Revlon PhotoReady Candid Glow™ Foundation

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Revlon PhotoReady Candid Glow™ Foundation is a lightweight, light coverage foundation with a dewy finish. The foundation contains a blend of potent antioxidants that work to protect skin against premature ageing and skin damage caused by pollutants and blue light.

Available in nine shades.

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Revlon PhotoReady Candid Glow™ Foundation


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Nice Dewy Foundation

Revlon PhotoReady Candid Glow is a light-weight cream foundation that glides on my skin like a moisturiser and blends evenly to give me a natural, dewy glow. It provides a light to medium coverage but builds nicely for a fuller coverage when I needed it. I found I only needed a little over a pea size amount to cover my face so it lasts a long time. It layered well with my other skincare products and I didn't experience any piling. I found applying a setting powder over the top helped to extend its longevity & provided more of a matte finish to eliminate shine build up thorough out the day. It come in a pump tube that makes for easy, mess free dispensing.

A good medium coverage foundation

First impression - the package is bit smaller - about 30% smaller than usual foundation packs but looking at the creamy consistency that spreads easily like a face cream, it will probably last a long time. I love that it's a soft tube that can easily stay in your carry along make-up kit and the pump dispenser makes it even more user friendly. The product doesn't have any particular fragrance which is another plus point in my book. Using it - I have been playing around with this for a few days now and having tried all three methods of application - sponge, brush and fingers - brush definitely works better than the other two. Although, with all three one problem remains consistence - doesn't stick well on dry patches like nose & upper lips - ends up looking rather flaky. (yes, I had applied a nourishing face cream before getting started with foundation) If you're in a rush and have to apply with fingers, it will do but might not get a good finish. For those who like lighter coverage, go with the sponge though. I honestly, go with a forth option - mix it with face oil or face cream and apply with brush - because I like very very light and dewy looking coverage. On it's own, this foundation provides a matte satin finish without any setting powder. Really, just give it a minute to dry up and no setting powder required. I wouldn't recommend going for a high coverage because not only this tiny tube will run out very quickly, it will also starts creasing in some places after few hours. Best worn as light or medium coverage, this foundation really can last whole day. It is also great at shine control and reflecting light - which I guess is what they mean by photo-ready. Although, I wouldn't be taking close up portraits with this (yup, I'm a photographer) as it weirdly highlights all the little bumps that you'd like to hide. But, having said that, it does work great with selfies on phone. Even though my selected tone - natural beige - turned out to be lighter and cooler than I expected, I wasn't disappointed at how it looked after application - this creamy fluid blends really well. Which makes me wonder why they have 16 shades. I personally find it bit too much and rather confusing. But if I had to buy it again, I'd probably go for Sun beige or macadamia or may be honey beige (you see what I mean. My skin tone is medium wheatish Indian) Overall, probably not my kind but still decent product for those like to wear light make-up everyday that would last long.

Natural glow

I have this in Natural Ochre and love how well it suits my yellow undertones. The colour match is perfect and I love the very natural and dewy finish. It is a lightweight foundation that is perfect for days when a light makeup application is what you're looking for. I don't find it is very buildable and will wear this with primer underneath and concealer if I need more robust coverage. It helps to even out skintone but I think it is better for suited for more casual days and not as a going out foundation.

It's a no from me.

Didn't like this either. I wanted to try a glowy foundation, but the coverage on this is light so it felt like I had nothing on my face either. Still searching for that perfect glowy foundation.
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achieve a fresh and healthy glow with minimal fuss

Revlon PhotoReady Candid Glow Foundation has made me love my skin again. I am pleased with how easy application is, with my bathroom undergoing renovations there was a morning that I could not access my brushes and applicators, in a rush, after applying Revlons PhotoReady Prime Plus Primer I pumped the candid glow foundation directly onto my fingers and rubbed it in recklessly like I was applying a general moisturizer, with no time for fussing I dabbed a little of Revlons face glow illuminator to my cheek bones etc, whipped on some mascara and was out the door. I generally have to use 2 foundations mixed together to achieve my perfect skin tone, I choose a full coverage foundation even though I hate the thick, cakey way it feels. Using this foundation in a 270 medium beige only, the amount of people who noticed and complimented me on my healthy, natural skin that day was amazing. On inspection, I noticed how healthy my skin actually did look, and feel, it had given me just enough coverage to mask my blemishes, yet was light enough to look like I wasn't wearing foundation at all. Even 8 hours after application my skin still felt and looked great. I have now made this my daily wear foundation, even better is that I only need to use one shade. I recommend this to anyone who wants a lighter feeling everyday foundation that doesn't leave you feeling like you need to pressure wash your face at the end of the day like most foundations do. If you desire a healthy non cakey look without using 50+ products to achieve it, then this is the one for you.
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Light coverage healthy glow

This foundation gives the skin a healthy glow, A thicker consistency but blends easily into the skin with a brush or beauty sponge, not enough coverage for me but if your looking for a light coverage to even out your skin tone on a light makeup day it might be for you. Not as long lasting as I’d hoped (combination/dry skin type)
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Smooth and gloomy, slips and slides

As a reviewer I wasn't expecting to like this foundation as much as I did: I sometimes find very silicone-y foundations break up and cake up during the day, and reading the ingredients list there are something like 6 silicones and capric triglyceride right up top, so I was expecting this to slip and settle around on my face during the day a bit. This foundation applied quite nicely. At times the consistency made it difficult to layer over some of my sunscreens, definitely easier over lightweight or serum formulations. Application-wise, this spreads smoothly and gives light coverage which could be buildable to medium with a little effort and a sponge. It settles nicely into the skin and I found pressing it in gave a lovely smooth glowy finish. I was surprised by how evenly this wore throughout the evening, it still looked fresh and glowy after dinner and drinks with friends, around 6-7 hours inside/outside. It didn't break down around my nose or smile lines, or cake in the pores on my cheeks and nose, so that was nice. A full day of wear at work under airconditioning was a different story as I found it creased and settled into lines under my eyes and around my eyelids by lunchtime. It also broke down my mascara giving me black circles under my eyes. However, I didn't apply it in these areas, so it had migrated from nearby areas of my face to settle. This played nicely with both liquid and powder cheek colours especially my liquid bronzer. I loved the glowy finish and would consider buying again. It does take a little bit of prep to ensure the right sunscreen/primers underneath to keep this from sliding and settling too much, and the shade range is limited, so this gets 3 stars.
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Not bad

I received this foundation as part of a trial and while it’s not full coverage, I did find I enjoyed using it on a ‘barely there’ day. The pump on the bottle is so easy to use but I found the colour a bit off and once I mixed it with another of my foundations, colour was perfect. It goes on easy (I used both blender and brush) and wears well for around 6 hours. After that I found I was needing to powder or blot my face. Not a bad foundation, just not my favourite. Would reach for it again on a no makeup day or every day wear, just not for a special occasion or when you need full coverage
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Dewy glow with good coverage

This foundation had nice coverage and applied evenly. I really liked the dewy finish of it and it worked well with my other make-up products. The container is super cute and loved the pump-action tube.
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A good foundation which ticks the boxes

This foundation came in a a good sized tube with attractive packaging. I found when I used it, it was thicker and heavier to apply than my normal foundation. Having said that, it still spread quite well over my face. I usually use my fingers to apply my foundation rather than a sponge or brush. I was worried that it would be hard to spread the foundation evenly, but with a bit of pressure and a few more strokes, it spread quite well. Once it was on my face I was surprised at how it wasn’t too thick or cakey, even though I thought it would be. It covered my blemishes and uneven skin tone quite well. I would describe it as a light to medium coverage. During the day, the foundation lasted well and continued to provide coverage for my face. It wasn’t oily nor did it become patchy. Overall, I was quite surprised by this product and would recommend it!!
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Add Glow To Your Life

The Revlon photoready candid glow foundation is a great light weight foundation. It blended well and added some shine to my face which is great because its normally really dry. You could still see some skin blemishes under it, so not great if you were expecting something with full coverage. Overall I liked that it wasnt drying and really did add a natural glow.
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Ideal for natural makeup lovers!!

When hearing about the product and it’s few colour options I was truly skeptical that the foundation would work for me. I trialled the foundation in Nude and was incredibly surprised how easy it was to blend with a brush and my fingers. The foundation set beautifully giving a subtle glow to the skin without the shiny finish. The foundation didn’t oxidise nor have a strong smell to it. I’d say the coverage was similar to Nars sheer glow with just one pump it is enough to give you a basic cover up! Very impressed with Revlon!
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Converted me

I was really impressed by this! It's a fairly light coverage, but buildable without being cakey, and still covered dark circles etc pretty well. The finish is gorgeous. I usually prefer a matte finish but the satin texture of this nearly had me converted! It's a handy package - glass bottles are a pain if you travel a lot so this pump action is great. I wasn't a massive fan of the smell. It isn't bad - kind of an oatmeal smell but not strong. This could mean there are less perfumes in it so maybe its a hidden benefit!! (No idea if this is the case, though...)
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Lighter coverage with excellent smoothing effect

This is a perfect foundation for days you don't want a heavy coverage. Even without a heavy finish it seems to smooth out uneven skin and imperfections quite nicely, so it gives a really 'natural' appearance. I particularly like that it doesn't have a drying effect on my skin yet the dewy finish doesn't look oily at all. I would recommend using a primer to give a more even finish and improve the wear throughout the day, because it's not super long lasting. Definitely great for everyday use!
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light coverage foundation for everyday use.

Revlon Photoready Candid Glow in colour #200 Nude comes in a 22ml tube with a pump action dispenser so it can be easily stored in your handbag for touch-ups. The gold metallic packaging reflects the dewy appearance of the foundation, with a clear window in the tube, the colour of the foundation can be determined along with how much product is remaining. The foundation in colour #200 Nude matched well with my skin tone, it blended easily to give a seamless natural appearance. Although the liquid foundation is thick, with a similar texture to moisturiser, it has light coverage, evening my skin tone and texture while providing a natural dewy glow to my skin. It is hydrating and did not dry out my skin, or block my pores. It suits my style as I prefer a natural everyday look, the foundation was easy to build upon without caking on my skin. Recommended to those who want a value for money easy to apply light coverage foundation for everyday use.
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Great foundation

This foundation is a must have! I normally wear the IT cosmetics cc cream which has added spf and this foundation was very similar minus the spf. The coverage is light to medium and is buildable. I struggle with dry skin and this is extremely hydrating and does not dry or crack on my skin. The packaging is good, it’s very compact and I always love a pump.
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I wasn't overly amazed by this product, but to some extent I do like it. If you're looking a barely-there foundation, this might work for you. Sometimes i just want a fresh glow instead of a full coverage foundation, but for me, this felt wet on the skin all day. So I used a setting powder to stop it sliding, which is sort of contrary to the idea of having a luminous glow. There is a super limited shade range which is disappointing. I would say this is a step up from a tinted BB cream and great for days when you want a fresh look. Note, the consistency is fairly thick and tacky. I'd probably use this more in cooler months.
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Light, glowy and wonderful.

Wow what a foundation, im actually really surprised i liked this so much. I am normally into full coverage, matte foundations however i have worn very little makeup in the last year or so. I actually really enjoyed the light weight look of this, it looked like my own skin. Nice and glowy without making my skin look slick and oily. i feel like this didnt stay on my skin to well and only lasted a few hours. not an all day foundation for me. The shade however was perfect for me although i wish revlon would be a little more inclusive and have a larger shade range.

Lightweight and decent coverage

Thank you to BC and Revlon for the opportunity to trial Revlon Photo Ready Candid Glow Foundation! I am so surprised at the excellent quality of this Revlon Foundation. I always prefer a sheer to medium coverage and a dewy instead of a matte look. The foundation is perfect for me. It has a buildable (sheer to medium) coverage, easy to apply and blend, wears comfortably throughout the day without creasing. Skin looks flawless for the whole day. No oily T-zone and no dry cheeks. The packaging (an inverted tube with a pump) is my favourite packaging for skincare products. It is hygienic, easy to control and stands in the cupboard. The only "disadvantage" is that the shades are very limited - unfortunately I am in between shades so I had to choose the lighter one, knowing that it will be too light (the darker shade is just way too dark). I cannot continue using it after the trial period as the shade is not right, which is a shame, but would absolutely love to use it if it was the correct shade.
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'No-fuss' foundation for a healthy glow

I really enjoyed trying this product. As someone who is very conscious not to wear 'heavy' makeup, I was so pleased that this light formula blended naturally into my skin. I applied a pea-sized (if not less) amount to my face and neck and found that it brightened and evened out my skin while still allowing my freckles to shine through. I applied both with my hands and with a brush and was satisfied with both application methods. As mentioned in other comments, this isn't the longest lasting formula. However, for special occasions it works a treat! I'd recommend this product to those who like a natural looking foundation and who enjoy 'no-fuss' makeup. I would also like to reiterate that a little goes a long way with this product making it a good choice for people on a budget or who like a lower price point without sacrificing a quality finish. This foundation is also moderately buildable for those who enjoy a medium coverage.