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Revlon Light Cover Foundation is an effortless longwear fluid foundation with buildable coverage that looks flawless and feels fresh for 12 hours. The lightweight liquid perfects just the right amount. It evens out complexions with a range of adaptable shades that disappear into most skin tones, hydrates skin all day, and protects with SPF 30. Free from fragrance, sulfates, parabens, phthalates and mineral oil. Available in eight shades: Medium Beige, Natural Beige, Nude, Buff, True Beige, Honey Beige, Ivory and Natural Tan.

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Revlon Light Cover Foundation


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The perfect day wear light foundation

This Revlon Light Cover Foundation is the most perfect day wear light Foundation. It contains SPF 30 which is fantastic to protect the skin and it provides just the right amount of coverage for day time wear. I find that a little bit goes a long way and I like to apply this with a brush. I like to set this with some translucent power to mattify the foundation as I am currently liking a matte finish. During the day it keeps my skin hydrated and doesn't make my face go all oily either. The foundation is definitely buildable so you can wear this for a night out too. I find that this foundation just gives me good looking natural healthy skin.

Lightweight and comfortable

I was eager to try this foundation from Revlon because I prefer a light coverage in a foundation. I've been wearing this foundation now for about three weeks. I've been using the shade Ivory which I find is a little too pink although I can get away with it. My normal routine before applying a foundation is to apply serum, moisturiser and a primer but I've had to do a few adjustments to get this foundation to apply correctly. The foundation is a liquid so when I first applied it I didn't expect it to be so drying on my skin. The foundation looked cakey with white dots - not a good look. I now get a much better application by adding some moisturiser to the foundation which takes away the dryness. I then end with a finishing spray. I like that the foundation is lightweight, buildable if needed, feels very comfortable, and I can apply it with my fingers.

Long lasting light coverage

This is a great lightweight foundation that is build able if you need heavier coverage. This is easy to use and blend, it’s a nice thin consistency and I didn’t need to use a lot as I like a lighter coverage, so at under $30.00 it’s great value for money. If you don’t use much it won’t look caked, I recommend a good primer underneath. This foundation lasts really well without going oily and suited my olive skin. I love the addition of an spf to protect skin and it contains no nasties so is perfect for sensitive skin. Love this product and would highly recommend it
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Not for me

I was so excited to try this product because I love light foundations plus this one has SPF 30 which I thought was perfect to avoid using sunscreen.. but nope this foundation didn't work for me. It was hard to apply on my skin, looked very cakey and my pores looked clogged. I tried blending it with different products and changing my routine but nope didn't work either. It doesn't feel well or light on the skin. In addition, I tried the tone 200 nude and I found it very clear for me. Overall disappointing!
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Light and okay

The colour matching was really good and matched my skin tone nicely. Definitely is a light coverage foundation and feels as if you aren't wearing any product which is nice. I found that if I layered the foundation to get a heavier coverage the consistency on my skin was very cakey. Use of a primer under the foundation is highly recommended as it gives a smoother consistency on the skin. I wouldn't say that it lasts 12hrs as felt like it did soak into my skin in the dry areas. Overall an average foundation, wouldn't replace my usual foundation with this one.
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Very impressed

I'm happy with this product! This foundation has a light coverage. It is easy to spread with your hands and with a brush. I’ve chosen a colour that was a little lighter than my skin and even then it looked super good. It is a foundation that I can use day by day with a fair coverage that lasts all day in my skin, a good colour that is also a sunscreen and that leaves me with beautiful and natural skin. I am always a super fan of Revlon products and this one does not disappoint. Definitely, I recommend this product!
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Good coverage, excellent sun protection

As someone who regularly uses light, matte finish products, I am usually hesitant with liquid foundations. This Revlon Light Cover foundation applied easily and smoothly, blending perfectly. Upon first application it had a dewy finish and slightly heavier feeling than my usual matte foundations, however applying a soft matte powder on top helped give the finish I wanted, and also made the make-up feel less heavy once it was properly dried. The foundation last all day and gave excellent sun protection during my lunch time walks, as well as when sitting directly in the sun for nearly an hour! I found the easiest application was with my fingers, as it blended very quickly. I would definitely recommend this product to people looking for good SPF protection in an underlayer foundation.
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Light but effective - perfect for everyday

Revlon has sometimes been a hit or miss brand for me but overall I was very happy with this foundation. I quite like a light coverage and this was exactly what I look for in something lighter. If you prefer a more natural look then this is probably the foundation for you. It is perfect for everyday wear like at work, or a casual dinner date. If you want to go for a more glam look I would maybe look at something else as I wouldn’t say this foundation is buildable. As far as putting other products over the top, they did go on quite easily but it needed a little bit of time to ‘set’. I am sometimes acne prone but didn’t see any breakouts using this product. I wouldn’t say the product is SUPER long lasting, but enough for a whole day at the office while still looking fresh at the end of the day. My only gripe with this foundation would be the consistency. It was quite runny which can make it harder to apply than something just a little bit thicker. Other than that it is a great product and I do see myself purchasing this again in the future.
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Good 'drugstore' option!

I was lucky enough to sample this foundation and I am so glad I got to trial it! First off, I was super impressed with the colour match, the general consistency and SPF factor (which is important to me with foundations!) I will say, you really need to make sure you blend this one correct, it can look a little cakey/mismatched if not done so correctly but otherwise it provides really great coverage and an easy one to wear on the daily. I am usually pretty loyal to my usual foundation, but it's good to test foundations that are a budget price point and readily available at your chemist. I would say if you're on the hunt, definitely try this - but ensure your skin is well-primed before hand. Overall, pretty happy!
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Good natural looking coverage

The Revlon Colourstay Light Cover Foundation was true to its name, providing light coverage that lasted throughout the day. The consistency is quite thin and when applied with a makeup sponge it required several layers to cover blemishes. I found the finish was a little too matte for my liking when applied over the top of a primer and moisturiser (dry sensitive skin so I like a bit more of a dewy finish). I was really satisfied with the colour of the product. It was the right shade for my skin, providing a finished but natural-looking coverage. The packaging is lightweight and simple and could be transported easily in a makeup bag with no worries of breaking a glass bottle. Overall I was really satisfied with the Revlon Colourstay Light Cover Foundation.
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Light Coverage Done Simply

Working from home over the last year, I significantly decreased my use of foundations and make up in generally - I opt for a BB cream if I have to be on a zoom meeting! With that said, the adjustment to this foundation was a bit of a transition. I found the foundation to be slightly tacky feeling, and a little thick to apply - similar to sunscreen which is understandable due to the SPF factor. Colour match was decent, slight oxidation I noticed but not enough to see the dreaded orange line. All in all, decent light coverage, certainly does what it sets out to do but it may not be a go to for me!
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a light coverage foundation

I was lucky enough to be able to test this as part of the trial. I ended up choosing the right colour for me for the summer however it would have been too dark for my paler winter skin. I was super glad that this comes with SPF as I'm trying to convert all my daily skincare to SPF. It also had a very light coverage, great for light daily wear but i wouldn't be using it if i wanted a medium to darker coverage. The thing i loved the most was the cute, compact and cute packaging. It would be great for on the go/travel purposes. It was a bit too liquidly for my liking which meant sometimes i ended up getting too much out of the bottle. Also i did notice that the product had a smell, it was not particularly unpleasant but was noticeable. I guess you get used to it after a while but just something to be aware of
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Perfect match to skin tone

I was really excited to try this product with broad spectrum SPF as that is a big concern for me with my sunburn-prone skin. I love the squeezy bottle that makes it easy to get the product out. The smell is a bit sunscreen-y but not overpowering. On first application I was impressed by how well it matched my skin tone and also covered my blemishes. However it is not easy to blend in quickly due to the thick consistency and tendency to cake on if not applied carefully. I had greater success when I used a sponge rather than my fingers! It requires a good moisturised, primed base. I believe it is not well suited to people with tendency to dry skin because it sticks to the dry spots and doesn't blend in well there, such as around the nose and forehead. Overall it is long lasting and provides good coverage, and when carefully applied it made my skin look really nice.
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Light Cover Foundation

The consistency of the foundation is light and blendable. It is best applied with fingers or a brush. The finish feels tacky on the skin, which is probably due to the high SPF, but still looks semi dewy. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and has a very natural finish great for everyday wear. It is buildable to a medium coverage but concealer is still required for redness and under eye circles. I have oily skin in the T zone so the product didn’t stay around my nose and chin. It also didn’t last well after a light to moderate gym session. This foundation is better for people with dry to normal skin and minimal blemishes.
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Light weight on the skin!

This foundation is almost like a skin tint - your skin but better! It evens out the colour and looks natural and flawless. It’s super light weight on the face and you forget you’re wearing it! I felt it photographed really nicely as well! I do wish it was a glass bottle, I’m personally not a big fan of the plastic packaging, I felt it cheapened it a little and didn’t give it a “luxury” feel, however the packaging would be ideal for someone who travels with makeup. Product was still pretty spot on! I would consider repurchasing this.
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Light Natural Look

This had a very very light coverage but it can be built up for more coverage. It’s a very watery consistency but covered my face well. It feels lightweight on the skin and had a light fragrance which completely disappeared after a few minutes. I applied a decent amount over my face and neck with a sponge and another time I used my fingers and both worked ok. It lasted ok throughout the day but probably wouldn’t be enough for me at nighttime. I still needed to use a concealer on certain blemish on my face as it didn’t cover them alone. I would recommend this product for people wanting a light nature look.
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Good for everyday use!

The Revlon Light Cover Foundation is a fairly good product but if you are after light cover, I would still personally choose a BB Cream! I found it great as an everyday foundation to even out my skin tone without giving me the coverage that requires a face full of beauty products to follow! It allowed me to simply pop on mascara and lip balm before running out the door for school drop off. It has a very light consistency but applied heavier than expected. It applies very easily using a brush. It felt dewy on my skin which I like but it did give me the feeling of wearing sunscreen for a little while! Bonus was it lasted all day which I was not expecting for a light coverage product. The little squeeze bottle makes application easy & you know you will be able to get every last drop from the bottle minimising wastage! I have rated the Revlon Light Cover Foundation 3 stars.
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Not for dry skin

The bottle is a cute little size, I actually really like the packaging. I like the consistency of the foundation when it comes out of the bottle, however it dries very fast when being applied to the face. It is a little bit drying and can be tough to blend if left for too long. I would say it’s more medium coverage than light, but is definitely buildable. As someone who’s skin leans towards dry, I can’t see myself buying this again, but I imagine for oily skin it would work wonderfully. I will continue to use it until it runs out, but I most likely won’t be buying again.
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Recommended for normal skin type only.

I was super excited to try this foundation as I love a light cover foundation particularly as it contains SPF 30. It's a lightweight foundation, runny consistency with light coverage and it was perfect to even out skin my tone and look fresh. My skin type is normal to dry & although described as moisturizing and increasing skin's moisture, once applied it became very patchy and grabbed to the little bit dryness that I have. I would definitely recommend this Colourstay light cover foundation to individuals with a normal skin type.
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Not great for dry skin

I was hoping to like this foundation due to its price point and the fact that it has an spf of 30+ this would save me having to buy two products. So if you're after a lightweight foundation then this is probably the right product for you. It layers on nicely so you can put more on if needed. I wasn't a fan as I had a few patches of dry skin and this product stuck to it and made it more obvious. The colour match was pretty spot on for a drug store product and it was very easy to apply. I would love it if they worked on the packaging as I don't find it environmentally friendly. Since Covid I have been wanting a foundation that has more natural ingredients so I don't think I will be using this one again.