Revlon Colorstay Satin Ink™ Lipcolor

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Revlon Colorstay Satin Ink™ Lipcolor is a longwear liquid lip colour that delivers vibrant, full coverage and satin sheen in just one coat. The non-drying formula contains Revlon’s exclusive concentrate and Flexible Film technology so colour moves with lips to prevent cracking and flaking. Lips are saturated with comfortable colour that wears evenly and remains transfer-resistant, water-resistant and smudge-proof all day. Rich Blackcurrant Seed Oil and Vitamin E add creamy texture, satin sheen and a lightweight moisturising feel for a pleasing bare lips sensation. With just one swipe, use the pointed-tip to define lips and fill in with the soft welled doe-foot.

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Revlon Colorstay Satin Ink™ Lipcolor


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Nice satin sheen

I've been using the Satin Ink Lipcolor in the shades Speak Up, Partner in Crime and Mauvey Darling. The lipstick is packaged in a sleek oblong shaped tube with a clear window which shows the lipstick colour. The doe-foot applicator has a nice shape making it easy to apply the lipstick. I always use a lip liner before applying lipstick to prevent bleeding and to provide a clear line. When I first applied the Satin Ink Lipcolor I found it to be too thick for me so I cut back a bit by lightly applying the colour. This gives a nice coating which is a little sticky but the stickiness dies down as the lipstick dries. The pigment of these lipsticks is very strong - much brighter than the tube indicates - and I like the satin sheen. This lipstick feels quite drying on my lips - not too uncomfortable but not as moist as I'm used to - and it is the longest wearing lipstick I have used. A few times the colour has transferred to my coffee cup, and the colour fades in the middle of my lips after eating, leaving a tint with a deeper outline but at least I still have coloured lips. I'm still playing around with these lipsticks to find the most comfortable way to wear them so they don't feel drying, and also to retain the full colour.
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A nice product

I was lucky enough to trial 3 colours from this range. Two of the colours were a little too mature for me (but I still made them work!). The tube itself is packaged very nicely, that also shows you the colour of the product which is accurate to how it’ll show on the lips. The doe foot applicator tip itself was a little too big imo. As the consistency of the lipstick is slightly thicker but slick at the same time, I would have preferred more precise applicator tip. I found it hard to be as precise and product sometimes ends up outside the lip line which is not easy to remove as it stains really deep. As for the actual lipstick colour, in one swipe, you will get basically full coverage and it dries down to a slightly matte with the slightest sheen, like satin, as the name suggests. It does continue to stay slightly sticky and can transfer somewhat, especially if eating or drinking. As the colours are so vibrant, it may not always suit day time wear but I also used it as a stain for those days ! Surprisingly, it works crazy well as a stain - as I aid earlier it stains really deep. When it fades, it leaves a nice light colour, but you can also dab it onto your lips for a softer look and it doesn’t fade horribly like most stains do (disappearing from the inside of your lips but leaving an outer edge of colour, horrible). So it can double as a beautiful stain if you’d like! Another thing I loved is that this did not dry my lips!! I have seriously not found a lipstick which doesn’t do that. Even if I use lip balm first, my lips will always be drier than before I had the lipstick on. But not with this one. I’m actually amazed at that so that’s a huge plus. Though I did read that others experienced dryness, so I’m not sure if that’s just me. I mainly used Fired Up and Wild Ride as they suited my skin best. The Mauvey Darling was a little too mature for me so I gave that one to my mom. Overall, I would say there are some things that this lipstick would need to address. It is a very nice product and looks beautiful on, but it just does not have that long lasting effect it claims to have. I found that it faded after a half a day at work and there is more transfer than I’d like. The range of colours is really good and there would be something for everyone but I’m not sure if I’d be able to recommend this to someone else given all that.
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Satin supple lips!

I absolutely love the staying power of this wonderful product. After a night out with friends eating and drinking I noticed it was still on when I got home. The beautiful texture and the soft applicator are the highlights of this wonderful product. In a world where satin finishes have made a comeback, Revlon has definately made their mark and I would have to say now my go to on a night out or in the office. I love the choice of colours to suit all occassions and skin tones. The way it glides on and the satin finish on my lips makes my dry lips feel hydrated. I highly recommend and will purchase again!
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Overall a great product..

My daughter and I tried the Revlon Colorstay Satin Ink™ Lipcolor we liked the consistency of the lip product; it is not overly thick and well packaged so melting in heat wasn’t an issue. It definitely stood up to the name of 'ink' and the colour range is vastly of shades of pinks, reds and purple/mauve tones. We found it wasn’t as hard wearing when drinking coffee, however drinking did not remove the lipstick in its entirety, so it was still reasonable afterwards. We had extreme difficulty in removing the ‘ink’, we tried several products yet a tinge of the colour stain remained. This caused an issue when applying if you slipped with the applicator, as I said it leaves a stain and as quick as we were to correct our application, it was difficult to correct. We did overall like the product and would wear it again. Would I recommend it to others? Yes, I would, great consistency and shades, you just can’t be in a rush to apply, its overall staying power meets its name ‘ink’. The sheen level is superb, not to dull, not to glossy.
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Colorstay Satin Ink - cool range of colours!

Revlon Colorstay Satin Ink Lipstick The Revlon Colorstay Satin Ink Lipstick comes in a nice black tube with a clear part where the colour shows through, clearly and accurately showing the colour of the lipstick inside (and the same colour that dries on your lips). The pointed foam applicator tip has a nice shape that followed the natural shape of my lips and after a couple of coats the lipstick looks bright and beautiful. It took a while for the lipstick to dry properly without a feeling of stickiness but once dry it did make my lips feel dry too. The bold colours of the lipsticks are great for a night on the town or date night, and I wouldn’t usually wear them during the day (as they’re not lipsticks you can wear without a full face of makeup) but I think you need to take into account whether your skin’s undertone is warm or cool in order to pick a colour that suits you. The Mauvey Darling 008 didn’t suit my skin tone as it was too cool of a colour but the Wild Ride 002 was a nice brown that I think would suit anyone. After having my morning cup of tea I saw a rather evident lipstick mark on my mug, which continued to be more obvious with every sip. This was after letting the lipstick dry for a good 30 minutes. I also found the lipstick bled onto my face a little bit and would probably need some lipliner to keep a sharp line around the lips. After eating and wearing the lipstick for half a work day it had rubbed off in the inner parts of my lips and also started to crack. I would have loved to love this lipstick as I swear by my Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipstick for long wearing lipstick. The fact that blackcurrant seed oil and vitamin E were used as ingredients appealed to me but they didn’t help with keeping my lips comfortable and moisturised. Though I love the bold range of colours offered in the range and I think most people could find a colour they like, I would not recommend this product to friends and family. It is advertised at 16-hour long-lasting lip colour that feels as good as it looks and it didn’t last anywhere close to 16 hours with the lipstick coming off within the first hour and from my first drink. It also bled onto my face a little, and left my lips feeling cracked and dry.
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Fired up!

I was very fortunate to be able to trial three shades of these wonderful lip colours! I have fair skin, and find it difficult to find a truly wearable red lipstick and was delighted to be able to try the colour 'Fired Up'. The colour is a truly fiery red and suited my skin tone perfectly. The texture of the product is creamy and then it set to a comfortable satin. The colour lasted all day - through coffee, lunch and afternoon tea. I would highly recommend the lip colours for those who want a high colour payoff and a long lasting finish. I will definitely repurchase.
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Long wearing comfort!

I love the formula of Revlon’s Satin Ink Lipcolor because it has all the benefits of a matte lipstick but gives you the comfort of a satin or cream formula with a nice shine. What impressed me the most is the comfort factor - this is a long wearing, transfer resistant liquid lipstick that actually feels good all day long thanks to the black currant seed oil and vitamin E ingredients. I didn’t experience any cracking or bleeding and it got me through a 9-hour day without having to reapply. Once applied the longer the colour sits on your lips the more matte it becomes but it still has a sheen to it which I personally loved. A wide selection of vibrant, weightless colours that are long wearing, have great definition and are very comfortable to eat, drink, work and play in.
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Expected better but gorgeous colours

To start with the texture of these lipsticks are great. They’re smooth and moisturising- they weren’t sticky for me like some have said. The colours are also gorgeous, very pigmented and a little goes a long way. Applicator and packaging are average but great to add to the handbag. However, there was no staying power. The lipstick didn’t last very long and wouldn’t last through a meal. They also don’t smell the best. Besides these two points the lipsticks would be a nice gift or great to add to the collection because of gorgeous colours and smooth/sheen texture.
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A Great Lip Ink that Lasts the Day

I loved these Revlon Colour Stay Satin Lip Colours. They have a great range of colours, that you can wear for different looks. The colours lasts all day, although the pigment fades a little at first but I liked that. My lips did not dry out, and stayed moisturised throughout the day which was great. When I had a drink there were no lipstick stains on drinkwear. So far this is the best lip ink I have tried, and I will definitely be using and buying this affordable product again in the future.
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Didn't Wow Me

I received the Revlon Colorstya Satin Ink in Speak Up - a blue based pink colour, Wild Ride - a rich brown colour and Fired Up - an orangey red. At first sight I thought Speak Up was the shade I would like the most but that was not the case. The lipstick went on nicely. I didn't find it too drying and it felt comfortable on the lips. Given it is a lip ink, I was expecting a much thinner consistency. This was more like a standard gloss. The wear of the the lipstick was reasonable but not outstanding. On me it lasted about 4hrs before it needed touching up. I also didn't like the way it wore off. I did have a snack and it wore away in the middle of my lips first. I much prefer lipsticks to evenly just wear off. Speak Up also when from a nice blue based pink to a bright pink. So did not suit me at all after a few hours. Fired Up was much better and didn't dramatically change colour on me. Wild Ride was not a colour I could wear. All up this is an ok lip product. I would try in other shades but given the recommended retail price would wait until it was on sale.
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Amazing colour!

I tried the colour 'Speak Up' #009, a muted neutral pink (very 90s and in at the moment) and absolutely love the colour and the formula! For starters the colour is a beautiful pink that doesn't make you feel too sickly sweet or loud (particularly during the day). It's understated but very cool and sophisticated. The formula is beautiful - I found it to be easy to apply, quite thin but very comfortable and very pigmented. I didn't find it to be sticky. Perhaps it cracks or becomes sticky if you apply too much (or some of the other colours may be inconsistent in formula, Im not sure) but my colour definitely didn't have this problem. You are left with a beautiful satin-matte finish. If you eat something greasy, I found the inside of my lip colour gets eaten away, but it's not so drastic or ugly that it needs to be fixed asap. Otherwise, it fades quite nicely after a few hours (5+ hours, it's longer lasting than most satin lipsticks out there and MUCH more pigmented). This is a wonderful drugstore formula and when giving it some thought, I think what makes it stand out compared to ALL the hundreds of lip products you can buy is its ease of application, pigment and the colour vibrancy of the product. It doesn't look like much in the tube, but on the lips I think the colour really packs a punch!
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A beautiful lip Ink

It has been a pleasure trialling this lipcolor product by Revlon. The colours are beautiful, great for everyday wear. It is very smooth and so easy to put on, it didn't feel heavy on the lips and importantly, it didn't dry out my lips. Though the product transferred a bit, I wasn't bothered at all. At the end of the day, even after all the meals and drinks I had throughout the day, I still have a lip colour on my lips. Thumbs up! I enjoyed wearing this product and would happily recommend to family and friends.
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A beautiful satin lipstick!

Oh, I love this lipstick soooo much. I was given three different colors to trial. Revlon ColorStay Satin Ink Liquid Lipstick is a smooth all day liquid lipstick. It glides on smoothly!! And the colors are all sooooo beautiful.Best of all is it stays on for hours. It stayed on through eating and drinking. The satin finish was soft and the black current seed oil and vitamin E kept my lips moisturized all day. I would definitely recommend this lipstick to anyone and I would definitely buy it again.
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Love Love Love

Love Love Love this product. I am 57 and the older I get, the more I love a great lippy and less eye makeup. I love lipstick and gloss but hate having to reapply all the time. I was so happy with this product. I didn't get all day out of it but it did last from morning till lunch. I then reapplied and it lasted the rest of the day. I was sent three colors to review: 002 Wild Ride - a beautiful nude - mid toned and looked fab 009 Speak Up - a mid toned mauvy brown - just a perfect everyday shade 018 Fired Up - a stunning red, not too bright and perfect for my light skin tone I didn't use anything underneath, like a lip balm, as I didn't want to affect the staying power and I didn't have any issues with them being too drying on the lips. My lips felt soft and hydrated and I just loved not having to reapply all day - who has the time. I usually use Loreal, but just loved this product. I would purchase.
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It lives up to its promise

I am very happy of how it turned out on my lips. I honestly did not expect too much from this product because I thought it was just any other lip gloss. I playfully applied it on while observing myself in the mirror. It looked good on me because I also picked the right color for my skin tone. I fell asleep with it on and the next morning, the color remained intact. Even after breakfast the stain was still very visible on my lips. My friends even think that I finally hit the jackpot! All I need is this product to catch their discriminating attention! I am definitely buying this product again.
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Tested and Loved!

I only received my lipcolors in the post today so am giving a review based on what I think so far. I really liked the packaging of the lipcolors. They look modern and I like the colour window so you can easily identify which colour to choose. I received three lipcolors to trial. The first one I tried was my favourite being the colour 002 Wild Ride. This is a really nice neutral shade which would suit everybody. As I was excited to try I applied the lipcolor Wild Ride before lunchtime. I am amazed it stayed on after lunch and even after I had a coffee. Definitely long wearing which is a plus. I did find the consistency a little on the thicker side but I didn’t mind as the colour pigment was amazing as only one application was required. I did try on the other two shades being 009 Speak Up and 018 Fired Up. These shades aren’t my usual go to but they were really nice on. The price point is good for these too so will definitely recommend to friend and family. Thank you BEAUTYcrew for inviting me to trial the lipcolors from Revlon I am enjoying it so far.
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Long lasting lipcolour

I received three of these lipcolors as part of a trial team: a neutral brown, a vivid red, and a deep pink/plum colour. My favourite was the pinkish colour, 009 Speak Up. The colour is housed in a smart black container with a shaped sponge-tip applicator, making it easy to apply the colour while outlining and shaping the lips. The colour is very pigmented, needing only a light application for full colour coverage and goes on quite smoothly, before drying down to a supple, slightly glossy finish. The colour stayed on for quite a long time, through eating and drinking, although it did leave a slight mark on a glass. The colour did wear away from the centre of the lips after a while, but this was easy to fix with another light coat of the product. Overall, this was a really good product, good colour, feel and staying power, without the drying effect that many long last lip products have. I would repurchase this.
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Smooth application

Loved this product for a few reasons; The application process was seamless and the lipsticks were easy to apply. The lipsticks felt so smooth and creamy and glided on my lips very easily, which is something I didn’t expect. I usually find that creamier lip products like this to come with wands that feel quite textured against my lips. But this one was different and really got all the product I wanted in one go. The wear time was also quite good. I had mine on for hours before I noticed any fade. I also really liked how vibrant the colours were and also the practicality and universality of them. You can wear them as an everyday look and even on a night out. I think I was surprised at how much I liked this lip product!
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Pleasantly surprised!

I received a bright red and mauve shade. Honestly, I thought that they were going to be far too bold for me to pull off. It’s almost as if the colour adjusted to the tone of my lips as they appeared to be very wearable colours. Even the bright red! I had serious doubts being able to pull off that shade but I love them both. I’d call the overall finish demi matte as I’ve always associated a satin finish with a slight shimmer. The finish is really flattering. Standard matte lip colours can often look ageing and suck the life out of your complexion. It certainly complements a more on trend, slightly dewy finish with medium coverage look. It really does stay allll day! The only issue I found was the finish seemed to be quite tacky and non transfer proof. Adding a thin layer of Lanolips added more comfort to the lips. Visually; great colours, finish and longevity. Formulation? Not so great. I’m sure Revlon have the resources available to fine tune this product to ensure it does not leave a sticky finish for future batches produced.
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Long lasting

I received 3 shades to trial. A pink/purple called speak up, a red named fired up and nude shade wild ride. They're all nice shades and I'd wear them all. The packaging is really nice. The tube is mainly black and you're able to see the colour of the lip stain on the sides of the tube which makes it easy to see what shade I'm after when they're all together in my make up bag. The applicator is soft and glides on my lip. It's very pigmented and only requires one application. After applying, my lips didn't feel dry or tight. My lips felt moisturised for hours. I love that it lasted hours without having to re-apply and that it didn’t transfer on my cup. When it came time to wipe it off, it easily came off with a face wipe. Overall these are great lip stains and I'd love to try more shades