Revlon ColorStay Not Just Nudes™ Shadow Palette

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Revlon ColorStay Not Just Nudes™ Shadow Palette is an eyeshadow palette with 10 neutral shades in matte and pearl finishes. The 16-hour wear ColorStay formula blends easily for a variety of eye makeup looks. Includes a dual-ended brush for effortless application and blending. 

Available in two shades.


Revlon ColorStay Not Just Nudes™ Shadow Palette


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I’ve been using Revlon products for as long as I can remember so we go back a long way.  I purchased the Revlon ColorStay Not Just Nudes™ Shadow Palette because I was looking for a palette with soft pinks and plums as well as the usual nude shades.    The packaging is pretty basic – just a black case with a clear top so the shades can be easily seen, and with a double ended brush.  I prefer matte shadows but I learned to make the most of the metallic shades in this palette by just using them sparingly to create a bit of pop.    The eye shadow glides onto my lids easily after I apply an eye primer, and I find the shadows to be quite pigmented.  I can build up the colour if I wish to create a more vibrant shade.  The colours also blend well.  I apply my shadows with the double ended brush, and I find the shadow stays in place all day without creasing.    The Revlon ColorStay Not Just Nudes™ Shadow Palette is a reasonably priced palette for what it is, and I think it would suit most people wanting a selection of nude eye shadows with some added shades. 
love a great eye shadow palette with complementing colours and I adore revlon so could not wait to try this palette. I love nudes and this palette is great because it includes my favourites with a few colours i would not normally buy but turned out great with the nude palette. This is great for highlighting and contouring eyes and the colours were amazing. this palette is easy to use because all colours complement each other. The colour lasted and did not settle into creases, it is really high quality and I loved the mix of mattte and shine and I loved the double ended brush for blending and ease of application. a great quality product that is easy to use with great colours, i recommend this product
Another Day another Palette! I have so many palettes its almost embarrassing but the great thing is because they are so easy to store in my make-up tray I had room to squeeze in this lovely.  I have a soft spot for Revlon, we have a history and Its a comfort knowing they are still here plying us with the tried and products they are known for. This palette caught my eye because of how pretty the shades are I was drawn to 02 Romantic Nudes. Silver grey and soft pinks and plums a gorgeous combination that will fit and blend perfectly with my other nude shades.I love that there is also a mix of matt and metallics to shake things up. So this is the perfect palette for your handbag to cover all occasions.  The packaging itself is very basic and no frills but allows you to see all your colours through the clear lid. There is no mirror but a nice 2 ended brush with decent blending and application bristles. There is minimal scent and no fallout so the eyeshades are quite rich and buttery. I like the way the colours are scattered through the palette giving mix and match ideas. The eyeshadows are colourstay and I had no problem with them covering my lids,blending and maintaining their integrity, no disappearing into creases or the hated big fade which makes you look washed out. This was a good buy and at the price a preference for my handbag or travel. It does the job well.