PRO:VOKE® Touch Of Silver Toning Treatment Mask

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PRO:VOKE® Touch Of Silver Toning Treatment Mask is a salon-strength, violet pigment toning mask that works to neutralise brassy tones in blonde and grey hair. It contains a hydrating Aquaplex™ system that nourishes hair to improve brightness in just one wash. The mask also helps tone hair to ensure radiant colour, and transforms damaged and over-processed hair so it is left feeling soft, healthy and hydrated.


PRO:VOKE® Touch Of Silver Toning Treatment Mask


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Blonde hair can be beautiful,but it is darn hard work:it gets brassy pretty quick without some serious care and great products,so when summer saw my hair getting more "brassy mess" than "beach goddess",i tried this to get some TLC happening. The PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Toning Treatment Mask is a mask that has that well known,rich violet hue that tones down the orange tinge that we blondes get after a while,whilst also giving some much needed care and moisture to our (often helped along) hair colour and texture. I apply this rich mask (it is denser and richer than the conditioner in this range,but it leaves your hair gorgeous,and won't weigh down your locks at all) once a week usually,but will do it up to three times a week if i am in the ocean during summer,and every wash for a week when my colour is needing a "top up" between salon visits,and leave it for the duration of my shower (around 20 minutes) to add cool,ash tones to my hair.When it is rinsed out,i am left with soft,cool,toned hair that seems to have a lot more shine than when i first started,and the toning lasts for a good week...even if i shampoo daily,with just the one wash (yep,it really did work well after the first application). But what about using this as an alternative to a salon visit ? Well,if you are finding it hard getting to the salon (or the cost just isn't viable this week),then this is a great alternative at around $13 for a 200ml tube (that should last a couple of months) to ensure your blonde stays looking great for a little while longer.It is also so convenient to just use in the shower,and a lot less messy than perhaps colouring at your bathroom wash basin.So there you have it...if you have blonde or "real ash blonde" hair,give this a try next time you need a little cooling down. TIP:Leave on for the duration of your shower to get the best results and leave the shower with cool,Nordic blonde,cared for locks.