Revlon ColorStay Brow Fantasy™

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Revlon ColorStay Brow Fantasy™ is a dual-ended two-step brow product that sets and styles brows with a sheer tinted gel, and then fills them with blendable colour. The small built-in brush provides better control and application. 

Available in three shades.


Revlon ColorStay Brow Fantasy™


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This Revlon Colorstay Brow Fantasy makes my face alive even without too much make up on ny face. I really love how it gives me a radiant and glowy look. It made me feel look stunning and be with myself always. I'll absolutely recommend this to every girls out there.
I love this eyebrow pencil. The pencil is soft enough to give you natural looking brows, and the gel is great for when you want a more defined look to hold you brows in place. It is much cheaper than buying two separate products and it does the job the exact same!
My favourite eyebrow product! The pencil is great, goes on easily and builds up colour quickly, not too dark or soft. It stays in place, but can be blended easily to fill in gaps. I do like the gel too, but find it creates a more hard / strong look so prefer adding the gel element at night when going out or for a formal event.