Revlon ColorStay™ Eyeliner

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Revlon ColorStay™ Eyeliner is waterproof eyeliner that stays in place all day. The formula is easy to apply and glides on to create drama and definition.

Available in seven shades.


Revlon ColorStay™ Eyeliner


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It Truly Stays On!

This Revlon ColorStay eyeliner is truly the best eyeliner I have ever used. I have been using it for 15 years and never disappoints. I have sampled many other brands of different price ranges and they dont perform or stay on as long as this eyeliner. No smudge, no melting, no fuss. Put it on in the morning and it will get you through the whole day. The actual eyeliner will last you months. It's mess and hassle free as you dont need to sharpen it like a pencil. You twist the bottom like a crayon. Easy to apply and doesnt irritate my eyes as I have sensitive eyelids and get irritation if I use a traditional pencil eyeliner.

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After Mecca's zoom shadow sticks, this is what I use the most. It's quite a lovely product - easy to apply, easy to blend and stays put all day. I don't like the pencils where I have to use a sharpener and this being a twisty, totally takes that out of the equation. Also, unlike a lot of twisty pencils, this doesn't keep breaking on me which is such a huge relief. It's still very smooth and soft so glides easily and doesn't feel rough on delicate skin of eyelids. My only pain point would be taking it off. Just like most water resistant eye make up, it takes a really good balm and through double cleansing to take it off - but that I guess is expected when you want it to last whole day.
This is such a confusing product, because there's such a huge discrepancy in quality on the two occasions that I bought it.  The first time I bought it, it was THE perfect black eyeliner: Incredibly creamy texture, richly pigmented, glided on so smoothly, stayed put all day without any smudging, and defined my waterline so stunningly. The second time I bought it, however, it was like a completely different product: The pencil felt hard and tugging while application was inevitable, the black was closer to dark grey, any line I made would transfer onto my eyelids, and anytime I lined my waterline, I'd end up looking like a racoon with pigment running under my eyes and hardly any line remaining on my waterline. Oh, and the pencil broke off, as did the sharpener on the other end of the pencil. It's truly the strangest thing. I don't know if there was any change in formulation or if I just ended up with a bad product that managed to escape QC. I still like the retractable design that requires no sharpening and the addition of sharpener on the other end, should you need to sharpen the pencil anyway. I also love how beautifully the colours swatch. Considering how exceptional this eyeliner was the first time I bought it, I may consider repurchasing it, at least on sale.
Mine is 205 Sapphire, a beautiful metallic blue shade that enhances my brown eyes every time I wear it.  I love: - the very pigmented results. - the soft, retractable pencil glides nicely, no tugging nor pulling on eyelids needed. I can line one eye in 1-2strokes. - it doesn't smudge on my oily lids, lasts a long time. In my opinion Revlon needs to omit the smudger and sharpener as I find them unusable. Specifically: - the smudger is too hard and doesn't really work with the pencil's formula. - the sharpener tends to break the pencil instead of sharpening it. Overall I would definitely repurchase.
I absolutely adore this revlon colourstay eyeliner, its waterproof qualities mean it stays in place all day no matter what. It is so easy to use, just draw a line following the natural line of the lid for a precise dramatic eye, I love the retractable pencil, it means ease of use, no mess and no sharpening. The colour pigment is what really impressed me so lush and black, a high quality pigment that gives a dramatic, sophisticated looking eye, great for a smokey look. this is a quality liner that achieves great results, it glides on with ease without dragging across the eye or unsightly smudges. i could not see a drawback with this, its one of the best eyeliners i'v used and I would highly recommend it
“ColorStay” you say? Can you last all day? Will you stay black, not fade to grey? Will you be a runny mess after midday? (The answers are what you’re hoping for, so yay!) Once I went around to different stores and did a patch test on my arm of 20 different black eyeliners. I documented the names and the longevity over a 24 hour period. I respect scientific proof of how well a product works and this was my experiment. Some were hopeless; disappearing without cause, others weren’t that black and then there was the Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner. If I was assembling an army of soldiers I’d pick ColorStay as the General. My arm was a graveyard of pathetic eyeliner swatches, many of whom committed their own suicide even before the enemy lines attacked with natural oils, friction, water and time. I stared at this crisp and intensely black line on my arm that was one of only two left, checked my list and found one was ColorStay and the other a designer brand from Myer that was over twice the price.   Since that experiment, Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in black is a product I’ve bought time and time again. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better than numerous other pencil eyeliners I’ve tried. The above experiment was solely for durability, there are other factors that are important to consider like the texture and thickness, which are ok but not excellent.  Pros Retractable pencils are so easy to use It’s super black with great colour pay off It lasts much longer than most, it is a superior product for longevity  No colour movement or dulling on my oily eyelids Great wearability/durability on the waterline Cons A bit hard, benefits from warming up product to glide on easier Can be a bit thick to drawn a winged line, unless you ‘sharpen’ the tip to keep it pointy   Revlon are generally the expensive end of pharmacy makeup, but this eyeliner is worth it and would hold its own against designer pencils
I purchased this Revlon eyeliner towards the end of last year and have been using it non stop ever since! Although it is not ALL positive I would personally recommend this product for those in the market for a long wearing intense eye liner pencil! But read on to see if this liner could be your next holy grail (or not).....  PROS: LONGEVITY- Revlon claims that this liner can last up to "16 hours" and although I have not tested that theory I can strongly say that it lasts a decent 10 hour work day without smudging or migrating down the one wants panda eyes am I right?! I find that if you want to 100% ensure the liner does not fade on the upper and lower lid throughout the day you can draw the line using the pencil and then go over it with a black matte eyeshadow (powder) using an angled liner brush. I find that even in the waterline-upper and lower- this does not smudge throughout the day  and appears to be reasonably waterproof (although I would not recommend the powder setting trick for the waterline!).  WEARABILITY- I am a contact lens wearer and I suffer from getting watery eyes during the windier, colder months and I find that this liner does not irritate my eyes in the slightest.  FORMULA- It is quite a stiff formula, meaning it is not particularly blendable. Therefore, if you are looking for a liner that will smudge this may not be the one for you. However if you are looking for a slightly stiffer pencil that will create a more crisp line you will like this pencil. To be warned it can be quite hard (although it does not tug on your eyes do not worry!) so I do recommend warming it up (eg. Putting it in your pocket, blowing on the pencil before application) especially during the colder months!  COLOUR- I was extremely impressed with the intense pigmentation of this black liner, particularly for a pencil that is not a kohl or super blendable formula. I find that it is very rich black colour that even when layered on top of eyeshadow, the pigment shines through!  EASE OF USE- It is a retractable pencil (the best kind if you ask me!) as you don't need sharpener. However it does come with a hidden inbuilt sharpener on the other side of the sponge at the end of the pencil.  CONS:  PRICE: I personally think that for a 'drugstore' pencil liner this is reasonably expensive. Although in comparison to higher end brands this is a bargain! Also always keep in mind that there are always sales so if you wait until sale time you are sure to snap up a good deal!  REMOVABILITY: The main drawback of this product is that due to it's waterproof abilities it means that it can be quite difficult to get off. I have found that oil based cleansers are good at breaking down any excess product, but the classic Bioderma has also worked for me. Just keep in mind this won't be removed with a basic cream cleanser!  Overall, a very impressive product at a decent price, definitely a winner for me!