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Revlon Super Lustrous™ Glass Shine Lipstick is an indulgent lipstick that hydrates like a balm and shines like a gloss. Featuring a nourishing blend of aloe, hyaluronic acid and rose quartz, the lipstick glides on lips with a balm-like, buttery-soft feel for a sleek, smooth surface and irresistible, glossy colour.

Available in 12 shades: Sparkling Quartz, Beaming Strawberry, Glossed up Rose, Cherries in the Snow, Fire & Ice, Glazed Mauve, Rum Raisin, Toasting Glasses, Black Cherry, Glassy Pink, Love Is On, Dewy Peach.

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Revlon Super Lustrous™ Glass Shine Lipstick


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Glossy and hydrating

I was very lucky to have been gifted by Revlon the entire set of Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipsticks. Of the 12 shades my favourites are Cherries in the Snow, Love is On and Black Cherry. These lipsticks are so lightweight and comfortable to wear – almost like a tinted balm if applied lightly. They glide smoothly over my lips leaving a glossy finish and making my lips feel hydrated and soft. The colours are well pigmented and I find I can apply a light cover or I can build up to a more intense shade. The gloss finish is the type of lipstick I prefer because it brings a bit of life to my lips. Non-drying, with a lovely creamy slippery feel without feeling greasy. The staying power isn’t too bad until I eat and then it’s time to reapply. All in all, my lips love this buttery soft formula.

Beautiful gloss and colour

I absolutely love the Revlon lustrous glass shine lipsticks. The thing I love most is that they give me great colour and high shine without any stickiness or tackiness that often comes with shiny lipsticks. They are super light and comfortable to wear and are perfect either on their own or over a Matt lipstick to add shine. On their own they don’t actually last a really long time but I expect that from a gloss, they generally don’t have as much staying power as a matte formula. The colours are just beautiful and they are packaged really classy, they feel like a treat. They are super hydrating and very pretty
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SHINE- but with hydration & good colour payoff

I think the most important thing when considering to buy these lipsticks is to consider the word LUSTROUS, because that's exactly what they are. They're glossy, almost like a lip stain. They feel hydrating and not drying and I honestly loved the colour range. I found dewy peach to be the perfect summer daytime addition- an almost orange peachy colour that immediately brightened up your face. Because they are so light weight and hydrating, they are not sticky, though you can feel it on your lips. As with most glossy finishes, reapplication is vital, however this doesn't affect me as I think it's common knowledge and to be expected that glosses have less of a staying power. I think what differs between this and a lipgloss is the fact that this is non sticky, and actually has a much better colour payoff on the lips. I love them and will continue to use them.
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Hydrating and glossy

I had the chance to trial this lipstick in a number of different shades and I loved it! The colours were beautiful, my favourite was the shade 'dewy peach'. The product has a beautiful shine which made my lips look super hydrated and glossy. The shades were perfect for everyday wear, or going out. It was so easy to apply that I could quickly touch up at my desk without too much thought. The only downside to this product was that it didn't last for a very long time, but that's usually the case with a super shiny lipstick. Would definitely recommend this product as a great summer lippy.
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Gorgeous glossy shine

First of all, thank you to BeautyCrew and Revlon for the opportunity to trial this product. I really loved using these lipsticks. I was sent 5 shades to trial and for me there was no clear favourite as I loved each one equally. For me they are the perfect combination of a lipstick and a lip gloss. I loved the colours, so pigmented and so easy to control the intensity. The texture was creamy and soft and felt pleasant on the lips. They also left my lips feeling quite hydrated. Much like a lip gloss the colour did transfer easily but that is to be expected with this type of formula. Overall I was extremely pleased with this product and I will definitely continue to use and repurchase in the future. Highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a glossy lipstick.
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Another great Revlon lipstick

What I loved most about these lipsticks were the colours of all of them. The “fire and ice” was the greatest shade of red with such a beautiful gloss that really made it pop. The glossed up rose was perfect for daywear. It would have been great for it to stay on a little longer but you have to remember it is a gloss so will never have the staying power of a matte lipstick. The packaging made it a little sticky around the bottom of it but was able to come off easily. Overall, I loved the brightness of the colours and it’s revlon so you always know it’s going to be a great product. Highly recommend.
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Amazing! Super moisturising and glossy

The Revlon SuperLustrous Glass shine lipstick is amazing! Usually if the lipstick is not matte in texture it doesnt stay on my lips, hence why I keep away from them but Wow! First time I have worn a lipstick that is super glossy, gives my lips definition and stays on after having a coffee. I was impressed with the variety in colours. Rum Raisin for evening events and drinks with the girls, Fire and Ice for hot summer days and nights and glossed up Rose is the perfect everyday essential colour. Well done Revlon you have a loyal customer with this new range!
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Perfect balm with a hint of colour

The perfect everyday lip product to add a touch of colour to your face. Super subtle and easy to apply - these lipsticks glide over your lips like a smooth balm leaving a hint of colour (that can be intensified by going over a few times). The colour itself is not long wearing (Which may be a problem if you're a apply once in the morning kind of girl) but I felt that my lips felt a bit more moisturised and not so dried out as what can happen when you use a lip stain or a matte lipstick. I loved the sleek packaging and would definitely recommend this to someone who was looking for a moisturising product with a hint of colour and doesn't like the stickiness of a lip gloss! One that I would definitely repurchase myself for effortless "no make up" days.
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Day-to-night alternative who like a natural look!

I got the chance to review a few shades varying from pink, coral, plum and red from this collection and to my surprise these are quite perfect for every day use. The shimmer is subtle and the colours work great on top of regular lipstick for a subtle sheen. It can definitely be worn alone and layer for more colour or just a swipe on the lips for on the go touch ups. I would not suggest replacing this as a lip balm as it still has a lipstick texture which leaves a layer on the lips and doesnt absorb. Really great alternative lipsticks for work or casual day to day wear if you're a bit too shy for solid lipstick colours!
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Pleasant surprise

I was so impressed with this lipstick range, the colours are really pretty and it glides on really smoothly. It has a really pleasant taste and feel. It'd be nice if it was a little more long lasting but that's the only negative. Will definitely buy again.
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Not a fav!

I definitely do not like this lipstick line! If you're under the age of say, 60, I wouldn't even bother! They remind me of the lipsticks your grandma wears (and that's ok, if that's your thing). For me, it's a hard pass. The shine is overwhelming, and yet the colours are a bit wishy washy. The only way this lipstick works, is by dabbing most of it off when you apply it...then you're left with a beautiful colour stain, which is how I wore them. Also, the shape of the lipstick makes it difficult to apply with precision. If you're after an 80s shiny lipstick then this is your new fav. Otherwise, I'd give it a miss!
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Silky shine

I received 5 colours from the Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick and they are beautiful! I received Dewy Peach which is my favourite colour, Fire and Ice which is very bright, Rum Raisin which is almost a mauve colour on me, Beaming Strawberry which is a brighter pink and Glossed up Rose which is a nice rosy colour. These lipsticks are silky and smooth and they glide on so easy. I like the sleek black tube that they come in and the tapered head is perfect for precise application. The only thing I didn't like about the packaging was that I had to remove the sticker to open the lippy which left a sticky residue on the tube. These lippies are super moisturising with a fair amount of pigment but you will need to keep reapplying through the day and this lipstick has no staying power.
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Easy to wear

I was super lucky to be selected to review the Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipsticks and was very impressed! I do tend to wear more sheer lipsticks and prefer a gloss/balm-like consistency so these lippies really appealed to me. I was fortunate to be able to try out 5 of the shades: Beaming Strawberry (002), Glossed Up Rose (003), Fire & Ice (005), Rum Raisin (008) and Dewy Peach (019). My favourite shade was the Rum Raisin, which I would describe as a slightly brownish plum, but the texture was sheer so it was not overpowering. The other lighter shades were great, but I found that the Fire & Ice was a bit bright for me. I was impressed that the lipsticks did not have a strong odour or 'taste' on the lips - I'd probably describe the subtle scent as a blend between chocolate and coconut. I found that the colours lasted pretty well after having a drink, but certainly needed to be reapplied after a meal - I would suggest that they are not designed to be very long-wearing as they do have the shiny/glossy consistency.
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Easy Everyday Look

The Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick is said to be an indulgent lipstick that hydrates like a balm and shines like a gloss. It does as it says, is balm-like and glides on with ease with a lip gloss shine. These are easy to wear for an easy everyday look, as they are more like lip gloss than heavy like lipstick. They also have a smooth and creamy texture and hydrate like a balm, and do not bleed, though the colour does not last overly long and need to be reapplied throughout the day. It does have a pleasant vanilla like scent and nice everyday colour range. The tamper sticker was not the easiest to remove and leaves a sticky residue that took effort to fully remove. All in all, the lipstick is a nice hydrating everyday look.
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Feels like a lip balm

These lipsticks feel like a lip balm but are super pigmented. They feel very comfortable on the lips and give such a glossy finish. The colours are also gorgeous and there are so many great everyday shades and then some pops of colour. These are one of my fav formulas that I’ve tried from Revlon.
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Effortless and Flattering Lipstick

The New Shine Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick is a smooth, creamy moisturising lipstick that glides on effortlessly. The many colors are flattering and versatile. Pops with color! I particularly liked 008 Rum Raisin. The lipstick has a natural feeling. It has a very, very mild smell - hint of vanilla perhaps. It is the type of lipstick that needs to be reapplied. It is feels beautiful to wear. I had to use a drop of eucalyptus on a tissue to remove the sticky from the outer lipstick holder. I liked the classic, sleek, black and gold lipstick holder Thank you- I really enjoyed trialing this lipstick.
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Lipstick x Lipbalm

Beautiful thin consistency so feels super lightweight, great for people that don’t wear much makeup or don’t like a heavy lipstick. Super hydrating! Some of the darker colours create a little stain on your lips so these are great with longevity wise otherwise you will need to reapply.
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Glass Shine Lipstick is Glass Shine and Lustrous

Well, firstly I must admit that Revlon has been and still is one of my favourite lipstick brands in this price range. I was very grateful to be selected to review these lipsticks. I appeared that I had personally picked the colours. In terms of gloss , the lipsticks glide on so smoothly and look sensational. A little bit of lipstick bleed so definitely use a liner if you are prone to lipstick bleed. Such a choice of diverse colours. I must say I do love 'Fire and Ice.' Unfortunately, its staying power isn't that great but easier to reapply a lipstick than apply those long lasting, lip drying lipsticks. You may need a bit of tactical skill to open the lipstick the first time, it appears no costmetic company has got that right yet. I would certainly recommend this lipstick and well worth going with a few different colours for a different lol.!
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Antidote to the zoom washout

Des anyone else find in the new world of zoom calls you find yourself staring at your own washed out face wishing for a ring light and a tropical holiday? I will take absolutely anything that gives a bit of colour an light back into my face at the moment and I have been reaching for this lipstick all day, every day! The texture of these lippies are buttery and soft, such a nice feeling on the lips. They have a gentle fragrance and overall just feel wonderful. I have a few shades and the pigments are soft enough that they all look nice on, but my favourites are the duskier shades - Glossed Up Rose and Rum Raisin. Even though they are glossy, it's a mature gloss rather than a wet look and it just brings a bit of life back to my winter face. The one downside of these lippies, as with most glosses, they transfer very readily onto anything, but that wouldn't stop me using, purchasing and recommending this lipstick.
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Glossy moisturising shine

I was fortunate to sample five shades of this lipstick. Personally, I love lip gloss, and this lipstick was very glossy and moisturising. The colour was vibrant, but not long lasting. The shades were all quite complimentary to my fair skin tone. The colour does easily bleed outside of your lipline due to the slick consistency of the product, however its no different than expected with a tinted lip gloss. Lovely scent, I think it was maybe a light vanilla.