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QV Hand Cream is a luxurious hand cream that delivers the moisture hands need, without a greasy after-feel. With daily use, hands are restored as it works to protect, nourish and moisturise skin. The formula is pH balanced to help maintain the skin's natural protective properties. It is also free from colour, fragrance, propylene glycol and lanolin, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Work cream from fingertips to wrists, including the nails and cuticles and paying attention to the back of the hands. The formula helps to keep nails well conditioned.


QV Skincare Hand Cream


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QV Hand Cream

I have one of these on my bedside tables as I never fail to massage this into the skin on my hands before I go to bed every night. It works wonders! It doesn't have a scent and it's not runny. It's of medium consistency and absorbs into the skin fast without leaving the skin oily or greasy. Sometimes throughout the day I'll apply this after washing my hands to top of the hydration in my skin so they don't become dry. QV make the best lotions which I always find great for sensitive skin and skin with dermatitis.

QV skincare hand cream

I use the QV skincare hand cream at home and throughout the day and especially before bed time to hydrate and nourish the hands on my skin overnight. I like that this cream provides my hands with instant moisture without leaving them feeling greasy as the formula is fast absorbing. Gentle enough for sensitive skin it moisturises, nourishes and protects the skin keeping my hands feeling hydrated and smooth all year long. It is also ph balanced helping to maintain the skins natural protective properties.
I just started using this wonderful hand cream about a month ago and are pretty impressed by it. I am a domestic cleaner,  so my hands are very dry, especially in winter. They can also get a bit itchy in winter and this cream really soothes them. I only use this at night and apply just before bed so the cream has all night to work it's magic. As soon as I start to rub the cream in my hands feel soothed and the itchy feeling is relieved. I have tried a lot of hand creams and this is absolutely one of the best for soothing and hydrating my hands. The cream is white with a slightly thick consistency,  has no fragrance , absorbs easily and you don't need a lot. Great value for $6 and wish I had discovered it years ago.
QV is a brand that I have always trusted and will continue to use because it is so kind on my skin and it works. My hands can get so dry that they itch and start to sting and thankfully this hand cream instantly soothes them. My hands look hydrated, feel smooth and the tightness has totally disappeared. If you have sensitive skin you can’t go past QV Cream. 
I bought this cream initially for my husband as he was having issues with very cracked and sore skin on his hands and around his nails due to this harsh winter weather and also ageing.  QV have a great reputation and the bonus is that the cream is fragrance free and also free from other nasty's and also has a SPF which guarantees additional protection.  Fragrance free was important to my husband but also to me as it doesn't clash with any of my perfumes and as we used the cream we noticed an impressive difference to our hands and the harsh cracks and tears around both our cuticles softened and healed. What a fabulous price for a tried and true product that solved skin issues and continued to protect once applied. The tube is an easy go anywhere size and you can apply as required.  I suggest applying a small amount to start and then add more if required as it can feel a little heavy. A great product and an essential in the bathroom cabinet.
I started using this hand cream recently and am very pleased with it. This white hand cream has a slightly thick consistency but on application it absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin. I like how instantly it makes my skin feel soft & smooth. It gives back the much needed moisture to my dry skin. I also liked the fact that this hand cream has an SPF rating so now my hands too are protected from sun damage. This hand cream truly nourishes my skin and keeps my nails & cuticles well-conditioned. This hand cream would suit all skin types and is a perfect size tube to fit into your handbag so you can always moisturise your hands on the go. This is a great budget-friendly hand cream.   
The QV Hand Cream is a staple in our household due to family members with extremely sensitive skin, so because this is always on hand it has become a regular-use hand cream for me.       The hand cream is thick and white, and is fragrance free.  When applied to my hands, the cream absorbs very quickly and almost immediately is dry to the touch.  There is no greasy or tacky feeling, so I can go about my business straight away if necessary without having to wait for the hand cream to dry.    Usually when I apply hand cream I like to give my hands, cuticles and wrists a bit of a massage as well but I can’t really do this immediately with the QV hand cream because of its almost instant drying factor. However, I find I have a better chance of pampering my hands if I wait a couple of minutes for the hand cream to soak into my skin.  My hands then feel deeply nourished and hydrated, soft and supple.    I also find that if I need to wash my hands it doesn’t feel as though the hand cream has been completely washed away, so it isn’t until the second wash that I need to reapply the cream.    I’ve been using this hand cream for quite some time now and I feel my hands have definitely improved over time.  The QV hand cream has softened and brightened my hands so they don’t have so much of that dreaded aged look.    I totally recommend the QV Hand Cream to anyone wanting a deeply nourishing and softening hand cream.  It is quite reasonably priced and often comes free with another QV product, which is an added bonus.  As we know, QV is a well-known brand formulated for those people with sensitive skin, and this hand cream is the answer for anyone who needs to be careful of what products go near their skin. 
I currently have this in my handbag, and, as a first time user of this handcream, have been very impressed by it.  What I particularly like is the inclusion of SPF15 UVA/UVB protection from the ravages.the Australian sun can do to the delicate skin on our hands.   I drive many hours a day as part of my work, so.my hands are always exposed to the sun.  Using a sunscreen is useful, but having great sun protection in a hand cream is even better - I apply my handcream regularly across the day, and by doing so, my hands have ongoing protection from sun damage and age spots. This is also a great cream for anyone with sensitive skin, as it is fragrance free.  Great for anyone who likes a neutral handcream aroma too. The formula is a good density, it applies readily and absorbs easily. It is not sticky, greasy, too thin or too thick.  As a bonus, this is a very affordable.handcream too, at around $6 a tube, and being from EGO/QV, it is found at basically every pharmacy around Australia. I highly recommend it, and plan to have a tube in my handbag permanently from now on.  It's fabulous!
I love everything about this product: the price, the size of the tube, the fact it is non-greasy and has no fragrance, and - most importantly - that it has SPF 15. I use it before I go outside to protect my skin as well as moisturise it. Perfect size for the handbag too. 10/10.
This QV hands cream feels great on my skin and doesn't cause any irritation for my eczema. It's fragrant free which is a plus for me and does moisturise my hands quite well. Unlike most moisturisers QV specialises not on attracting customers with their scent and packaging but on the effectiveness of the product and its function. The hand cream is a great travel size bottle at 50g but if you need bigger sizes for at home they have 1l bottles. Like I said looks isn't really what QV is striving for and I would rather a great product with effectiveness than a high end brand product which doesn't work well for my skin.  Once applied to the skin I remembered it was a cream and not lotion therefore it was much thicker in consistency. Therefore a pea drop and a half of cream is really needed to keep both hands moisturised. I love that it comes with spf protection as the top of hands are often forgotten whilst applying sunscreen and often leaves to early signs of ageing. I found that the cream lasted well on my hands even after a wash but reapplication is needed after 2 washes to maintain the moisture. It wasn't greasy which is a plus for me as I don't like the feeling when I touch other things that is oily or sticking to my hands. The effects of the cream is almost instant where I can feel the moisture in the skin and providing nourishment for both in summer and winter when my hands need them the most. Once evenly distributed to the hands there are no white marks and keeps my hands feeling soft, smooth and looking good.  After using the product for weeks at end applying max 2 times per day I felt that it is a great product to buy for everyday use. With the price at around $5 it's affordable, effective and has great results. But most importantly if doesn't cause irritation to my sensitive skin. I learn to apply not to much cream on the hand and reapply after 2 washes for the best effect. I would also buy the larger size for at home and the smaller 50g tube in my handbag or in my desk for when needed.  PROS- smooth soft hands, affordable, no irritation on sensitive skin.  CONS- might leak if you leave in your handbag and accidentally apply force on the cream.  I would totally recommend this product to everyone even if you don't have sensitive skin. It has done wonders for my hands and I've never looked back. It's affordable and can be purchased in about any pharmacy. I can even say it's better than any brand name products which really only look and smell good but doesn't really have the same great effect than QV. It's also a highly trusted brand that really look after the skin. 
QV products are amazing value! This product as well as many in this range are great for sensitive skin. I recommend this product because it is affordable and gets the job done. The cream feels rich and smooth. Although, like many hand creams it must be reapplied after repeatedly washing hands.
QV hand cream is both reasonably priced and easy to find in chemists and beauty stores. One of my all time favourite products to carry in my handbag which I have been using since childhood. Fabulous to keep hands and cuticles from going dry in winter, and I particularly like that it doesn't make hands greasy. Comes in an easy squeeze tube.
The QV Hand Cream is an oldie but a good dependable product for me.   It comes in a plastic squeeze tube, and does not have an added fragrance. The QV hand cream soothes and hydrates my hands throughout the day. There is no greasy residue leftover and it feels super soft and gentle on the skin.   The QV hand cream hasSPF15+ is anti-ageing so as well as moisturizing my skin, it is also protecting it from further damage.   When my skin is sensitive, this is the go to hand cream for me, as I know it will not irritate my skin.   This is a great little everyday hand cream. It is a staple product for me.   My tip with this product is to wait until it comes on sale and then stock up with a few tubes.   Pros: - Great for sensitive skin - non greasy - very hydrating and soothing.   Cons: - none
I have bought this hand cream many times to nourish and soften my dry hands. It is a thick white cream that has no fragrance. I like the face that this cream has no scent, as sometimes you want a cream to work properly, rather than having a good smell to it. This cream is rich but is easy to massage into my hands. It is a little on the greasy side, which is perfect for my dry and rough hands. I like to massage this hand cream into my fingers and my cuticles and then my hands feel soft and smooth.  This cream is effective in keeping my hands soft and smooth. It is a good nourishing cream.  Pros: Fragrance free Affordable Nourished the skin Cons:  None Tips:  If it feels greasy on your hands, use a smaller amount
I received  a 50g tube of this in my Quarterly 'Parcel'.  It is kept on my desk at work as it absorbs quickly meaning I don't leave greasy finger prints on my keyboard and paperwork.  I find it is long lasting and keeps my hands smooth and soft for a longer period of time than many I have tried.  I am 56 years old so really need a reliable and effective hand cream that will reduce the appearance of age spots, and this does the job.  Chemist Warehouse sells it for $4.99 which is a fantastic price. Oh and has the added benefit of SPF15 protection.  Love this product and it is well worth five stars!
I picked this hand cream up from the chemist for its price which is very reasonable. I was really surprised at the quality, it moisturises without feeling greasy. This cream was rich and luxurious and left my hands so soft and smooth, its silky and delivers the same results as a more expensive brand. Great for sensitive skin as its unscented, its also fabulous for sun protection to fend off the signs of ageing we get on the backs of our hands, a great product I will buy again
I had a rash on my hands a few weeks ago so i went looking for a cream to smooth them out and this helped clear it up within days. I love QV and this is now my daily hand cream, it is also very affordable which is great. Love it
My chemist recommended this hand cream as a solution for hang nails and very dry skin around my nails (The skin on my hands isn't actually very dry. She also said to use it as many times a day (rubbing in over my nails and around my cuticles ) as I could and to put it on last thing at night with cotton gloves. Works a treat, my hangnails are gone and new ones not forming. It has taken about three weeks of intensive use. I am thrilled with the results and will continue using it regularly. It is also very cheap.
I've been using this hand cream since I was a a child and while I have other hand creams that I use that I keep in my handbag this one is a staple for when I'm at home, when I have severely dry hands or if I have eczema affecting my hands. This one isn't the most cosmetically elegant hand cream I own but it works when I need it to. Sometimes I also use this on my face if I'm not at home and need to moisturise. It doesn't sting my hands and a little goes a long way.  The tube it is in is sturdy and really convenient with the flip cap.
This is the most effective hand cream for treating my hand eczema and smoothing my ageing hands that I've discovered thus far. It has really made a massive difference and I only have to apply minimal amounts to any areas and would also highly recommend applying more spot applications throughout the day if there is any dryness or just after washing your hands. But even after washing it still feels like it is on my skin protecting me. I feel relief and see instant smoothness immediately when directly applied to my hands which is a big reason why absolutely love this product.   It's also amazing for ageing and weather-beaten hands. The QV Hand cream is such an effective product in anti-age care while protecting skin with an SPF and against dryness plus uncomfortable skin breaks. It doesn't have an initial sticky residual either which is why I like to use this hand cream so much. It's tube packaging is great for storage and distributes even amounts when squeezed. It really works for me and keeps my hands softly smooth, subtle and skin intact. A gentle enough product that is suitable for all skin types of any age. Extremely happy to recommend.