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Revlon So Fierce!™ Mascara is a lifting, lengthening and volumising mascara that is infused with lash-lifting polymers that build length and volume and give the appearance of lash extensions. The blackest black formula is clump-free, flake-free and smudge-proof for up to 24 hours.

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Revlon So Fierce!™ Mascara


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Good every day mascara

I use mascara every day and like trying new ones. I also like Revlon products so I had high hopes for the Revlon So Fierce Mascara. I prefer a mascara that glides over my lashes smoothly without leaving clumps but sometimes clumps happen. With this mascara I was able to get a nice smooth application without the clumps. I have quite long lashes so all I need is for a mascara to enhance my lashes to make them look blacker and longer but this mascara provided more - volume, length and good pigment. I particularly like the staggered short and long bristles on this brush that make it easy to glide through my lashes.
This mascara is ok, It did lengthen but didnt last at all. After a couple of hours its a smudgy mess. The colour is opaque and looks wonderful when first applied but does not last. Builds nicely. I have dry skin and dont use a facial mist and will still smudge. Removes easy enough with micellar water too.
Unfortunately this mascara didn’t work the way I thought it would have on myself from the claims made on the packaging. Although it claims to be clump, smudge and flake proof I didn’t find this to be the case. I quite like the consistency of the formula but that’s about where it ended for me, once applied my lashes were short, stumpy, and clumpy and after about an hour or so it had smudged all under my eyes and began to flake off, and this seemed to be consistent with every application.
Love this mascara! This mascara is So Fierce! Definitely lives up to the name! Revlon so fierce mascara gave my lashes volume, length and definition. My lashes look amazing, and got the volume and length without any lumps or clumping. It has an instant effect with just one coat. The wand make the application of this mascara so EASY!
I absolutely love this mascara! Typically using only high end mascaras, I was slightly skeptical about the performance of this product. The wand is flexible and easy to use. It allows for a precise application, making the lashes look longer and adding volume. I found that this mascara did not smudge or flake at all throughout the day. I highly recommend this product and I will certainly repurchase in future.
Revlon’s So Fierce mascara is a great everyday product.  I particularly liked the silicon brush. It was very easy to apply and didn’t clump my lashes together at all. I found it helped to define every lash with a generous coating of jet black mascara, however I didn’t feel it lengthend my lashes.  For events I prefer a fuller & longer lash, but for everyday wear it has been great. Easy to remove with a waterproof makeup remover.
This mascara has a nice silicone brush that helps the product give a nice lengthening effect and with a few layers good volume. The colour is nice and black. It lasted well with no smudging or flaking on a fairly warm day. I think it’s a nice mascara that does what it claims.  Will continue to use throughout the summer months.
I already own a few revlon mascaras, and like the way they all stay on through out the day. This was no different, staying on all day at work and leaving me with longer lashes than the rest of my revlon mascaras. However, I do have other branded mascaras that create the false eyelash effect which does a better job at thickening and lengthening my eyelashes for a night out. But I’d continue to use this product for the daytime as the other one can be too extreme
I have mixed feeling about this mascara. I really like the plastic bristle brush, and it gave me lovely long black lashes (I love how black the formula is) but I didn’t find it to be completely smudge proof I still ended up with panda eyes at the end of the day. I also found it quiet hard to get off, even using makeup remover. While it’s a very nice mascara, I won’t be giving up my current mascara.
Although I only had 1 day to trial this mascara (post man went astray?), I can already tell how great this mascara is. It does exactly what it promises! Application was easy, non-clumpy and made my eyes pop. Fantastic price point and I would be more than happy to recommend and buy this product again. Well done Revlon!
It was the first time I used Revlon's mascara but unfortunately I didn't like it. It said it was a smudge proofformula but after only an hour or two my under eyes became black.. I quite like the siliconbrush so I might use the waterproof coating top of this mascara.
The new So Fierce mascara from Revlon is terrific for my short, pale lashes! It gave me so much volume and separated all my lashes that I’ve never seen before!  I don’t normally wear mascara on my bottom lashes but this one works great and doesn’t smudge after being on all day.  I tried doing a few coats but it went a little clumpy, however it honestly doesn’t even need more than one coat to create the perfect look.  The packaging is just your average mascara packaging but for the price I will definitely be buying it again! 
i am really surprised by the effect of using this mascara ! A lot of mascaras out there only be able to do volume without lifting, or length without much volume, but this mascara ticks all the boxes ! I wasn't expecting the full effects but i am very happy now after using it. It will work for special event with glamour look by applying multiple times, or for a everyday look (nude make up look) by applying lesser. I will keep on trying this mascara with different occasions :)
I received the Revlon So Fierce mascara as part of a trial. While it only turned up in the mail a couple of days before the review was due, so far I’m impressed. I love the blackest black colour and the volume and lift it gives. It’s also super easy to use. I have had a couple of issues with flaking (as I see on a few other reviews too) but the pros definitely outwah the cons.
I normally am a bit of a mascara snob as I do believe that you pay for the quality however this mascara may have just won me over. It is super lightweight and easy to use. Cut packaging and a nice applicator which always makes for a great makeup bag essential. It is easy to apply and dries really quick. A small bit accidentally went on my cheek and I was able to quickly remove it with a cotton bud without ruining my makeup. YASSSSS!!!! I wore this throughout the day on two hot days which were above 35 degrees, and guess what lovely ladies.... not one smudge!!!! AHMAZING!!! It is also fairly easy to remove and leaves the lashes not feeling too raw. And I guess the question on everybody’s mind.. how did it look? Well it looked amazing! It was dark, lengthening, thickening and didn’t look flaky. What more could a girl want! Happy shopping lovelies.
Love this new mascara, the wand reminds me a lot of the Benefit They're Real mascara which is one of my all time favourite mascaras! This mascara really lengthens and separates lashes which give a really nice looks to my lashes. It's perfect for everyday and it doesn't smudge even after 12 hour wear!
Great lengthening mascara. I have puny lashes and this definitely gave me some length and a little volume. Its very black which is also great. The applicator is probably my favourite type of applicator - plastic and on the smaller side. Great combing effect to reach every lash. I found the formula didn't smudge - pro, but it did crumble a little - con.  Overall a nice mascara, not anything revolutionary. 
I found the So Fierce mascara to be great at lengthening my eyelashes, however, I did find the formula to be wet which caused my lashes to get clumpy. I also found the mascara to flake throughout the day, which isn't great when the formula is so black! I did love the lengthening this mascara gave me, however, I wouldn't repurchase.
This is a great standard mascara. I wanted to use it a few more times before writing my thoughts, so here it is!  The plastic bristles are different to what I'm used to, but with careful use, I can achieve a fuller, thicker look for my eyelashes. It is smooth to apply, and it doesn't clump or flake. I did notice that I had to wait a while for the mascara to dry before applying a second coat in order to avoid clumping, but the effect is well worth it. The pigment is so rich and dark, and it doesn't smudge throughout the day. Overall, a great product, and I will continue using! 
This mascara is amazing! I think it's become my new favourite. Every girl knows it can take a long time to find that perfect mascara, I've been using the same one for the last three or so years and so was excited to try something new. While my lashes are quite long naturally I still find it tricky to get that perfect curl. This mascara promises that and more and delivers in a big way. It doesn't clump which is a huge pet peeve of mine and gives more length and curl. The colour is also great making your lashes stand out, fierce indeed. At $21.95 it's a total bargain and I'll definitely be buying again when I run out.