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Revlon ColorSilk is a permanent hair colour kit that works to provide high quality, professional hair dye results at home. The formula features Revlon 3D ColourGel Technology™ to deliver natural-looking, multi-tonal colour from root to tip, as well as an UV defence to protect hair against sun damage and silk proteins that penetrate each strand to leave hair looking silky, healthy and shiny.

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Revlon ColorSilk


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I absolutely love this hair dye. I managed to find it in Cheap as Chips for $5 and I have thick wavy hair so I need 2 boxes per colour so $10 to colour my hair is fantastic. I have a few grey hair coming through and I find that if I leave the colour on my hair for 40mins it completely covers the greys and lasts many many washes. Once the colour is washed out it is a really dark brown colour. Almost black but after a few washes it fades the slightest bit so that you can really see that it is brown not black. It lasts me about 3 months and then I colour it again because my grey hair regrows. It doesn't irritate or itch my scalp and the conditioner that it comes with has the best apple smell and leaves my hair buttery soft. I would definitely recommend this brand hair dye to everyone. It's excellent and really cheap so always a bonus.
(Shade 50 Light Ash Brown) I have been using this for years because it's the only true ash that does not turn green or muddy.  I had dyed my hair black for years and after returning back to my natural light brown I am plagued by brassy orange/red tones due to the deposits left by the black dye.  I have tried many at home dye kits to remove this warmth and most turn an awful green or muddy colour but this one is a clear and true ash.  It does have some lift to it, so if your hair is slightly darker it will lighten it.  It is a pretty thin, loose gel type consistency which I am happy with because I find thick cremes make it difficult to evenly coat my hair - thinner is easier to work through for me.  The only complaint is the enclosed conditioner sachet is only 11.8mls which is tiny really but it's ok I as I use an intense colour protecting masque after rinsing so it's not a deal breaker.  Just have some intensive treatment on hand if you have longer hair.
The Revlon Colorsilk is a fantastic product - its very easy to apply, rinse out and leaves my hair feeling like its had a treatment! It covers all my regrowth and gives my hair a total freshen up. It doesn't smell too strongly and its a great price, very affordable!
I really liked this product. I often use a home hair colour, especially between salon colours to save on cost. This is a great value for money colour that covers greys 100% and gives a lasting rich colour that is intense and has vibrancy. I usually use loreal paris hair colour but this was on special so thought I would give it a try. The colour is easy to apply and did not drip so I was impressed with the lack of mess as some home hair colours can create havoc. The colour is easy to mix and apply with the great applicator nozzle. I love that this is ammonia free so no nasty stink that is overpowering, it has quite a pleasant scent and did not sting eyes with fumes. I left this on for 45 minutes wearing a shower cap to eliminate mess and rinsed clear. My hair colour was a rich dark brown and redally glossy when I blow dried it.. The vibrancy of colour lasted several weeks then a peek of grey started to show so pretty good staying power. The conditioner that comes with it left my hair super soft and shiny. Thisis a great product for in between salon visits and I would absolutely recommend it.
I chose the color wild auburn. Although the picture had a more orangy color to it than auburn i knew that with my hair being black it wouldn't give me the same result as on the picture. As suggested on the instruction i used it 24 hours after shampooing with no styling residue on my hair. I did not do a patch test as I am not usually allergic to any hair color. I did my full head and the product was enough for my shoulder length hair. Although it recommends 30 min for full coverage i kept it on for 45 minutes. Washed it off with the conditioner sachet that came with the pack. The end result my hair didn't feel any smoother like the other hair colors would usually do but the coverage was good. The color result did not look like the picture on the box but it certainly had a good color. The final color was more reddish brown and i am happy that all my grey hairs have been covered. Overall i am happy with this product.
I was very lucky to try out Revlon  Colorsilk in Blonde as this was my preferred shade. In the past i have few issues on hair colours from the counters as most of them has harsh smell that irritates my eyes. I have tried this one and I was really surprised as it didn't sting my eyes at all. The grey coverage is what im always after and this one has soecifically targetted my grey roots on the top. I have left ot linger than it should be by increasing just 5 mins more. After rinsing mybhair reallybis Slky soft yo compare from Clairol that i have used previously. The colour is what I wasnt expecting but very close. My recommendation is to get another shade lighter than thenone you prefer. But overall experience is great and expectations from an easy to reach hair colourant has been achieved by this product. I have bought 2 more and will try it to my mom's. I will recommend this product especially to those who has some allergic reactions to hair colours from home application.
Thank you for the opportunity to trial this product! I got Revlon Colorsilk hairdye in dark brown. I had never used a Revlon hair dye before so I was pleasantly surprised by how great the hair dye turned out on my hair. I have one or two greys and they got covered up. It was very easy to use this hairdye and my hair color turned out a beautiful dark brown and shiny too! I love that the hairdye is ammonia free. I have since recommended this hair dye to two of my friends and I will be using this product again.
I was lucky to receive the Revlon Color Silk to use at home.   Having sensitive skin, the amonia free feature was what made me happy to trial it.  I found the hardest part was finding time to get to doing it. But once it did, i found that it mixed well and was easy to apply. I probably would need two packets for future use due to the length and thickness of my hair.  The colour was subtle but that was my intention.  The condition of my hair was fantastic post colouring.   I have since bought Revlon ColorSilk to use again.
I'm one of the lucky Review Crew to trial Revlon Colorsilk. I got given Medium Golden Brown to trial. Unfortunately my natural hair colour is black and the result is not noticeable after I used the product. I did like the fact that it is ammonia free so there's no chemically ammonia smell when I apply the product onto my hair. This colour is probably more suitable for someone with brown or blonde hair. The price point for this product is very reasonable and I personally will be interested in purchasing other colour to try in the future.
I trialled this product on a friend as I'm always very nervous about home hair colouring. I needn't have worried, the product was very easy to use.  Good thick consistency, easy to apply. Good gray coverage and her hair still looks great three weeks later. I will definitely recommend this product for home colouring.
Being a mum to two boys and working, I don't have time to go to salons to have my hair done every 4-6 weeks so I rely on home hair dyes. To be honest I hadn't tried Colorsilk Haircolor however was pleasantly surprised with results. I like the fact it does not contain ammonia, so you don't have the chemical smell or feel. My hair instantly felt better in colour and feel. If I had to be really picky, I prefer mixing bottles which are clear to make sure you have mixed properly, It covered most of my grey hairs in my dark brown hair but didn't quite take on the smaller greys just coming through.
I received this as part of a trial and as I had just coloured my hair I passed it onto my mum. My mum is predominantly grey but did find that this product did cover the greys well. She found the instructions easy to follow and it was easy to mix and apply. There were no issues with drips and my mum found the conditioner great. As she has a lot of greys, the dye has faded significantly within a couple of weeks which seems to be quicker than other brands that she has used previously. Her hair did appear shiny and remained easy to manage after using this product. The product is certainly affordable but perhaps better for only a small amount of greys.
I had never used the Revlon Colorailk range before. I’m not sure why, the price point is very affordable. I colour my hair at home regularly and don’t have a particular product loyalty. I tried the rich warm brown colour, which is a little darker than my current shade.  The first thing I noticed was the scent. Being ammonia free it did not have a chemical smell, however I wouldn’t say the acent was appealing or pleasant. I can’t place it, but it definitely want offensive. The application process was standard. I’m a bit messy so I got a decent amount on my face and ears. Wiping it off, I noticed the colour had started to take so be sure to be vigilant to avoid stained skin. I found the colour to be very rich and glossy and I was really pleased with the result. I have some stubborn greys at the front of my hairline and even now, 2 weeks later, I cannot fault the coverage. For me, the biggest disappointment is when I colour my hair but stil have to pluck out greys the next day. The biggest fault I could find with the product was the conditioner supplied was too small and my hair felt very dry after washing my hair out. I have short hair and there was no conditioner left over. I needed to put some leave in treatment  to restore my hair to a normal feel. No long lasting effect though, my hair has returned to its normal texture.  
Thanks for the chance to trial a new colour product as I do colour my hair at home often. I am not completely sold on the product but I'll give it another chance with a colour that suits me better. I chose the colour but it was a little different to what was expected.  It was easy to use, smelled ok but the gloves weren’t great as they were very thin. The only thing I really did dislike however and If it did occur again when giving it another shot I would not buy further, is it did leave my hair feeling very hard and straw like. It was only after a special treatment I added on the third wash did my hair feel normal on rinse. That would definitely be the main reason I would choose not to use it if I had that same reaction next time with this product. 
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Replying to Lucy M.From Revlon: Thank you for your feedback on Revlon ColorSilk. It is very normal for your hair to feel as you described immediately on rinsing out the dye. That is why we include a very nourishing conditioner that we recommend you leave in the hair for at least 3 minutes after rinsing out the color. Following the conditioner use the hair will be left very silky and soft.
I found this works really well and covered all my grey hairs. Found the colour to be vibrant and natural looking. My hair is medium length and found that there was enough to do my entire head some products come up a bit short. Would use this brand again as i regularly have to colour my hair.  I left the colour on for about 30/35 mins as i have a large amount of greys. Found it was very easy to use. 
This no. 43 med golden brown has not been kind to me! I followed the instructions to the letter and found mixing easy and the application great. A bit thicker than my last few, it dripped less into my ears and onto my face. My hair is 10% grey,thick and very long so it took the expected two packs. For a change I even followed the re-growth and over dying timing instructions ( As to provide a fair review) looking forward to a chocolate color. The resulting color is very dark brown except where I have greys, that part is very light brown. The darkness does my 44 year old face no favors but I can't blame Revlon for that. After rinsing my hair was a little dryer than usual so I did a hot oil and that fixed the dryness. Overall I am not convinced the color on the box is anywhere near result but four washes in it is washing down fast and that goes double for the grey. I would not recommend you use this if like me your number one priority is hiding grey hair. I will say the dark hair does make my eyes look super blue and it was very easy to apply to long hair.
Liked the colour and received compliments on my fresh grey-free look.  My greys started to shine through after about three weeks so I will leave it on a bit longer the next time to see if that lengths the coverage.   Overall very nice and I will use it again.
Mess free, simply to use and has quite a pleasant smell for a home hair dye.  Grey coverage was quite good. Although I left mine on for maximum time, he Colour was a little flat for me but hair felt quite nice after colouring. I did love that it was ammonia free though and the conditioner was lovely. I personally, would prefer other home dyes on the market but found this to be quite a lovely budget option.
I have used other home hair colour a before but the  Revlon one is easy to mix and use. It has a natural look and is easy to use and stays longer on the hair.  The conditioning treatment makes the hair feel softer and more manageable.  Does a good job of covering the greys. 
I have had some shocking results with home coloring so was hesitant to use the Revlon Colorsilk. (I'm an 8-9 shade ash blond - super fine, short hair that regularly turns bright orange with diy color!!!- I'm sure I was meant to have be born a red head...) Thankful that it had no ammonia and the actual scent was quite nice.. Not offensive at all. The application was pretty simple perhaps a little runny but I was only touching up the roots of my hair so no biggy... I left it on for as long as I could.. (about 45 mins!) as I could still see the brassiness. Its not 100% but the greys covered nicely. I have since toned my hair and it has turned out great. The after care conditioner left me feeling like I had just had a salon treatment put in.. Smelt divine. I would probably purchase again.. just to top up in between my salon visits.