Pureology Colour Fanatic Deep Treatment Masque

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Pureology Colour Fanatic Deep Treatment Masque is a multi-tasking hair mask that provides 21 benefits to prime, protect and perfect colour-treated hair. It is formulated with fennel seed extract and a natural blend of camelina, coconut and olive oils to strengthen and detangle coloured hair.

Available in 150mL.


Pureology Colour Fanatic Deep Treatment Masque


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Pureology is the rolls Royce of hair products, if you haven't tried this brand before I recommend you do. This colour fanatic deep treatment masque deeply hydrated my hair is super nourishing and protects my colour beautifully. My colour lasts much better using this, it is more radiant, does not dull and the shine is amazing. I love the natural ingredients, fennel seed oil, olive oil, camellia and coconut oil, it detangles and makes hair more manageable.  At just under $52.00 I admit it's a little expensive but well worth it if your hair is your crowning glory and you want the best to maintain it. Easy to use just leave in and style, it smells divine and the packaging is lovely. I see no downside, I adore this and highly recommend it.
Pureology, what a gem of a hair care brand you are. No wonder celebrities like Rosie Huntington Whitely rave about you and love your products, now that I have tried you, I get what they're talking about, and I will never go back. Considering how picky I am about the products I use on my long, fine, colour damaged, dry hair that is prone to frizz and flatness, it was truly ground breaking for me how good you were to my hair from the word go. The product I'm talking about here is the gorgeous colour care mask. At $51.95, you are nearly the most expensive mask I've ever bought and used, but Pureology, my love, you made it so worth every single one of my pennies, time and effort. When you have almost waist length, coloured, fine and dry hair, it can take a lot of product, time and effort to properly care for it and keep it smooth, shiny, tangle free and protected, but when you just happen to come across products like this colour care mask, well, it all seems a lot easier and that much worth it. After my usual double shampoo, I wrung out the excess water from my hair, worked a pea sized amount through the roots and lengths of my hair, gently combed it through, then clipped it up on top of my head, and popped a shower cap on top, a nifty little trick I learned that makes any conditioner or mask you use work better, as the steam from the shower really penetrates your hair shafts and makes the product work ten times better. I just love picking up hints and tips like that. Then I rinsed my hair thoroughly in lukewarm water, wrapped a hair turban around my head, and proceeded to moisturise my still damp skin, dry off and dress. I then squeezed the excess water gently out of my hair, combed the damp strands through, and after air drying, I smiled at what I saw in the mirror later that day. My hair was smooth, shiny, glossy, tangle free and it had this beautiful volume and body to it, and my reddish colour was just radiant, like I had dyed it that very day, not six weeks ago. My hair smelled lovely too, and even the next day, when my hair usually looks dirty and lank and flat, it still looked so fresh, clean and full of life. Pureology, you are now one of the very few and lucky, permanent fixtures in my weekly hair care routine. You continue to give me better and better results, you look after my hair beautifully and even two or three days after washing, you make my hair look so fresh and beautiful and you care for and protect my colour. I am now going to venture out and buy your matching colour care shampoo and conditioner, as I know they will make my hair beautiful too. My fellow beauty enthusiasts, if you too are after a mask that will protect your coloured, dry and damaged hair, then look no further than Pureology products, and bask in the beauty and confidence and power that these hair care products can give you.