Revlon All Over Shadow Brush

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Revlon All Over Shadow Brush is a vegan eyeshadow brush that can be used to sweep pressed or loose powder products all over the eye lid. The brush is comprised of 100 per cent vegan TRX3™ customised fibres that mimic the shape of natural hairs. Each fibre has an antibacterial coating to help keep the brush clean.


Revlon All Over Shadow Brush


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I love revlon eye products and purchased this all over shadow brush when I purchased a revlon eyeshadow as it was recommended to me. I really love this brush as it makes applying and blending eyeshadow a breeze. The design makes it super easy to use, it sweeps beautifully over my eye and deposits just the right amount of product, blending it easily. I love that it is 100% vegan and that the fibres are such high quality. At under $15.00 for such a high quality brush I thought was a bit of a steel and I love the hygenic antibacterial coating on the brush to help keep it clean (important when its going on my eyes). loved this and would highly recommend it.