Revlon ColorStay™ Brow Pencil

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Revlon ColorStay™ Brow Pencil is a two-step brow pencil for defining and taming brows. The angled tip allows for a precise application, while the blending brush softens the colour and tames the brows. The long-wearing, waterproof formula is designed to last up to 24 hours.

Available in five shades.


Revlon ColorStay™ Brow Pencil


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This Revlon brow pencil is an easy to use everyday brow pencil. It has an angled tip which allows for fine lines which I can apply to give my brows a more natural and cleaner look. I can also use the angled tip's wide base to fill in and draw depth in colour and shade to my brows. I can use the spoolie brush end to comb my brows into shape, but I also use this tip brush to gently brush the brows to make the colour look natural and more into shape. The pencil gives my brows good definition and and applies quickly when I am in a hurry.  I love the fact that this pencil is a twist up pencil and never needs to be sharpened, which makes life easier and avoids any wastage.  Pros: Low priced Waterproof  Easy to use Cons: Can be a bit dark and intense if applied with a heavy hand, so use a light hand and apply gently and build up the colour and intensity you desire Recommendation: This brow pencil is a great pencil to use because it makes my brows look natural and well defined and is perfect for daily use. 
This product is my saviour. The angled tip of the pencil is perfect for applying an accurate shape and the formula is creamy almost waxy so it stays on all day and is very easy to apply. I love the wind-up tip which is perfect for lazy beauty lovers. The brush end is true to its word and tames the brows into the requested shape while softening the look created by the pencil so it’s amazing for everyday use or a natural look and never looks fake. This product is a very good buy as it is not ridiculously expensive and you definitely get your value for of it. This product is perfect for traveling as it is a two in one and people who need to do their makeup or just brows in a hurry. One thing I would improve about this product though is that it is stated to last up to 24 hours but I find it only lasts me roughly 10 hours which is long enough for me but if I did want it to last longer into the evening I would have to reapply. 
This has been my holy grail brow pencil for so long now, I’ve tried others but keep coming back to Revlon. I love the convenience of the spoolie on the end so I can brush and blend the product through my brows as I go. It’s great because if I apply too much colour I can just brush it out and don’t have to worry about my brows looking too dramatic. The retractable brow pencil means I can be lazy and never have to go near a pencil sharpener again. I use the shade blonde and it compliments my skin tone and brow colour perfectly. The brow pencil is quite soft and not hard so it’s easy to create the shape you want and lay down the product in the areas you need it (mostly the tail of my brows) and you can lightly skim over the areas you need it less. It lasts all day and I never have to worry about having a bad brow day.
This is the most divine eyebrow pencil. a friend gifted me this and said I had to try it, bless her, its amazing. I love the angled tip which does give precise application of product and with the wind up action love that there is no need for sharpening. I love the two step system also and the brush with its great design brushes brows into the correct line, blending and softening colour. My brows look professionally done as the colour pigmentation of this is so high and its so easy to use for a professional result. it stayed pt all day without looking fake, great value for money and I recommend this product
I am obsessed this eyebrow pencil!! My mum bought this two weeks ago for herself and I have officially stolen it from her makeup bag. She bought the blonde pencil and the colour is perfect for my light brown hair as it is not too dark against my fair complection.  The lighter colour doesn't make my eyebrows look drawn on and gives a more natural look with great colour coverage.  The Revlon colour stay brow pencil goes on so smoothly and the brush lifts and seperates well. I love the fact that it doesnt need to be sharpened and I can wear it every day. 
I love this pencil-crayon - it has a strong, high quality brow tamer brush on the end which quickly whisks my brows to where I want them.  I love this in the 'Blonde' colour which goes beautifully as an eyeliner too - I like to put it just under my lower lashline in a smudgey way.  It makes my eyes pop yet it still looks beautifully natural when I apply this product this way.  It adds colour to my brows too of course and so it makes for a great travelling product because it's a two-in-one.   This is a waxy wind-up waterproof product but it's super pigmented and easy to gently apply to the delicate skin around the eye area.  I love how it really stays excellently all day long - no need to re-touch with this product and because it's a wind-up there is no need for a pencil sharpener.  It can easily been wound up and down again.