Revlon So Fierce™ Big Bad Lash Mascara

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Revlon So Fierce™ Big Bad Lash Mascara is a mascara that takes lashes from mild to shockingly big, full and dark for bigger, badder lashes. The creamy formula glides on smoothly and leaves lashes feeling soft and flexible for around-the-clock drama without clumping, smudging or flaking. Lashes appear longer, volumised, and lifted with curl from root to tip with a rich, glossy finish that wears for up to 24 hours. Innovative lash tint technology with natural dye pigments gradually tints lashes darker over time so even bare lashes look more defined and intensified in as little as seven days. The double-sided brush also grabs lashes from every angle.

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Revlon So Fierce™ Big Bad Lash Mascara


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Volume plus tinting

I love mascara so I was excited to try the Revlon So Fierce™ Big Bad Lash Mascara in Blackest Black. The vivid red packaging is a standout and can easily be spotted in my makeup drawer. I’m not a big fan of the large wand but I’ve managed to take control and perfect the application of the mascara. I have reasonably long lashes but they are really fair so I wear mascara every day just so I can see them. The creamy formula applies evenly and makes my lashes look even longer and thicker, especially in regards to my bottom lashes. I haven’t experienced any smudging or flaking and I’ve only had minimal clumping but that might have been my application technique getting used to the brush. My lashes look good from the time I apply the mascara to 12 hours later when I remove it. I just use micellar water on a cotton pad to cleanly wipe away the mascara. The biggest plus for me after using this mascara for a couple of weeks was that it actually tinted my lashes making them so much easier to see when trying to apply mascara. I’ll definitely be purchasing Revlon So Fierce™ Big Bad Lash Mascara in the future.
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Love it!

Love this! My lashes usually need alot of work to get plumper, longer and more noticeable, so I was really impressed with what little effort it took this mascara to make my lashes look long and amazing! I also love the style of wand that is used to apply the mascara. It's a nice, even, lush coverage. The product glides on so smoothly. The mascara didn't run down my face after a workout or at swimming lessons with my son, so that was a huge plus. Those panda eyes get me on the regular! I'm really impressed.
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Good mascara for a good price

I have very fair short eye lashes so I always look forward to trying new mascaras in a hope to make them look longer and lusher. The packaging is nothing special but bright and kind of bold and stands out because of the colour. The wand is a bit big for my small eyes but application was easy and didn’t clump my eye lashes. I wouldn’t say that this mascara dramatically changed my lashes but for a drug store product it gives you a pretty good result. It didn’t smudge throughout the day and was easy to remove at the end of the day. As my eyes are very sensitive it is great that Revlon So Fierce™ Big Bad Lash Mascara Didn’t cause any irritation and actually felt good on my lashes. I probably wouldn’t buy it due to the shape of the wand as it is not best suitable for my eye lash length and eye shape but would definitely recommend it.
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There's nothing "bad" about it

I have fairly fine and light eyelashes - unlike my sister, who looks like she uses a mink's body as an eye mask every day - so I'm always interested when beauty brands claim to deliver big, fat lashes. The pros: This was easy to use, didn't clump my lashes together and separated my lashes nicely. The cons: there was nothing big, nor bad, about this mascara. It's a good mascara, but I really couldn't tell the difference between this and any other one. Revlon is a good brand - not the trendiest going round today - but they aregood quality and are reasonably priced, so I would buy this again based on that. But if truly wanted 'big, bad lashes,' I'd probably ask my local drag queen for her tips.
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Out, out, Mascara

This mascara is great if you’re after a full lash look which for me is usually what I go for on a night out. I probably would recommend it for the day time if you’re after a more natural look. The application is great, however I did find I got panda eye after a few hours of wear due to the broken off dried mascara. Overall I think it’s great value for money, and a good night out companion! (I did not buy this product, I was seeded it as part of a beauty crew review program) Thanks Beauty Crew!!
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Everyday Lashes

Great every day mascara! Love the packaging of this product, great colour and name. I defiantly found the mascara to be creamy and easy to apply. My lashes have an even application of product due to the wand it comes with. I couldn't get the full look after one coat and had to apply a few. This product gives me the dark intensity I love with my lashes and I don't get clumping at all. I find this product is great for every day use and you can add extra applications to build fullness for the evening.
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Revlon So Fierce Mascara

Reviewing this product I found that the mascara was easy to apply with only a little needed for desired effect without clumping. It went on smoothly with the wand being easy to control. The product felt very lightweight when applied which was perfect for everyday use while a work, it also lasted all day with minimal smudging. At the end of the day the mascara was easy to remove, in terms of lash tinting I am yet to notice my lashes becoming tinged once the mascara is removed. I’d recommend this mascara as a great everyday mascara, however I prefer I thicker .
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So Fierce!

Revlon So Fierce- Big Bad Lash Mascara.... It's definitely in name. The name says it all!! Yes, This mascara is definitely Fierce and gave me bold looking lashes. I am very satisfied to have tried and used this mascara. It gave me very thick and long looking lashes after 3 applications. I have short lashes so I was very impressed with how my eyes looked dramatic. Easy to apply, brush is perfect size and brush gentle sweeps on and makes a difference from the first application I did it 3xs and the results were amazing. Very easy to use and and the wand is like holding a pen. Love the tube as it's bright red, so easy to find in my draw of many mascaras. Overall I'm very Happy that I didn't have to use two different mascaras to achieve length and volume and curl. Mascara beyond the limits Wow!! Unbelievable but this is a must try. If you want volume lashes that's exactly what you'll get. This Revlon So Fierce Mascara is the all in one and I got the result of Big Bad Lashes. I'm one to always try new mascaras and this one you need to try it to believe it. Im very impressed and definitely recommend this mascara... Affordable!!
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A great long-wearing daily mascara

Being someone with blonde barely visible eyelashes, mascara has always been a must use product for me. I am always looking out for new mascaras that lengthen my eyelashes and give me a bolder look, and this did exactly that! I applied the mascara first thing in the morning and it lasted through the day with no re-application needed. It gave my lashes great length and separation, but with no clumping which is great. I did use two coats as I did not find a single coat did enough for me, but that is personal preference. A single coat would be enough if you like a more natural lash look. Throughout the day, there was no fallout or panda eyes, which is a common problem I have with some mascaras. The wand was good though it the size doesn’t really taper at the end so getting into the corners was a little trickier. Definitely a good mascara that I would recommend for people who are looking for lengthening mascaras.
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Great mascara to try

After using the Revlon So Fierce Big Bad Lash Mascara, I am quite impressed with the overall quality and results of using it. I normally use more expensive mascaras but the is definitely does give them a run for their money. The packaging looks cool and it’s quite bright so it’s not hard to miss in your makeup drawer/bag. It is a good size too. When applying, it was easy to do and I just applied the same way I normally would. Bringing each stroke up and outward to give a colonising effect. I found it easy to apply without getting too much smudging ir bumping around the eye area. The results were good, it definitely gave volume and thickness without being too clumpy and fake looking. It lasted quite well but did leave a bit of under eye shadow towards the afternoon. It was a little hard to remove and found that my normal vegan face wash wasn’t quite enough to get through it. That would be the reason for my 4 stars. I also haven’t noticed a darkening of the lashes as such but will keep on using to see if that happens.
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Big and bold!

As a fan of huge lashes I’m always on the hunt to find the next one to make them as long as possible. Revlon’s So Fierce Big Bad Lash Mascara does not disappoint. The brush is big and generous making it super easy to apply, and as someone with usually very short eyelashes I was delighted to see just how long and amazing they looked. I’ve tried loads of different mascaras over the years and this one is seriously one of the best volumising ones I have tried. Ever! Will definitely be purchasing again and recommending to my other little lashed friends. Love!
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Soft Tinted Mascara Look with Wow Volume!

So happy to be be able to try this Revlon So Fierce™ Big Bad Lash Mascara. Such a great mascara. I've tried this mascara in no 760 Blackest Black Noir Intense. The mascara packaging it's in a attractive red packaging. Easy to spot in my makeup bag. The mascara wand it's quite fat in size. Was quite worried it will be too big for my eye or short lashes but once I use it it totally change my perception of it. It actually really easy to use and easily dispense the product evenly and effectively on my eyelashes. the formula it's not too dry or wet which is perfect for me as I can brush it on smoothly without leaving any clump behind. I notice it gives my lashes the extra volume and lengthen it with a Lash tint Effect. The most impressive of all it is long lasting and smudge proof which is my main requirement for mascara as I tend to have oily lids which mascara ended up smudging after a few hours but this big bad lash mascara by revlon did not have any smudges at all which makes me so happy with the result. Love that this mascara also uses natural sunflower , soybean and castor oil which really keeps my lashes hydrated and soft. This is definitely my favorite mascara from now on.
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Natural looking lashes

Love love love! It's such a struggle for me to find a good mascara that doesn't smudge but also extends my lashes and makes them look full. And not to mention at an affordable price. I have loved trialling this mascara by Revlon. It's such a compact size and great to travel with or pop into your handbag. I have been applying 2 - 3 coats, and I have enjoyed how much this mascara volumises my lashes and gives them that pop of definition while looking natural at the same time. I struggle to find a mascara that doesn't clump, and this one certainty doesn't. I love how easy it is to apply this mascara, and the result is even better which how easy it lengthens and makes my lashes visible again. The wear time is pretty decent as I apply early in the morning and then at the end of the working day they still look natural and full.
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Feeling Fierce!

I was so excited to try a new Revlon mascara as I have used a few before with good results, however the Revlon So Fierce Big Bad Lash exceeded my expectations! I have been struggling between a few high end mascaras and have yet to find one that doesn’t transfer under my eye by the end of the day as I have oily skin. So Fierce doesn’t transfer onto my skin, is easily applied, coats evenly and doesn’t clump and gives a reasonable amount of length! I also appreciate that it seems to coat each lash without clumping them together. I’m very impressed and would definitely use it again and find myself reaching for it more that my higher price point mascaras! It’s also very easy to get off in the evening which is always a big plus in my book!
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A really fantastic mascara

I was excited to see a new idea for lash enhancement and this mascara absolutely lives up to its expectations. The formula goes on smoothly and without clumping, perfect for both top and bottom lashes. After holding it up and looking at the bristles I found the brush easy to work out and it instantly darkened, lengthened and separated my lashes. They looked longer and fuller without even using a curler. My only reservation is that the formula SLIGHTLY stung my eyes, which is unfortunately not uncommon for my overly sensitive skin. It does have a very slight smell as well, although it's definitely not terrible or overpowering. It looked so good that I can't rate it badly though! Highly recommended nonetheless, it does exactly what it says, looks great and lasts for a long time without smudging.
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Quality result at an affordable price

I was luckily enough to be sent this mascara to trial I was actually bin the market for a new mascara as every type I try tends to smudge and I find it creeping along my tear troughs during the day even though I only put mascara on my top lashes. This exceeded my expectations. The wand is great and helps to get right at the root of your lashes. It does not smudge or crumble during the course of the day (and I live in North qld.) I expected it to be tough to remove but one swipe with some micellar water and it comes right off. I did notice subtle tinting of my lashes after a few applications. I wouldn't say it's gives a dramatic bold lash, but definitely enough for your everyday mascara. Overall I really liked it and I will recommend to my friends. Thank you beauty crew and Revlon
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Revlon so FIERCE lash mascara is the best product I’ve ever used. It is the nicest and most interesting mascara, I absolutely loved it. The brush separates each lashes making the eye lash darker, fuller and longer. It adds a lots of volume to your eye lashes and doesn’t clump up and very easy to use. I absolutely loved it and would recommend it to anyone that is in need of a lash mascara. It gives you a very nice glow. As I said it is one of the easiest and best makeup product. It is also really straight forward to clean and it is not a hassle.
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Lived up to expectations

Ive always had low expectations for mascaras that market themselves as volumizing or bold as they tend to clump up my lashes and don’t work well with my eyelash curlers. This red tubed mascara however surprised me. Application wise, it glided on smoothly. I noticed that the formula was not as dry as other volumising mascaras. It did clump my lashes a tiny bit but it wasn’t too noticeable. The wand itself was a good shape and size which made it easy to coat every lash, including the small ones in the corner of my eyes. Throughout the day, it did not smudge.
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Great every mascara, though did give me panda eyes

This is a great every day mascara. I had great coverage on my lashes and they always looked super lush and voluminous. I really liked the brush itself. It evenly distributed the mascara which meant no clumps! I do usually buy quite expensive mascaras but I was very impressed with this one. The reason I didn’t give 5 stars has that I did find that it gave me panda eyes half way through the day. I find this an issue with most mascaras so didn’t penalise then too much for it! Overall I do recommend this mascara, especially if you don’t have a problem with panda eyes like I do!
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Feels amazing.

Reviewing this product was a dream ( although the post took a while), my Lashes went from Plain Jane to Seductive Suzie in 1.5 seconds flat. The Revlon So Fierce Big Bad Lash Mascara went on smoothly as the wand was perfect size for easy control. The formulation has made my lashes feel weighless and soft while wearing. I had no itching from this product which was the reason for a 5 star review. I wear glasses, my lashes left no mark on the lenses as well. Would definitely recommend and buy this product again.