Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte™ Lipstick

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Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte™ Lipstick is a liquid lipstick that delivers up to 24HR wear, a no budge lightweight matte finish and a 100% vegan formula. The concentrated pigment blend gives you an intense burst of matte colour that dries down to a super lightweight finish, it feels barely there. Infused with Triple Hyaluronic Acid to dramatically increase hydration + Upcycled Cranberry Extract to protect lips with a non tightening feel. This 100% vegan formula is safe for sensitive lips. The lip-hugging applicator is specially shaped to fit the contours of your lips for a precise, mess-free application. Available in 16 shades to suit your skin undertone.

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Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte™ Lipstick


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Love the shades

I have super dry lips, making it hard to find lipstick that doesn't exacerbate the issue. Enter Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte™ Lipstick. It's awesome ! This lippie glides on smoothly, feels hydrating, and doesn't emphasise dry patches. The matte finish stays put for hours without leaving my lips feeling super dry and peeling. With a fantastic shade range, it's a must-have in any makeup kit!. I highly recommend this for anyone with dry lips. It’s a great find and is usually on sale most of the time
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Love it

Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte Lipstick is a game-changer! The shade range is stunning and suits various skin tones. The formula is incredibly long-lasting, providing a matte finish without drying out my lips. Its creamy texture glides on smoothly, ensuring easy application. The lipstick is highly pigmented, delivering vibrant color in just one swipe. I appreciate its transfer-resistant feature, making it perfect for all-day wear. The sleek packaging is a bonus, making it travel-friendly. Overall, Revlon's Limitless Matte Lipstick is a must-have for anyone seeking a bold, comfortable, and enduring lip color. Highly recommended!
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Limitless Matte last unlimited

I liked the feeling of this lipstick going on. It was just so soft and silky. It was a very wet product going on lips and once it dried it felt a bit cakey on my lips and I could really feel the difference between the already dry areas and the not so dry areas. After a little time, my lips felt back to normal as in the cakey feeling was gone. My lips did feel softer and maybe a bit hydrated after the caked on feeling was gone. Probably about an hour later my lips felt soft but not so moisturised. I felt the need to add some lip balm. Some spots still felt a bit sticky but not wet sticky. The colour has held up well over 8 hours and I am yet to spot anything that has ended with a lipstick imprint or stain. I think this is quite a nice lipstick and one that I would probably buy again if its at the right price. I'd love to see all the colours in the Limitless Matte range and give those a try.
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Good every day lipstick that will stay ALL DAY

I was excited to try Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte™ Lipstick. Packaging - I wasn’t very impressed by the packaging to be honest, just looks a bit flimsy to my liking. Application is very easy, i found that due to the texture and high pigment you pretty much need just one application. I really really like the applicator as due to its shape it’s easy to apply lipstick. It can be a bit tricky with liquid lipsticks but applicator shape of this lipsticks makes it much easier. This lipstick does what it promises and stay on your lips all day, I even had to use make up remover as simple face cleanser b didn’t work. It dries very quick so I found if my lips are not well moisturised it can look a bit flaky so it’s very important to make sure that you use either lip balm or lip mask beforehand . I think it’s great for busy ladies who don’t want to think about reapplying lipstick during the day as it will STAY! I will think about re purchasing as the one thing I didn’t like is how it dries my lips and the colour is just a bit too bold for me.
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Revlon ColorStay Matte Lipstick

I’ve tried quite a few brands of lipstick both matte and glossy and though I prefer glossy lipsticks this one surprised me. The main problem I usually come across is that matte lipsticks tend to dry out my lips really badly, even when using a lip gloss or balm underneath. This formula seems to not do that but still dry down matte. The pigment is quite strong but doesn’t stain the lips badly like other brands. Some does come off when eating and drinking but not so much that you need to keep re applying. It has a nice applicator and lasts quite long. Overall I would use again and recommend to friends and family.
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Dried out my lips but still good overall

I got sent this product to review for the review crew. Overall, it's a good lipstick but it is a tad drying which is why I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5. It's not scented which I think is great. I love the wand applicator- it makes it easy to apply with precision and is the perfect shape for my lips. The colour is quite intense and opaque with a matte finish. I don't need much at all. It's a great quality lipstick. I would've given 5 stars if it didn't dry my lips out. I can't say much for wearing time as I don't tend to wear it for more than a few hours anyway, but the hours I had it on it lasted."
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Pleasantly surprised

I have being trialling this lipstick after being provided one by BeautyCrew to test in exchange for a review. I am very impressed by the pigmentation of the product - it gave great colour with one swipe. I feel like the formula of these long lasting matte lipsticks has come a long way from those we used to see on the market, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was nowhere near as drying or uncomfortable as those that I have tried in the past. The product lasted well on my lips throughout the day, and still looked nice after adding some lip balm over the top in the afternoon. I would recommend this product to anyone who likes the idea of a long lasting matte lipstick, but has previously found them too drying.
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Long Lasting Lipstick

I'd like to begin by expressing my fondness for liquid lipsticks, making this particular product well within my comfort zone. Although the shade—a bright red, ideal for the festive season—was not my usual choice, I decided to give it a try to assess the product's performance. The application proved to be straightforward, with the thinner consistency requiring a bit more attention. Moving on to the dry down and wear, the product dried reasonably well, providing ample time for adjustments. It left a slightly sticky feel, not uncomfortable but worth mentioning. The formula leans towards a watery/liquid texture rather than creamy. I found it comfortably lasting for 4-5 hours. My preferred method was to layer a balm on top to maintain hydration. A faint scent, quickly dissipating, was barely noticeable. In conclusion, despite the initial skepticism about the shade, I was impressed with the lipstick's overall performance. I look forward to trying more suitable colours for my preferences. This could become a go-to lipstick for work, offering lasting wear without the need for frequent reapplication. I plan to purchase additional shades and confidently recommend it to others.
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A Lasting Matte Marvel

As a makeup enthusiast, I recently tried the lipstick in the shade 003 Upper Hand and one of the standout features of the Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte Lipstick is its impressive durability. The lipstick truly lives up to its name, providing a long-lasting matte finish that stays put throughout the day. I wore it from morning to evening, and to my delight, it remained intact without fading or feathering. This longevity is a game-changer, especially for those who want a reliable lipstick that endures daily activities without the need for constant touch-ups. What sets this lipstick apart is its steadfast adherence to the lips. It only budged when I used makeup remover, underscoring its resistance to regular wear and tear. This quality ensures that the lipstick remains in place even during meals or when sipping on a drink. Initially, upon application, the lipstick has a slightly sticky texture. However, this stickiness is short-lived as the formula quickly dries, leaving behind a velvety matte finish. Also, The packaging of the Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte Lipstick is super elegant. While the formula, longevity, and application of the Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte Lipstick impressed me, the only aspect that didn't quite hit the mark for me was the color. The shade 003 Upper Hand, although beautiful, didn't suit my personal preferences. However, this is purely subjective and doesn't diminish the overall quality of the product.
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Good pigment

I personally do not really wear or love matte lipsticks just as a personal preference although I did test this one out for the purpose of the review. I found the pigment to be amazing, it is definitely a lipstick that stands out and does not need constant reapplying. It has a really nice velvety texture and does not transfer onto things as its formula really sticks in place. I did find that i had to reapply after eating and drinking and would definitely need reapplying after a few hours of wear. It did slightly dry my lips out and they felt slightly tight but applying lip balm before application of the lipstick really helped and it still stuck to my lips without sliding off as some other lipsticks can do.
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Long colour stay lipstick

I am in love with my reckon colour stay limitless matte lipstick. I received colour 002 poster child lip colour. Firstly this colour is so beautiful, it’s so universal and matches many outfits. My first application was a huge shock. It glides over my lips so evenly. Honestly 1 application was all that was needed. The colour is so rich and a perfect consistency. It didn’t take long to dry either which is great because there was less chance of it smudging before it could dry. The lipstick stayed on the whole night. Usually with long colour stay lipsticks I struggle to remove them when I remove my makeup. However just with my normal make up removers this came off my lips quite easily without scrubbing. The colour lasted all night. Without having to reapply. Even after eating and drinking all night. I am planning on buying more colours in this range. I am very impressed
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Great colour, not so good finish

I recently tried the Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte. The packaging is neat and match the colour from the lipstick. I quite like the squarish look; it’s bold and innovative. I gotta admit, the thing I loved the most about this product was the applicator. At first, it looks weird, twisted, but once applying the product, it goes perfectly with the curves of your lips, easy to apply. I barely feel the applicator and didn’t have to adjust the angle to reach inner or outter areas. The smell is nice, not too fragrant nor chemical. When I first saw the colour, I wasn’t convinced it would suit my skin tone (I got olive skin) but it turns out it did very well. It is vibrant but subtle and elegant. The texture is smooth when first applied and makes my lips look a bit full. I absolutely loved the look of my lips with this lipstick. The colour remains quite the same but, unfortunately, after a few minutes (maybe half an hour), it dries out very badly; my lips look kind of chapped or flaky and they feel very unpleasant, as if I had worn the lipstick all day without retouching it. I tried reapplying the product, but it doesn’t work, the look gets worse. Then, I tried removing it to apply new product, but it is not easy to remove; which I guess is an excellent property if the colour and finish would to remain intact for longer. But for having to reapply the product, it is inconvenient. Event at night, when removing lipstick with make-up removal, it takes a bit of time. I had to tried harder, feeling a bit tough in my lips. It got to my teeth in various occasions and, again, getting rid of it, it is not an easy task. Using my tongue didn’t work, no matter how hard I tried, nor my lips. I had to remove it with some paper or a towel. One thing that worked, somehow, was reapplying the product at shorter intervals. It might not be desirable, but it is a possible solution. I would possible but it again because I like the colour, how it matches my skin tone and the applicator, but I wouldn't recommend it as I don’t think people would like the finish of the lipstick.
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Staying power

I loved the formula of this lipstick and it's long lasting wear. I didn't love the shade I tried but that's no fault of the brand. It was smooth on my lips and didn't feel sticky at all. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an everyday lipstick with lasting power. It's great to apply in the morning and then not have to worry about it the rest of the day. Great for working in an office or something or even on the run as you can just apply once. The smell was pleasant too. All round great product
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Not for everyone

For the positives, the colour really does stay. I applied a very thin coat and the colour maintained despite me eating food. It was quite impressive little goes a long way. It didn’t feel too dry on my lips but definitely did not make me look the best. I think personally, the shade was not complementary to my warm skin tone. It made me look a little washed out, and I definitely don’t think it’s a versatile colour. The application was easy, and it was a good size that it was nice to handle. It did not feel awkward to apply. It also did not smell too overpowering like some other products. Overall, I think the product lives up to its name “colour stay” but I wouldn’t be reaching to wear it anytime soon
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Best Matte Lipstick you will ever come across!

I was sceptical when first trying the Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte Lipstick because matte lipsticks are usually very drying and always manage to peel on my lips. To my surprise, this one was different! It is lightweight, has a creamy and smooth texture, with little to no scent; making it extremely pleasurable to apply and wear! The Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte Lipstick brings a perfect pop of colour to your make-up look - just in time for the festive season! The long-lasting formal works! It lasted for hours without the need to be constantly replying to maintain the colour. When I ate or drank something, it didn't not transfer. There was also no seeping/bleeding of the product to nearby skin around my mouth. I will definitely be recommending this product to my friends and family - everyone needs to have this in their life! I am a big fan!
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Nice Product

I recently tried the shade 'Poster Child' and while the colour itself was not perfect for me skin tone, I enjoyed the lipstick overall. The product goes on quite wet and requires a small amount of time to dry down, however once it is dry it will not budge. I was able to eat and not require to touch up afterwards. As a matte product it can be a little bit drying but does not feel uncomfortable on the lips. I also liked the applicator as the doe foot was pointed and allowed for a precise application.
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Give it a go!

There was a lot that I liked about this product. It was a really light application and dried super quick - the downside was that it didn't last quite as long as other long wear lipstick products. I did have to reapply this a lot. The colour I received was one very similar to what I wear every day and I really like that the colour didn't change throughout its wear. I found the applicator brush to be weird to use. The gloss sort of pools in the centre cut out instead of being a solid stick like brush. It still applies evenly and the brush tapers nicely to get into the corners of the lips. The packaging is a bit of a different story though. It is a plastic tube which just feels like it will shatter if you look at it the wrong way. The plastic is really thin and just has a cheap feel. With all the above considered, I definitely want to buy this in all my favourite shades!
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A good affordable option however colour is jue

This is an interesting product to review. I really can see that the formula has been updated since the last time I used this brands lip product. It is not as drying as some more long lasting products and the market however as a relatively dry or dehydrated lips this is not something I could wear without the proper pre care. Having said I do enjoy the price of this product and believe it would suit someone who wants to find a dupe of already luxury brand. While the colour is not something would usually go for I know this would work for people with deeper skin toes than me. I like not love this product....
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A lovely matte

I really love a matte lipstick, and was happy with the results I discovered from the Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte lipstick. The colour was a bit dark for everyday use, but matched my skin tone well. I was pleasantly surprised with how long it stayed on for, though found that, if I wanted a 'pop' throughout the day and tried some lip oil over the top, the colour easily came off. I have been wearing the lipstick almost every day, and will be happy to continue wearing in the future. It is easily applied, feels lovely throughout the day, and not sticky or dry, though I did feel as though I needed a moisture layer by the end of the day. Overall, really happy with the product.
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Easy application but sticky results

I really liked the feel of this lipstick on my lips when applied with the doe tipped applicator. It was very easy to do so with this. I gave it some time to settle on my lips but it did not dry down and remained sticky. It did not settle in to my fine lines as much as others do but they were still quite highlighted. Even though it did not completely dry down, it did not transfer which was a bonus. The colour I received was a vibrant red and unfortunately I could not pull this off for an every day look as I am quite pale. I may have had a better result if I used a shade that was more suited to my skin tone but I believe that the sticky result would still remain.