Revlon Dramatic Definition™ Mascara

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Revlon Dramatic Definition™ Mascara is a mascara with a smooth, flexible formula that coats lashes for clump-free separation. The Revlon Lash Separator Brush has tiered bristles for defining and separating each lash.

Available in four shades.


Revlon Dramatic Definition™ Mascara


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I use this mascara as an everyday alternative to my more expensive brands. This mascara has a good pigment and I find it doesn’t smudge and separates my eyelashes nicely. I would continue to use this as an everyday mascara. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a cheap alternative
I am not sure why this is called Dramatic Definition. It is an OK mascara, the brush is average, on the smaller size, which I find a lot easier to control. It covers your lashes in a couple of coats, is a bit clumpy but when you fan out your lashes with a dry mascara brush. One of the cons is that it seemed to takes ages to dry so I had to keep my lashes closed as when I opened them I ended up with dots of mascara top and bottom. Probably would not buy again
loved loved loved this mascara. The pigmentation is really great quality, a lovely glossy black that actually got compliments. It made my lashes look super long and thick, framing my eyes perfectly. It is also such a lovely consistency, it coats lashes well and lengthened and separated my lashes beautifully. The applicator is great quality and so easy to use for great definition and it deposits just the right amount of colour. This remained clump free and the mascara itself lasts all day without smudging. I would highly recommend this mascara to anyone who loves long lashes
I found this mascara rolls on smoothly and is very easy to apply. It separates the lashes and gives each lash bold definition and colour. It's effect are so dramatic that it makes me look and feel like a movie star! I'd highly recommend this product to anyone looking for mascara.