Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Face Gloss

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Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Face Gloss is the ultimate multitasker that primes, hydrates and luminises for an instant, healthy glow for up to 24 hours.


Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Face Gloss


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I tried this gloss as a primer under my foundation. It does seem quite shimmery when you initially squirt it out of the tube but it thankfully does dissipate once you apply it to the skin and it starts to dry out. It does dry quite fast so you do need to work quickly, but this means it’s easy to apply your make up over the top. The gloss left me with a healthy looking glow without looking pink or glittery, and lasted all day without making my skin oily. If you like a matte finish, this might not be the product for you as it is quite dewy.
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Touch of shimmer

If you are wanting a product that gives you a light shimmery glow then this product is for you. I have applied the rose glow a few ways to really see how it holds up. Great as an overall primer, the shimmer is really soft so it will not over power the look. I applied a tinted moisturiser over the top for a low key day look. Its great for a highlighter on the cheeks, it is a little tricky to build up the application and I suggest you wait until the first application dries before applying another layer. Everyone would find use for this product in their makeup or skincare bag, its very versatile to your personality. Have fun with it.
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A nice cream blush

This rose glow face gloss was nice to use, and gave my olive skin a lovely shimmer. When I applied it to a bare face, it would provide a nice subtle shimmer across my cheeks. I found it was difficult to build to a stronger colour unless I had a full base of foundation under it though, which meant that for light wear, it was really like a subtle shimmer, and didn't add the healthy pink glow I was hoping for. I think this could be due to my slightly tan skin tone. The pink is probably a better match to a much lighter complexion than mine.
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Great for a dewy, glowy finish

When I first applied this Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Face Gloss, it made my skin feel quite hydrated and also provides a lovely rosy glow to the skin. I do have oily skin though and felt this can potentially leave my skin looking and feeling slightly greasy/oily. It has a slight sticky residual feeling after application but if you have dry/normal skin this should go away as it gets absorbed into the skin. I would recommend this for anyone who has dry or 'normal' skin who wants a sheer, glowy complexion or as a make up primer to smooth out the skin. If you like a matte finish then this is not for you as it's quite dewy!
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New Primer!

I wasn't sure about this glow primer because I have combination/oily skin but WOW what a surprise. It smoothed out the pores and added a nice glow without making my skin oily later that day. The formula was soft and had a tint of pink on it. I liked it because it looked cute on my cheeks and after I applied my make-up it had a cute glow. I will most definitely use this as part of my makeup routine. Foundation glides really smoothly and it doesn't peel or separate in a weird way. My skin was still dewy even with foundation. I do think that it has a refreshing feel due to the 80% water. It has a slight floral scent but isn’t too strong. Overall I would recommend this product.
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A nice healthy glow

I've been testing out this product for about a month now and I can't say it's my absolute favourite but I did enjoy trying it. It left my bare skin quite glowy in a nice healthy way and worked well underneath make-up without affecting the wear too much. I can't comment on the 24hr capabilities but I didn't feel like it make my makeup slide around too much. I would still recommend using a moisturizer as part of your makeup prep alongside this product for a nice even application. It didn't break out my acne prone skin which was a massive plus!

Better suited for body shimmer

I received the Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Face Gloss as part of the VIP Beautycrew Kit. The face gloss is packaged in an upside down pearlescent pink tube with a thin nozzle for precise dispensation. The face gloss itself is a creamy consistency and is a similar shade to the pink packaging. The gloss was easily absorbed into the skin and didn't leave an overly obvious pink colour to the skin. There is a lot of pink glitter particles which is quite obvious in the sun so I thought it was too glittery for the face. I think it would be fabulous to add a bit of shimmer to the arms and legs though for summer parties and festivals (when they come back!).
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Multi purpose primer that gives a healthy glow

This was a great all in one primer. It primes, hydrates and luminises all in one. It made my cheeks feel slightly rosey and coloured, and upon applying I felt like I had an instant healthy glow which lasted all day. Sometimes I would use this under makeup and it was a great primer. Other days, when I just couldn’t be bothered to wear makeup, I would just apply this after my moisturiser and it would give me a nice healthy glow and give me the confidence to leave the house with no or minimal makeup. Loved this primer and I would recommend this to anyone.
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Illuminating and hydrating

This Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Face Gloss gives a nice rosy glow to your skin. It feels very hydrating going on the skin. It does have a slight tacky feel, but it also leaves a nice dewy glow without making my skin oily by the end of the day. I noticed that it did smooth out my pores. The scent is so light it is barely detectable but it still has a soft rosy smell. I seriously just love how it left my face illuminated and hydrated. I don’t wear makeup, but I think it would make a great primer for your makeup and help with the dewy look. I definitely recommend this Face Gloss if you do like a nice dewy look.
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A good liquid highlighter

The Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Face Gloss comes in a 30ml squeeze tube with a screw cap lid and smells superb. I didn't think it would have a scent but I do like that it does. And once applied you can't smell it any longer. It's just when it's wet. Squeezing the product out of the tube I noticed that it's quite pink and shimmery. It dries quite fast so you need to work fast to apply it as it dries within seconds and doesn't leave any residue which I was surprised about as I wasn't sure what the product would be like because it's called a gloss. It doesn't have a gloss consistency though. It's more of a liquid highlighter but we'll get to that a bit later. Looking at my skin after applying the product to my entire face my skin didn't really look luminous. But if I look at my skin really close up in the mirror I could see that it had shimmer all over it. Thankfully the shimmer is very fine as I'm not really a fan of shimmery makeup finishes. Especially on my skin. I don't mind it on my eyes though. I then applied my foundation and I couldn't see the shimmer any longer so applying this before foundation for me was pointless. It doesn't really do the job of a primer either and didn't blurr my pores or smooth my skins texture. I'm not sure if it's suppose to do that though as there isn't much written on the tube about what it does but when I looked the product up online it does say you can use it as a primer. So what I have found works for me and what I like to use this product for is applying it over my foundation like a liquid highlighter to my cheekbones, cupids bow and above my eyebrow arch. It doesn't leave a pink cast. It just adds a nice glowy sheen to those areas. And to apply it I like to dab it on with the tip of my ring finger. It is buildable so I like to do 2 layers and it doesn't feel off either and lasts until you wash it off. I think it would also look amazing over a tan on the shoulders and collarbones to add a bit of a radiant glow to those areas. Overall I do like the product and will continue to use it as a liquid highlighter.