Revlon Blush & Contour Brush

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Revlon Blush & Contour Brush is a vegan makeup brush with angled bristles that can be used to apply blush, contour and highlighter. The angled 100 per cent vegan TRX3™ customised fibres are specifically designed to hug the contours of the face and mimic the shape of natural hairs. Each fibre has an antibacterial coating to help keep the brush clean.


Revlon Blush & Contour Brush


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This contour brush is really great! Recently I’ve been keen to use contour for my cheeks, I have lots of highlighter but not dare to use it. So weekend is now my time to play around with the highlighters & this beautiful brush has helped me a lot! It’s so smooth and easy to use. It’s just perfect to add sheer and shine at the right angle.