Redken Satinwear 04 Thermal Smoothing Blow-Dry Lotion

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Redken Satinwear 04 Thermal Smoothing Blow-Dry Lotion is a lightweight lotion that works to protect hair from heat styling tools while controlling frizz and boosting softness.


Redken Satinwear 04 Thermal Smoothing Blow-Dry Lotion


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I purchased this redken styling lotion from my hairdresser on her recommendation as my thick hair tend to frizz, I absolutely love this product. Redken is such a high quality brand and this smoothing blow dry lotion is well worth the money for the results it delivers. I always straighten my hair and this lotion protects my hair from heat, smooths it beautifully and the results last, no frizz, even in humidity. The pump bottle makes the product easy to use and eliminates mess and waste and I just rub it through hair and style as normal. This lotion is really hydrating and leaves hair super soft and it feels really light, not at all greasy, you can actually tell its a high quality product. You dont need to use a lot, just a small amount so the lotion lasts for ages. This lotion is really nourishing and protecting and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to control frizz
Redken is an absolutely top notch brand and this blow-dry lotion 100% reflects that! At $30 a pop, this salon quality product is not at all comparable to cheaper supermarket thermal protecting lotions. The value for money is gaurenteed, as my previous bottle of this lotion lasted for ages and ages! I always use this product when drying my hair, so thats multiple uses each week, and my bottle still last for over 18 months!!  The lotion pumps out thick and deeply moisturising, and ladies with short or thin hair only need to apply a single pump. My hairs really long so i like to use a couple of generous squirts, really working the lotion into the mid section and end of my hair! I advise not putting the lotion at your roots as it may give the illusion that your hair is oily! So not cool! I once use too much of the lotion, and put it too high up on my hair, and my hairdresser thought i hadnt washed my hair, so let that be a warning not to go crazy and apply heaps. Nobody wants their hair to look unclean...  After using this lotion on the bottom of my hair, i swear it really helps my locks dry much faster! So it can honestly cut you blow drying time in half, perfect for all you girlies out there with a busy/hectic schedule. I love how after blown dry, my hair feel very soft and frizz free, when i blow dry my hair without the lotion, my hair feels dry and brittle. It definitely helps tackle how dry and unsightly my ends can look, and gives my hair that added protection from heat damage!  After using this product repeatedly i started to notice a huge decrease in my hairs breakage, and less split ends forming. I recommend this lotion to every hair type, its gentle enough to nourish even the most damaged hair, and as for already healthy haired ladies, it will ensure your hair is protected from further damage, keeping it beautiful and shiny.  So i certainly recommend this lotion to everyone who blow dries/ straightens/ chemical damages or simply exposes their hair to the harsh sunlight, its like a sunscreen for your hair saving it from heat damage! Just dont use too much or apply to high on your scalp, and your hair will look better than ever!