Pureology Smooth Perfection Style+Care Infusion

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Both a hair care and styling product in one, Pureology Smooth Perfection Style+Care Infusion gives coarse, frizzy hair a lustrous and radiant finish. It contains camellia oil and shea butter for better manageability of rebellious hair. 

Available in 150mL.


Pureology Smooth Perfection Style+Care Infusion


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I was lucky enough to win this product and now I cant live without it. The pureology range is of such a high quality and always delivers amazing results. My hair is thick and course and this product tames it beautifully leaving it sleek and smooth and shiny after use, it nourishes my hair beautifully leaving it radiant and looking professionally styled. So easy to use, just apply a small amount through the squeeze tube to damp hair, unusual in that two products come out together to do two jobs in one, style, and care for hair, and style as normal, you dont need a lot for a great result and it is not sticky or greasy. I highly recommend using this product, its well worth the price
Smooth hair is now what l have after using Pureology Smooth Perfection Style + Care Infusion.  The product is quite different from anything l have used in the past, this product contains two products in one tube.  Give it a gentle squeeze in the middle and out comes the two products together to apply to my hair prior to blow drying.  This product is not heavy or tacky, it gives my hair a smooth, silk touch.  I am very happy with the end result as my hair stays in place all day. This Pureology product is very impressive in its end result.  It is an expensive item, but sometimes you have to splurge to use a high quality product.
This does exactly what the packaging pledges it will do for your hair. My hair suffers from everyday styling stress and the Pureology Smooth Perfection Style+Care Infusion ls my secret ammunition to lessen the chaotic frizz while keeping hair it's best colour.  Styling hair is a lot more uncomplicated and unchallenging to approach whenever I use this style and care product.   It accommodates an innovative formula with modern ingredients such as wheat protein that is incredible for all hair types including my flimsy dry hair. This is my powerful weapon used for controlling crumpled frizz caused by waves and dryness. But instead this turns back the hands of time giving my hair added strength and thickness while providing a natural looking wave with fabulous curl capacity that holds strong. If I need to straighten or hot iron curl my hair the Pureology Smooth Perfection Style+Care Infusion works like a treat in conjunction with my heated hair styling tools.  Once applied it instantly allows me to run my fingers through my hair with ease. It also tames the hair from top to bottom while restoring natural body.   Offering a huge 72 hours of consistent lustre, volume and hydration these are all the components that make this exclusive product incredible for all hair types.  Straight forward to use, I simply apply a small amount to damp hair, then blow-dry as this help infuse the styling care product into each of my brittle strands. Hair is left with a beautiful scent after applying the product and is soft to touch with polished volume.     The modernised packaging is so exclusive and chic. It comes in a 150ml squeeze tube and only takes a slight press to access the two products that combine easily together.  After rubbing it into my hands I distribute the delicate mix of hair caring cream and style gel evenly through my hair. I've been using this hair product for a while and I don't plan on stopping.   Another exceptional hair care product from Pureology's extensive range which brings that lost flair straight back to hair.