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A gentle yet effective alternative to soap, Gentle Wash is a low foaming cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. Mild enough to use on the face and suitable for the entire body. Specifically formulated for dry, sensitive or compromised skin. Contains no soap, colour, lanolin, fragrance or propylene glycol. 15% Glycerin.

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QV Skincare Gentle Wash


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Gentle and hydrating

The QV Gentle Wash has a light, creamy consistency and is fragrance free. It lathers well providing a very silky soft product that glides effortlessly over the skin. Hubby has extremely dry, sensitive skin which requires day to day management. This wash is definitely a good soap alternative for him. He appreciates that this wash keeps his skin soft and non-irritated whereas if he uses normal soap his skin is dry and itchy. The QV Gentle Wash thoroughly cleans while at the same time provides a barrier to stop the skin from further drying out. This wash, combined with the QV Skin Lotion which is applied immediately after his shower, keeps his skin well moisturised and helps to maintain his intense itchy skin at a manageable level.