think this would be suitable for a 'tween', it certainly would make a great gift as the price is so affordable. I certainly wouldn't recommend it for a grown woman and I personally wont be using it again myself. 
For the price it really surprised me!  I received this in a Secret Santa and admittedly it's not something I would have purchased - but I love it!  I prefer sweet, fruity and vanilla type scents and this ticks most boxes for me.  It's quite strong to begin with but after 10 mins or so it settles into a sweet cloud of loveliness.  It's a small bottle (30mls) which means it's easy to throw in your bag so you can easily refresh as I find it lasts around 4 hours or so before it fades away.  Really surprised how sexy and sweet this fragrance is for the price, ideal for teens right up to more mature ladies.
I Love this Perfume! Recieved it for Christmas in a Playboy pack, and was not disappointed will surely be buying this product again.