Raww Fruit Fusion Lip Oil

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Raww Fruit Fusion Lip Oil is a nourishing lip oil formulated with over 98 per cent natural ingredients. The crème-like oil is enriched with coconut oil and avocado oil to keep lips hydrated, supple and smooth, and is lightly tinted to add a hint of colour.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals and is free from synthetic irritants, cruelty free, Certified Organic and Certified Vegan.

Available in three shades.


Raww Fruit Fusion Lip Oil


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Lip oil lovers, you need this! Raww Fruit Fusion Lip Oil is one of the nicest lip oils I've used. Unlike a lot of others it has great pigment, it smells and tastes lovely and has great lasting power. If you aren't a fan of flavoured lip products, this isn't for you. It smells like sweet coconut and has a soft flavour that fades quickly after application. For a lip oil, this is quite thick, it feels more like a hydrating, non sticky lip gloss. I get around two hours wear before I need to reapply, which is pretty good for a lip oil. Most of my other lip oils need to be reapplied every half hour. The pigment is great, I get opaque coverage with two layer. As the oil fades away it leaves behind a stain of colour. I don't get any bleeding so can wear this without lip liner. It's great when worn over the top of lipstick, it really enhances the colour and helps the lipstick to last longer. The other wonderful thing is that these are safe to use on the cheeks and eyes, so they're really a multi purpose product.
Not for me - I'm probably way more fussy than I should be with lip products and this was definitely not something I could use. It has a strong flavour and I hated the way it felt on my lips. I couldn't leave it on at all as it made me feel ill, instantly. If you have no issue with flavours or fragrances it could be good. In the short time I was able to leave it on it did feel as though it could be moisturising but it definitely isn't something I could ever use.