Revlon ColorStay™ Liquid Liner

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Revlon ColorStay™ Liquid Liner is a liquid eyeliner that allows you to emphasise your eyes with precision. The brush applicator makes it is easy to apply an even line and allows you to build your desired thickness. The formula dries quickly and lasts all day long.

Available in two shades.


Revlon ColorStay™ Liquid Liner


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Great product! Lasts such a long time, and although I was worried the brush would fray over time, it has remained in shape and strong after many months of use. It can sometimes collect and hold a bit too much eyeliner liquid, so a small scrape against the opening of the bottle is advised, but then it goes on smoothly and easily, no smudges and a very elegant line.
I've always been tentative with liquid liner (it can definitely sense your fear) and I've been pro eyeliner pen for years. This product is one of the best liquids I've tried though. The applicator allows for smooth lines and I've had this bottle for so long!
One of the better liquid eye-liners, it does dry faster than others, so I tend to do one eye, let it dry completely then do the other. I have less smudges this way. I've had mine for ages and it hasn't dried up yet. The brush gives a perfect line too.