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Redwin Coconut Balm is made with 100 per cent organic coconut oil, papaya extract and jojoba oil. It works to relieve and heal dry, chapped lips, and can also be used as an intensive moisture boost for dry, cracked skin or on burns, cuts and insect bites. 


Redwin Coconut Balm


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I can't get enough of this coconut balm by Redwin!  It's so hydrating for my lips and it smells incredible thanks to the coconut.  It also gives my lips a nice glossy shine which you can wear on its own or on top of your lipstick or other lip colour.  It comes in a tube and the balm is not thick so you can get it out of the tube easily.  The consistency is great and easily glides on my lips.  It absorbs right away and instantly my lips feel so much better.  Due to dryness and flaky lips, I need to keep them hydrated and this does the job.  I will say that because it absorbs easily it won't coat your lips and keep it protected like other balms so you may to reapply but I don't mind. It can be used for other parts of your body besides lips but because it can feel a bit greasy I only use it for my lips.  It's versatile and really inexpensive.
i was really excited to see this product and planned on using it as a lip balm. unfortunately since ive been using it ive noticed that my lips feel dry again very soon after i have used it and now my lips are all cracked! i am going to try and use it on my cuticles, but i would not at all recommend it as a lip balm.
Fantastic, all-natural, multi-purpose balm.  I keep mine in my handbag and reach for it many times a day. The product comes in a generous 25 mls tube with a separate lid that seals well.  I have never had any product leak or make a mess in my bag. The formula is a natural combination of Coconut Oil, Papaya Extract, Jojoba Oil & Sunflower Oil. It smells 'coconutty', but it isn't too overpowering.  It's free of Sulphates & Parabens, so I know it's safe to use anywhere that's dry & craving hydration. I use it regularly for two main purposes. Firstly as a Lip Balm, it is hydrating, conditioning and very pleasant. It helps keep my lips healthy and happy. Secondly, I love using this as a Cuticle Balm.  My nails are stronger, healthier and in better condition from my twice daily application. It can be a little greasy, but I make sure I rub in the product thoroughly on my nail bed, and I make sure I don't apply too much too. For the price, this really can't be beat! Highly recommended.
I purchased this product to use as a moisturiser but not very happy with.   The first time I applied it I rubbed it in really well, perhaps over rubbing, and the cream turned into crystals!  I've read the reviews and no-ne else seems to have had this problem.  On subsequent applications I didn't rub it in as much but it left a really greasy feeling. I won't be buying this product again. On the positive side it's 100% organic.
This is a great multi purpose balm at a great price point so great value for money. I use this on dry chapped lips and to protect lips from sun and wind. It is super moisturising and hydrating, easy to use, it comes easily out of the convenient tube and softens when rubbed in for perfect moisturisation. I also use this on hands, nails and cuticles for super hydration and nourishment and its great on elbows and heels where skin can become tough. The coconut scent is lovely and who doesn't love a multi purpose product. Amazing, I highly recommend this product
This is a great balm that can be used almost anywhere to soften and heal the skin. I use this balm to keep my lips moisturised because it helps heal cracked, parched winter lips. It also works wonders on my dry flakey cuticles. I love how this balm is made out of coconut oil, so it comes out the tube hard, but melts between my fingers and then becomes easy to apply. It doesn't really have a taste, although I can taste a bit of coconut in it, which isn't bitter or unpleasant. Sometimes I take a good sized dollop of this balm and massage it into my hands and use it as an overnight hand treatment, and in the morning, I wake up with soft baby soft hands!  This all natural balm is low priced and is a small size to carry away in my bag or to keep in my desk drawer.  Pros:  Natural ingredients Affordable Soothes and softens skin Cons: Don't use near the eyes to revoke makeup  Tip: I love using this natural, no petroleum containing lip balm to soften and make my lips oh so soft! 
I used this on my granddaughters dry skin around the mouth. Absolutely fantastic and didn't sting like some other ointments. Has a lovely smell too. The dryness disappeared after a few days. I'd recommend it also for dry scaly skin around the nose. Also as a lip balm.
This is an amazing body moisturiser, which is the only way that I have used it.  It has a strong smell of coconut and is quite greasy, but the results are amazing.  It made my skin really soft, hydrated and smooth after using it for a few days.  The cream itself is quite thick and can take a bit of work to rub into the skin.  I would recommend it for anyone with dry skin, or who wants to have super hydrated and soft skin.
Multi tasking, all in one products not only save money but lots of time.  The Redwin coconut balm is a very handy product to have around the house that can be used for just about any ailment.  It's packed with amazing ingredients with coconut being the obvious one as well as jojoba oil and papaya.  What's even better is what is not in it: petroleum jelly, parabens and sulphates so you can feel good about using it!  I personally love to use balms to help with my dry, cracked lips and being that it's a coconut based balm it's the perfect way to add moisture and soften my lips especially during the winter time.  It is the perfect consistency, not too thick yet not too runny and it doesn't leave any greasiness behind.   It has a wonderful coconut aroma, which happens to be one of my favourite scents, that makes using it much more enjoyable.  But I don't just use it for my lips!  I use it for dry patches all over my body like me knees and elbows and whenever I get eczema flare ups on my hands.  I also use it on my feet as they are prone to getting very dry and cracked.  I place the coconut balm all over my feet but focusing more on the heels.  All the years of wearing very high stilettos and pumps has made my feet very rough and tough meaning I have to use products to help soften the skin.   It doesn't happen overnight but the coconut balm is great because it helps moisturise the dry skin, soften it and leave it feeling smooth.  I like to use it at night, that way I can just cover it with my socks and come morning my feet feel good as new.  I have used it on insect bites to stop itching, razor burns and on scars and stretch marks as it makes the area less noticeable.  The benefits of coconut are endless as it's anti fungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial.  Plus it contains Lauric Acid which is known to help accelerate healing. It's a nifty product that's used quite often in our house.  It's affordable, easy to use and versatile!  Tips:  Can be used for dry skin, stretchmarks, cuticles, cracked heels, chapped lips, scars and burns
I receive this as a sample in a beauty box. And it seems fine. It's not too sticky and is definitely easier on my skin than Vaseline. I'm not much of a balm person, however, so I don't tend to use it too much. Good product at a reasonable price.
This is great as a lip balm or salve for my eczema. It travels well in my handbag and smells nice. This is a good all rounder and cheaper than some all purpose balms from other cosmetic brands.
love the smell and use it mainly on the lips especially with the cold wind we have been having lately.
This is a luscious lip balm and is one I will surely purchase when the tube runs out.
tastes like coconut and has an exfoliating effect.  Gorgeous will always have on hand.
I knew this product already, actually have still some here, my Daughter from the Us send it before, love the smell!
This balm is for lips and dry skin, but I had the brilliant idea to try it on my heels, as I am not a fan of the strong coconut smell it has. My heels are very dry and it has been a constant struggle for me to keep the skin there soft. I put the balm on my heels at night, and light cotton socks. I just warm a very small amount on my palm, and then massage it in. I am amazed at how well my skin  has responded. I can confidently wear shoes that expose my heels. I love the product!!!!
Very greasy and thick. Would be good for very dry scaley skin
Lovely taste of coconut, very moisturising for the lips. Great size to carry in handbag or purse.
Used on chapped lips. Very moisturising, oily type balm. But i liked what it did to my chapped lips.