Revlon So Fierce™ Eyes Wide Open™ Mascara

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Revlon So Fierce™ Eyes Wide Open™ Mascara is the key to lifted, voluminous lashes for a wide-eyed look. The innovative formula is infused with Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil to condition lashes and keep them soft and healthy-looking. The formula has a weightless texture that won't weigh lashes down throughout the day. The curvaceous push-up brush is designed with six product reservoirs to deliver the formula to even the tiniest of lashes. The flake-proof and smudge-resistant formula wears beautifully for up to 24 hours. This mascara  is easily removable and leaves lashes feeling soft and supple after wear. Available in one shade: Blackest Black.

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Revlon So Fierce™ Eyes Wide Open™ Mascara


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Long lush lashes instantly

I love revlon products and this mascara was a real winner for me. The pigmentation is beautiful, such a rich silky black and this lasts all day without flaking or smudging which I love. The design of the brush is great as it costed all lashes evenly and gets into the smallest of lashes on the edges. The mascara has a really creamy consistency that glides on lashes easily, it’s comfortable to wear and never feels dry, it’s quite conditioning on my lashes. This really opens up my eyes, it makes my lashes look longer and fuller without any clumping, it’s really very flattering. I have received comments on my lashes when I wear this mascara and it comes at a great price too so excellent value for money. I will be buying this product again

Worst brush I've tried

I have been using the Revlon So Fierce so decided to give this one a try and I am highly disappointed. The bush is horrible to use. It put so much product on my lashes and made them clump together. The brush from the original So Fierce is much easier to use. The formula is a great formula, it feels soft on my lashes and doesn't make my lashes feel heavy, but the brush makes the product hard to use. Will be going back to the original so fierce and in the meantime using my original brush with this formula. Maybe Revlon could consider upgrading the original So Fierce formula to this one.?
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Amazing !

Very long lasting, fervent in colour and lash lengthening! Highly recommend for a low key gal like myself who wants to look gorgeous and intensify their natural lashes without having to top up constantly. Felt little need to wear any false lashes (my usual go-to) with this mascara, and got complimented a lot on how much they looked like falsies! Revlon is a brand I highly respect and have grown up with since my early days starting of makeup. I am glad to still be using their products to this days as I have grown and learnt different techniques and discovered differing products and brands.
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Decent daily mascara

I’ve used the So Fierce mascaras before, and like before this one didn’t disappoint. Starting with the wand it is really easy to apply, it manages to catch and cover all the lashes and Coates them all nice and evenly without clumping even with a second coat. The colour is nice and dark, which is what I love giving a nice pop to the eyes. It lasts all day and definitely is noticeable. It stays on for the majority of the day, before starting to smudge off so I really can’t complain about that, it’s usually after 12hours or so… so you’d be expecting to take it off or reapply if that was the case anyway. Overall, it’s a good day to day wearing mascara
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Quality product for reasonable price

I do like the packaging of this product the red and black stands out amongst other packaging. The mascara itself is a really nice thick black consistency and coats the lashes well. The one thing I was not a huge fan of was the wand, it is big and plastic, i found it hard to get close to the inner lashes, I normally go for thin bristle wands personally. Because of the brush I found the mascara to clump and smudge a little. I used a curler before applying and it worked well. As always with revlon I think this is quite a good quality product for the price.
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Overall average mascara, nothing impressive. It is quite runny and takes a while to dry. At first I was not impressed at all and it left my eyelashes clumpy. However, my liking towards this product grew over time and it definitely lasts all day and makes your eyelashes longer! I found this mascara to also be quite a dark black coloured This mascara does run A LOT! Accidentally wore it in the water or shower a few times and it was not a look, it requires more than usual effort to take off. For the price it does the job.
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Love it

Love it! At first I was very sceptical as it isn’t my preference for a mascara wand. However, let me tell you, after giving it a go and get over the first initial application (where it is always more watery when first opened and applied) I really like this mascara. The wand is everything! It has provided great length to my lashes and even doubles as a great bottom lash mascara. Now I wouldn’t say this mascara has replaced by long term relationship with the Too Faced mascara (BTS mascara) but I must admit it has made it in my top 3 that I’ll be reaching for!
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Loved this Product !

I was a bit unsure at first because of the wand shape. It has really long spikes on one end. I was pleasantly surprised though! It was so easy to apply, it separated my lashes so nicely and I was able to build it up well without it getting clumpy. It lasted really well throughout the day. As long as I powdered around my eye area otherwise it would smudge and transfer a little. Not a massive amount of anything so I’m not really bothered. It felt so light on my lashes and held the curl pretty well. Some mascaras I’ve used in the past are so heavy and make my lashes straight within the hour but this was amazing. Overall I really liked it and I think it’s actually going to go in my regular rotation of favourite mascaras!
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Wrong brush for the job

This mascara has a plastic brush instead of using bristles and I find that it's not the right bristles for the job. The brush is an awkward shape so it makes it hard to get into the outer corners of your eyelashes. I also feel like the brush distributed way too much product making it quite spider-y. But I did love the formula of the mascara itself, I used it with old mascara brushes and I didn't have any issues transferring and it became a really lengthening mascara which I loved. Overall, loved the formula, and hated the brush.
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Surprising brush packs a punch

My favourite thing about this mascara was so unexpected - the brush! When I first took a look I was skeptics, it was skinny, plastic like and with few bristles. Typically it takes a good few uses of a mascara to perfect the consistency and the application…but not this baby! The skinny, flexible brush made application a breeze. So much product is able to be applied that just the one pass is enough, but add more if you like it that way. The colour is black and I didn’t experience any fall out after application. It even applied well without my lashes being curled. Typically I find any mascara will smudge for me other than a tubular mascara (something about the oils in my skin), but this passed the test pretty well. I’d definitely purchase again. The product packs a punch for the price point and I like it so much more than other similar buys. Definitely worth a shot!
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I absolutely loved this product. I trialed this over the period of 2 weeks and I am in love. The wand is perfect for reaching all those little lashes but still has a great shape for reaching all the longer ones. I wore this for over 8 hours and there was no fallout, smudging or clumpyness. The product is smooth and easy to layer on, one pass will be enough for a nice natural look but you can definitely use two or three layers for a more dramatic look and it still looks clean, lashes don't clump up together and it does not feel sticky or heavy like with other mascaras. Even with more than one application it was easy to remove. I will definitely be repurchasing this and would recommend to anyone looking for a great mascara for a great price.
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This mascara comes packaged very nicely. The black and red colours are appealing when comparing to other brands - it helps it stick out. The mascara itself was a lovely thick black constancy and looked great on my lashes. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the brush/applicator itself. It was hard to get an even distribution across my lashes and felt like it caused the mascara to clump easily and my lashes to get stuck. The brush didn't really do it for me or stick out as a winning feature. Still a lovely masacar overall but not my style of bush.
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Voluminous Lashes

Revlon So Fierce™ Eyes Wide Open™ is the perfect Mascara for day-to-night it gives you lifted, voluminous lashes. The brush of this mascara makes it really easy to apply, but if you are not careful when applying the mascara it can get a bit clumpy. I found the mascara when worn all day does flake a little and is not as long lasting as I would of hoped. Packaging isn't anything new and a little boring probably wouldn't of reached for it if I first saw it at the shops. All together a really nice mascara at an affordable price!
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Revlon Mascara

I was excited to try the Revlon so fierce eyes wide open mascara as i was not disapointed! This mascara really lifted my lashes and made them look longer and thicker. I really liked how it was infused with Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil to condition the lashes. This mascara was vert light weight feeling on the lashes and lasted all day. I really liked the brush; how it felt to hold and how it applied to the lashes. The formula has a weightless texture that won't weigh lashes down throughout the day. This mascara was easy to remove at the end of the day. U would definitely purchase this mascara again
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Natural Look

I've used this product for a few days now and can honestly say I've been pretty happy overall. At first I wasn't a fan of the brush as I normally use something quite a bit thicker but it's actually been ok! It does give quite a natural appearing lash line so perfect if that's what you're after. I would say that if you have sparce or uneven lashes this product may not be right for you as it doesn't build like others that are advertised as a more dramatic look. The colour is a dark black and quite alot comes out on the brush. I didn't get any smudging under the eye and even very minimal after I slept in it overnight.
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4/5 for me

I like it, i like the packaging, I like the wand! I think that it really moisturises your eyelashes really well as well as volumising and lengthening. I just love that it has hemp in it, such a good ingredient and honestly always seem to be such a miracle worker for all different things so that’s a huge bonus! The only negative I find is if I mess it up, it seems to smudge more. It doesn’t smudge when I put it on perfectly, but if I miss my eyelashes and hit my eye lid or something there seems to be so much product! I currently have my eyelashes lifted, so in terms of holding a curl right now I am unsure, but I would definitely test that again once it drops. It seems quite thickening and like it would have the ability to hold a good curl! Besides that one small negative, which isn’t really that relevant I would definitely buy again when I run out :)
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Would buy again!

Great results, a lot of volume and easy wand to use. When new it does come with a lot of product, so use sparingly and wipe of excess to avoid spider legs! Brings a lot of brightness to my narrow eyes when applied to both lower and upper lashes. I usually do 2 coats on top, and one on the bottom. I also have an old mascara to thin out and move product along the lash. The packaging is thinner than most others out there and fits easily in my makeup bag. Super classy red and black branding - classic for Revlon! Would definitely buy again at my local pharmacy and would recommend to a friend looking for something simple and user friendly.
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Didn’t Dazzle

Unfortunately, I wasn’t completely blown away by this mascara. I think knowing that better alternatives are available at a very similar price point made me wonder if I’d purchase again. The packaging is average, red and black with a cannabis leaf as the product contains hemp oil - if my grandma saw it, she’d probably freak out! The colouring was a really dark black which I did appreciate and it went on well with a nice shaped wand head. Unfortunately the biggest downfall for me was the smudging I experienced late in the afternoon.
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Creates Long lifted lashes

This is a great mascara. It offered curling and lengthening with minimal clumping and flaking. I experienced a little bit of flaking around my eyes when I applied multiple coats but found that It was not necessary to do so to create a dramatic effect so one coat was fine. A downside is I found the formula a little too wet straight out of the tube but this was easily addressed using a tissue to take off the excess so that the product didn’t clump. The brush did a nice job of separating and giving some curl to my lashes. I also thought the mascara wore well - including through a couple of hot sweaty days (with some smudging under my eyes that wiped away easily). I received compliments on my lashes each time I wore this mascara out with friends.
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Love the wand!

What caught my attention to try this mascara is the shape of the wand. The shape of the wand is able to get all the baby lashes in the inner corner of my eyes. Also, it is able to grab the lower lashes with outside getting any mascara onto the lower eye area. The mascara itself is nice, easy to apply and not clumpy. I have short lashes so it is hard to find a mascara that can keep my lashes up. This mascara was able to hold my lashes up for able half day which I find it quite impressive. Overall, good quality at affordable price.