Raww Kale’d It Nail Lacquer

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Raww Kale’d It Nail Lacquer is a pigmented nail polish formulated with a blend of superfoods, including protein-rich kale, which work to strengthen nails and stimulate growth while leaving them coated and coloured.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals and is free from synthetic irritants, cruelty free, Certified Organic and Certified Vegan.

Available in 24 shades.


Raww Kale’d It Nail Lacquer


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It’s actually quite hard to find a natural nail polish – by definition, nail polish tends to make us think of lots of chemicals and irritants probably needed to make a durable polish. I’m sure most people have heard of vegan nail varnish that  peels off straightaway. Fortunately Raww is not that polish! I was very happy with the quality  from the first. I tried a lovely gold/pewter shade in a metallic  finish. It had excellent coverage with  one coat and stayed on like a dream! However, I would recommend two coats to protect it from wear. I lasted the whole week, right through a normal routine, with only slight wear at the tips. And it did not need any chemicals. As a “10-Free” product it does not contain formaldehyde, talc, parabens and 7 other nasties that organic products avoid. What it DOES contain are super-foods, like kale protein and acai berry, as well as good oils like coconut and orange, which can do your nails some good, whilst making them look pretty. The only criticism I have is the colour range - it is not very big, and some of the shades are very similar, so I would like to see them introduce more variety. I would recommend buying from the website as the stockist I bought from carried an extremely limited range – the shade I bought was the only one I liked (fortunately it was beautiful)! This is a very affordable polish and I will definitely look out for more colours and repurchase. 
I absolutely adore this raw nail polish. If you haven't tried any raw products I highly recommend them. This polish is infused with superfoods to nourish and feed nails so it's doing nails good while looking amazing. It comes in 24 amazing colours and at just $15.00 for a super high quality product I can afford to buy a few different colours. This polish lasted days and days without chipping or peeling and looks great as soon as it's applied. It dries really quickly and I love that it doesn't go streaky when applied. For best results I recommend two coats. The colour itself is highly pigmented and is really glossy and pretty. This polish actually strengthens nails while wearing it and stimulates growth, huge bonus points. I love this polish and highly recommend it.