Revlon ColorStay™ Liquid Eye Pen

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Revlon ColorStay™ Liquid Eye Pen is a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip that helps achieve any liner look with ease. The ColorStay formula stays in place for up to 16 hours, and the three edges of the felt tip help create a thin, medium, or thick eyeliner look.

Available in three tip styles.


Revlon ColorStay™ Liquid Eye Pen


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I wouldn't recommend this product. I was very mindfull that this was a liquid liner and I was only used to wearing pencil eyeliner but it wasn't as easy to use as I thought.  My liner dried up within the second or third use on one side (strange) despite being quite careful to keep the lid on correctly.  In saying this I definitely feel that the line is better defined and I would still consider using a liquid eyeliner in the future over a pencil, but for the price of the Revlon Colour Stay liquid eyeliner I don't think I was as ecstatic as I have been with other Revlon products.