Revlon ColorStay Semi-Permanent Brow Ink™

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Revlon ColorStay Semi-Permanent Brow Ink™ is a quick-dry salon brow-in-a-bottle product for flawless brow looks that last 3 days. Revlon’s exclusive longwear formula and ingeniously designed Smart Pro-Tool applicators provide ultimate control to sculpt, fill in, outline, colour and define brows. Consider it the easy alternative to professional salon services, like microblading, laminated brows or brow tinting. Longwearing Polymer Technology seals in the colour pigments with a lightweight, flexible hold that is waterproof, transfer-proof and smudge- proof with 3-day wear. The concentrated formula applies smoothly, building evenly to shape naturally fuller and thicker brows or to intensify brows for a bolder look. Available in three shades: Blonde, Soft Brown and Dark Brown.

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Revlon ColorStay Semi-Permanent Brow Ink™


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Better brows

I have fine, sparse brows which are high maintenance so I was hoping that by using the brow ink (in Blonde) I would be able to fill in my brows and tint the hairs I already have. I can sort of do that but I still have work to do to achieve a better result. Perhaps I would find it easier if the tip of the application brush was firmer. I first use the in-built spoolie to try to brush up my brows, apply the ink and then brush up my brows again. My disappointment is that the ink isn't semi-permanent for me because as soon as I wash my face with a cleansing balm or oil the brow ink washes off. I'm happy with the way the brow ink applies and I don't mind having to reapply it each day.
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Love it!

I absolutely love this product. I have spare brows due to years of overplucking and this is the easiest most natural way to fill them in without having some kind of cosmetic procedure. I like the applicator how easy it is to use and that there is a spoolie included in the lid. It didn't last as long as I had expected given it is meant to be semi permanent. However i still think it's a great product and it has become something I use regularly. I would recommend this to friends and family. The dark brown colour was a perfect match with my eyebrows without it looking too dark or intense.
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Simple necessity

This is my first brow experience with a product that isn’t a pencil, and I have to say I really enjoyed using it. It was super easy to use, and the colour and product was much more effective than that of pencils that I can’t see myself going back. I thought it was going to be super messy being a liquid, but it was simple to apply and not messy at all. I did manage to get 2-3 days without having to reapply like stated on the packaging which was great. I’m very happy with the product, and have already recommended it to my family and friends who do their eyebrows.
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Ok product - but NOT semi-permanent

I think that the product name is a little ambitious. Revlon ColorStay Semi-Permanent Brow Ink is not semi-permanent at all. I trialled this product for 2 weeks and a daily application was required in order for the product to properly define my brows with full coverage and colour. By no means was I scrubbing my face, it was simply coming off with water and normal facial oil and leaving a patchy effect over a 24 hour period. If this product was marketed as a daily application then yes it would have got 2 more stars from me. The "soft brown" colour was a good match for my brows and skin tone and I thought it was genius that for such a small product it included a spoolie brush in the lid. Although the product is small I still prefer when products include application instructions on the product or packaging rather than forcing me to head to the brand's website. Fortunately I did head to Revlon's website to find out about the hidden spoolie brush. Overall it's an OK product but definitely not semi-permanent and several other products on the market that achieve a better overall result.
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The smaller eyebrow brush I’ve ever seen

I was definitely looking forward to trying this product to replace my need (desire) to get my brows tinted. I don’t know why I expected it to be bigger but that was the first shock. I used it a number of times and didn’t find the application particularly easy.. the brush handle is SO tiny it’s almost impossible to use.. and I have small hands lol I also didn’t find that it would last more than one application after I washed my face at the end of the day.. I’d have to reapply each day. The tint also dries very quickly so you have to act fast to get a desire shade on the brows. I’ve reverted back to using my brow pencil and don’t think I’d recommend this product
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Perfect for Beginners

Its the product I didn't know I needed! I've always relied on the professionals to dye my brows so it was pure joys to try a product that worked so easily at home. The application brush and spool was so easy to use that it feels like you're using a felt tip pen. The products dries quickly and can be removed easily. I really noticed a difference to my brows when I used this ink as the colour was blended and gave my brows a renewed fullness. Best news is it lasts for more than a day and didn't come off when my face was wet so its great for beach or humid days. So if you haven't tried semi-permanent products before, buy this as you will be impressed.
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Semi permanent tint

I received this product in the shade dark brown as part of a trial. I wasn’t sure how to use this product at first and ended up with with dark splotches on my brows. After a few try’s I worked out that applying it with fine brush like strokes then brushing through with the spooly brush applied the right amount of product. It is great for filling in small gaps in brows as the product colours the skin just like a brow tint. Unfortunately I didn’t find it as easy to use on my sparse tails/outer brows as I couldn’t seem to apply the product in the right place and it looked splotchy in these more sparse areas. The product did last all day and didn’t come off on clothing or after working out.
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I liked it!! It filled in my brows well and has kept them looking their best in between brow appointments. Doesn't smudge and comes off easily at the end of the day. I have patchy eyebrows and this brow ink keeps them looking full and non-patchy. Easy to apply, there isn't too much ink on the applicator so there is no worry about overfilling and having product go rogue around the eyebrows. If you are looking for something easy to use and easy to apply, then this is the product to use. The light brown colour matched my eyebrows well so they didn't look drawn on. It isn't a product that blends like other eyebrow products but it does not look like you have drawn on eyebrows.
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Good product!

Very surprised on how this product works. The color is perfectly suited for my skin tone and i love how it stays on the brow. I would definitely try out some other shades just to see which one i like the best. The product is small, compact, makes it easy for us to store. The product is also easy to use and all the instructions came with the product. Although sometimes the product does stick to the brow brush and it clumps to your eyebrows when you apply it, when this happens i would need to use a paper towel to wipe off the excess product on the brush. After that the product is perfect to be used!!! The color stayed in my brows for around 48 hours very impressed considering how affordable this product is. I used makeup remover, and also oil cleansing and this affordable product stayed on my brows, which is very unexpected. Ive been recommending this products to my friends to see if the color will suit them.
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My new everyday brow product!

My new everyday brow product! The colour was perfect to match my blonde hair, it’s a nice neutral Blonde tone, more on the ashy side and doesn’t come off red once it dries which immediately makes it better than many products on the market for me! The applicator allows you to create a precise and detailed brow look with minimal effort, the product applies smoothly and dries quickly. It’s quick and easy to fix any mistakes with a q-tip while the product is still wet. Once dried, this product lasts all day, it does not fade as most brow powders / pencils do, it still looks just as great at the end of the day. The only flaw I have found is that using the one colour for the whole brow can make it a bit too blocky, I would like to get a slightly darker colour for the tail of my brow and fade it to this lighter colour at the centre to add a bit of depth. Otherwise, this product is a 10/10 and I would absolutely recommend!
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Its (pretty) okay

I tried the blonde colour which is a sort of warm taupe shade (certainly not ashy at all), which matched my brows quite well. With the help of a brow spoolie and a lot of smudging it looks quite nice and certainly lasted all day. It didn't give a defined dark look but more of a filled in natural look. If you have coarse brow hairs I wouldn’t recommend this product, but if your brows are thin and sparse like min it’s definitely worth a try! I usually use ABH pomade and i like that for nights out etc but this is good for everyday wear i found due to a more sheer look.
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Needs more thorough application instructions

I used the Revlon Semi Permanent brow ink in shade 355 dark brown. This is the first time I have used a brow product that was not a pencil so I really was not sure what to expect from the product. The tip is very fine and precise which I thought would be really useful for drawing on brow hairs to fill in the brow. But the applicator tip is a bit too flimsy too firmly draw on the brow hairs. But I’m not even sure the product is meant to fill in the eyebrow. Maybe it was designed to dye the hairs that you already have, rather than giving the appearance of more hairs and thicker brows? I think it would be very helpful to include some worded instructions or images, or link to an instructional video on the best way to apply the product. This would need a change to the packaging so it can in be a box with instructions, but the inclusion of a detailed application process would be very useful. I didn’t realise it came with a spoolie until after I had used it a few times. Using the spoolie did help to disperse the product and give brush like strokes to resemble hair. I found the application process and the packaging very confusing. It was not easy to follow at all. The product would probably be more effective if people knew how to use it is the creators intended. It did take some time to apply, and tidy up the mis-painted areas but I think it would be quicker to apply as my technique developed and I became more comfortable and confident using the product. The tint is a bit more transparent than I was expecting but it was a good colour match for my dark brown brows. I still don’t know whether the tint is meant to be wiped off after a certain period of time, or if it just stays on until it fades. This is another example of how some clear application directions would be helpful. Without wiping it off I did get the brows to have a soap brow look about them without the intense colour that can come from a salon tint, which always makes me look like I have catepillars on my face. The ingredient list is what you would expect – there are some petrochemicals and polymers in there. Nothing in the ingredient list jumps out as being nourishing or caring for your brows, but that isn’t the intention of the product. There brow dye isn’t fragranced. It doesn’t smell of anything so certainly not an offensive smell. I will use the bottle up and play around with different application techniques, but at this stage I won’t repurchase. I am more confident and comfortable using a pencil, even if it does mean I have to apply it more frequently. I still have some product left but I find myself reaching for my Hourglass pencil over this Revlon brow dye.
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First time trying it and ended up loving it!

I was nervous to try this product as it was the first time i've tried a semi-permanent brow ink but i ended up loving the results! I love how the effects last for a few days, making getting ready in the morning super easy and quick. I used a light hand when applying small strokes as i wanted a natural effect. I was worried it would be too dark on my face, but the colour was natural and helped blend in the product into my natural eyebrows even easier. However, i felt the product would be even better with a spoolie brush as i continuously brushed out my brows throughout the application of this product in order to get a softer, natural look. Another minor issue i had was that the product would easily catch on my thick eyebrows, making them a tad crunchy. I feel this wouldn't be an issue if you had fine hairs. All in all, this was a great product and i'd definitely buy again.
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New brow product

This product is quite a new experience to me for a brow makeup. The thin and pointy-tip applicator made it easier to apply the brow colour. I did not care about how permanent the colour stays but more curious on how natural it looks given that it is in ink format. The 355 dark brown colour turned out to be quite natural on me so for the colour aspect it was good. Another thing worth mentioning is the precision that can be achieved by the thin pointy-tip applicator. It is my first time using an applicator like this to my brows but it is fun and it works well. I was able to be creative and be precise in making the shape and shade of my preference. I have to say the result does look more natural and multi-dimensional comparing to the traditional brow pencils. The product description says the semi-permanent means the look will last for 3 days. In my experience it lasted more than 3 days which is an added bonus for me and saved my time of putting on brow makeup everyday. Overall I was satisfied with this new brow product. Will use it more in future.
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Natural looking defined brows

I tried the Revlon ColorStay Semi-Permanent Brow Ink in Dark Brown and it was a great colour match for my brown hair. The brow ink is quite light in texture and is applied with a fine tipped brush applicator. My brows are quite thin and sparse so I filled in the gaps and then quickly evened it out using the built in spoolie brush. Working quickly while the ink is still wet I spread it evenly using the spoolie till it looked quite even and natural. Once the ink dried my eyebrow hairs looked tidy and stayed in place even when I washed my face with water. It lasted all day plus some so I couldn’t be happier with such an affordable eyebrow product that gave me a salon look.
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Amazing product

My natural brows have a good thickness and they are brown but lack definition. I chose the shade "Dark Brown" and it is perfect for my natural brow hairs. Despite the ink is dark brown, it looks so natural and gives my brows some definition without looking overdone. The wand it comes in is perfect for getting to individual brow hairs. Application is pretty easy and quick . My brows look polished yet natural in a few seconds. It also fills in sparse areas quite nicely. I do recommend this product as it is a perfect alternative to in-salon brow tint.
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Easy filled in brows

This has one felt tip brush to apply the brow ink and it was mostly easy for me to use. I have black eyebrow hairs, but the dark brown shade was perfect. The applied look is a bit like a watercolour marker. The felt tip is not as fine as an actual hair or the microblade look, but this product is ideal for filling in sparser brows like mine and makes my brows more made-up. It's possible to get heavy handed for really bold brows, but I prefer using a lighter touch to feather out the look. Once applied, it dries within seconds, so any further softening with a brush for example, needs to be done ASAP. I agree that this is waterproof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof. I couldn't test the 3-day claim since my cleanser washed it off. I would recommend this as a good eyebrow product to others. It is pricier than what I currently use (softened out pencil eyeliner), but this has the advantage of much longer wear.
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Where have you been?

My first time using a product like this, I am used to a brow pencil. I absolutely love the full but natural look I can create. At first it took a little practice to get the hang of it as it is easy to make a mistake, although you can correct these before it dries. I suggest having a play with the product so you know what works best for you in application. I have used the dark brown and my eyebrows are black but lack a fullness. I can really shape my brows into a variety of looks depending on what I want. Sometimes I want the full darker look or I want the more natural lighter look but adding shape. So glad I have come across this product, a real game changer for my makeup bag.
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Quick brow touch up, but not for everyobe

I’ve trained in brow tinting so do my own brows but it can be a pain to do sometimes so I was super interested to try this product as a in between option. I like it, but don’t love it. Here are some pros and cons: Pros: Nice packaging. There’s a little spoolie in the top of the lid that makes getting your brows tidy easier It lasted about 2 days on me before I needed to reapply It literally takes less than a minute to do your brows Cons: It leaves a weird texture on your eyebrows - think waterproof mascara The applicatior I couldn’t get to draw a fine enough line to look like a hair for the life of me! All I ended up doing was colouring in my brows and then brushing it through (this did look pretty good though) There are only 3 shades, so the soft brown didn’t actually match my brows very well (when you professionally dye them it’s common to mix a few shades to get the exact colour) Overall I think if your someone who likes a bolder brow but doesn’t wear much makeup, then this is a great option between dyes or for a quick no-makeup look. I think the weird texture wouldn’t work well with makeup or powder around it, so you’d be better with a brow pencil if you’re a daily makeup wearer
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Easy to Use and Mess-free

I have naturally thick brows so this product was great at filling in areas where my brows are a little sparse. My natural brows are a very dark brown/almost black and the shade dark brown matched quite well with them. It's easy to use for a polished natural look. My brows didn't smudge and the colour lasted for 2 days on me before starting to fade. If you have sparse brows, this would be a great brow product for adding a bit of definition and dimension for natural looking fuller brows. So far, this is one of the best drugstore brow products that I've tried