Revlon Super Lustrous™ The Luscious Mattes Lipstick

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Revlon Super Lustrous™ The Luscious Mattes Lipstick is a true velvet matte lipstick with a comfortable, lightweight finish. The creamy formula is infused with a botanical complex of agave, moringa oil and capuacu butter for a soft, smooth application and intense, saturated colour.

Available in 12 shades.

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Revlon Super Lustrous™ The Luscious Mattes Lipstick


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I’m converted

Wow, I’ve finally found a lipstick that stays on. I tend not to waste my money on lipsticks anymore as they either don’t stay on or make my lips dry and draw in my skin on upper lip, not a good look. Found this one by accident and the colour is gorgeous, PICK ME UP, a beautiful nude that compliments my daily work look. Unlike other matte lipsticks this one glides on, no drag, and is lovely and creamy. The colour stays on which is what we all want in a lipstick , I’m converted, this one is a keeper.

Gorgeous matte lipstick

I love Revlon products and this the luscious mattes lipstick did not disappoint. One of the things I loved the most is that it doesn’t dry out lips like some matte lipsticks can. It’s super creamy and lustrous and glides on easily, it’s hydrating and feels beautiful and light to wear. The colour pigmentation is a really high quality and the lipstick stays put for ages, even after a coffee. The black casing it comes in is classy and there are lots of colours to choose from. It’s a great buy and great value for money. I love this and will be buying more of these lipsticks.

Great matte lipsticks

I recently purchased two of these Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipsticks and I am very pleased with the quality and stay powering. My favourite shade was “Untold Stories” as it is a great everyday nude shade. These lipsticks have a silky texture that applies smoothly and doesn’t feel dry like many matte lipsticks. It lasts well during the day and doesn’t leave my lips chapped or flakey when I remove it at the end of the day. It provides pigmented colour and there are a range of beautiful shades to choose from. I will repurchase in the future.

Velvety matte finish

I think different occasions call for different lipsticks and although I have quite a few lipsticks there was one missing from my collection - a matte lipstick that didn't look dry and didn't feel dry. I find the Revlon Super Lustrous The Luscious Mattes Lipstick to be deeply pigmented, rich and hydrating. The creamy, non- drying formula glides over my lips creating depth and volume with a beautiful velvety matte finish. My lips look fuller and more defined. The staying power is great and I can go out with confidence knowing that my lips are a standout.

Perfect matte lipstick

A big fan of Revlon lipsticks for the longest time and their Luscious Mattes don't dissapoint. I love that the lipsticks are moisturising and feel comfortable on the liips. The colour payoff is great and it will last through a good part of the day with lip primer underneath. It also doesn't come off noticeable when eating or drinking so a good set and forget lipstick that is perfect for all occassions.
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Brilliant colour and staying power

As someone who doesn’t wear a lot of lipstick, I love these. The bright colours are so vibrant, the deep colours are rich, and all have great staying power. The only reason why I haven’t given it five stars is that it does have some transfer at the beginning, even though you wouldn’t know it with the colour that stays on your lips. Didn’t leave my lips flakey like some matte lipsticks, great moisture.
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Nice product, nice texture

This is actually a very nice product, it reminds me of the lipsticks I used to use in the ‘90s that were velvety and matte. It has a reasonable staying power, and the colours are nice and solid. The texture is not cakey but if you have dry lips it may show after a few hours. I think the price is very good too, the ingredients appear vegan, though I’d like to see this company go cruelty free completely. Overall a nice product for a very good price.
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Not a fan

I sadly wasn’t a fan of these — I like a lipstick with lasting pigment and I found especially in the reds the colour pay off wasn’t there. The nudes seem to last at least til lunch time but I found after one coffee the red shades needed re doing. For a matte lipstick it felt quite nice and wasn’t drying, for me the downfall was just the staying power
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An everyday matte lipstick

This lipstick is such a difference from the usual matte lipstick. It applies creamy, and keeps that feel through the day. It is easy to apply and doesn't dry too fast meaning you can easily fix any mistakes. The colour pay off is beautiful and pigment is strong. The colour of some of the lipsticks looked far too intense for me (pale skin), but on application they were not as harsh. The product wears well, and fades well. It doesn't last a full day like a liquid lip but I prefer this as you don't have to scrub it off to reapply. I wear this every work day now, and rotate the colours. I really love this lipstick and will recommend it and buy it again.
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Punchy product at a great price

These are an excellent product for the price. Formula of these lipsticks is incredibly pigmented, bold and not too drying. They make a great alternative to some of the higher end lipsticks on the market. Product applies easily, and is matte and stays put well enough but I found I could get away without a lip liner. I am a strong lipstick enthusiasts, and I wear about it for most every day. I found I could get about 6 to 8 hours wear out of these without reapplying, depending on the shade - some are more pigmented than others. They wear well and they wear away evenly, but as with all matte lipsticks they highlight any dry spots or imperfections on your lips, so proper hydration and care when not wearing a matte just such as this one is key to get the best result. I really enjoyed the colours in this range, sometimes pharmacy lipsticks at this price can be a very grandma-esque colour range, however these are all bold bright and modern. It’s not one that I wouldn’t wear. I’m sure everyone will find one that suits him. All in all, and excellent product from my Revlon at an excellent price. If I needed a lipstick I would definitely purchase one of these, the formula definitely does all it says. I recommend to anyone looking for a state of lipstick, all looking to experiment with the colour and not wanting to spend a large amount of money on a higher end lipstick. It does the same thing at a pharmacy price for the same result.
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Matte AND moisturising

As someone with constantly dry lips I was pleasantly surprised by the soft, moisturising feeling of these lipsticks on application. Some of the bolder colours did show up dry areas of my lips, but to be honest that is something I need to fix! Overall the product feels very nourishing. Application - smooth application without the drying feeling usually associated with matte lipsticks. Was easy to apply and reapply without use of a lipliner (although for the bolder colours I would definitely use a lipliner to achieve the perfect lip) Colour range - Pigments on these are fantastic, does not take more than two swipes for a deep colour. There is a great range of shades available, with my favourite being the subtle pink nude of Wild Thoughts. I especially liked the nude Untold Stories and the corals Fire & Ice and On Fire. I am dark brunette with pale skin and the bright pinks were also a fun pop of colour Heartbreaker and Cherries In The Snow. Anyone looking for a classic red will not be disappointed by Crushed Rubies. Durability - I tested these over drinks and dinner, with only one application needed. I think that is the trade off for a moisturising matte product! Packaging - Sleek, understated classic black packaging with a sturdy lid
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Velvety Matte Lipstick

Firstly I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely packaging on the lipstick it was up there with the more expensive lipsticks I have previously owed. I was also surprised by how many shades they have created for this lipsticks it ranged from the bright and bold to the very dark and also covered the nude colours (my personal favourite!). As I can have quite dry lips I instantly fell in love with this product it didn’t sit in all the cracks in my lips it went on really velvety. I loved the colour and the way it felt and it lasted on my lips for a really long time! The untold stories and pick me up are my new favourite shades! I would 100% buy this product again and would recommended to anyone wanting to try a new lipstick and as the colours have such a range would be hard to find a shade you didn’t like.
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I am not a massive lipstick fan, I love the idea of experimenting with colour but I have found most to be uncomfortable to wear. This range is my exception. Let me start with if you are looking for something that you apply once and leave all day this isn't it, but I love that. All other mattes I have tried are drying, they flake and are hard to look after throughout the day. This product is easy to apply with great colour payoff and is easy to reapply. The best bit is my lips feel great wearing it and aren't dry afterwards. It does transfer onto cups etc but I am happy to make that compromise for a great product. Please expand the shade range to lighter neutral/peach tones!
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Luxurious and smooth matte

I received this product as part of the review crew in the 12 shades currently available in Australia. There are 24 shades available overseas so I do wonder whether they might include more of the colours other people here have been suggesting. The matte black packaging with gold accents felt quite luxurious and a reasonable size. The consistency of the lipstick was very creamy and smooth, it glided on easily feeling quite buttery instead of drying. I really liked the way this lipstick felt on my lips considering I mostly avoid matte lipsticks due to the way they tend to accentuate dryness, but it was not the case with this lipstick. The one fault that I could find was that it didn’t seem to have a fragrance which I normally enjoy in a lipstick, although I think there would probably be a lot of other people who would prefer it this way. I found all of the shades to be quite warm, and I think most are really nice shades for winter (which is when I prefer to wear matte lipstick). My overall favourite colours were Wild Thoughts, Insane and Black Cherry. Wild Thoughts was a nice pinky nude, while the other two are darker, bolder red based tones. I would definitely be interested in purchasing these favourite shades again, though I have a feeling it’ll be taking me a while to use up what I have first!
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Perfect Matte Lipsticks

You would never know these were an affordable lipstick brand if you had to do a blind test. Revlon have seriously improved their packaging with these lipsticks - I was so impressed by the quality. Then the formula was amazing as well. For a matte lipstick, they were comfortable, long wearing and applied so easily. They are opaque and I didn't find they bled at all. Shade 004 is my perfect shade from the range. My only downside would be the colour full range - a lot of brown tones that just don't suit my complexion. There are some nice bright colours, but I would love to see the range extended to include some more everyday wearable shades. But I can't fault the formula or packaging!
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Long lasting

What a great long wearing lipstick. Revlon has provided a great array of matte colours to chose from. Glides on easily and is very pigmented, doesn't wear or transfer quickly and doesn't dry out lips like most other lipsticks. The packaging is also a lovely classic black and gold, giving it a little lux feel. Love the matte finish, it is discreet without feeling underwhelming. What a great product, will add this to my collection of faves.
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Beautiful pigmented lip colour

I am a huge fan of matte lip colour and was very pleased to receive so many different shades of Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipsticks to try. The lipstick comes in a beautiful matte case with gold font and gold ring on top of the lid; this makes the product look extra luxe! There is a great range of different shades available from beige nude, to natural pinks, berry reds and bright pinks and corals. My favourites are 014 Shameless, 004 Wild Thoughts and 025 Insane. However I have to say all of the shades look beautifully natural and pigmented. The finish of this lipstick is a powdery matte that feels like velvet and almost like you're not even wearing lipstick. It has a lovely moisturising feel, yet gives you the long-lasting matte lipstick benefits. I generally wear matte lipsticks on a daily basis and was pleased with the hydrating, non-drying benefits of these Revlon lipsticks. They don't dry out my lips like some other matte lip colours I've used. I highly recommend these lipsticks if you're looking for a pigmented, matte lipstick that's also affordable and long-wearing too.
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Comfortable matte

I Absolutely enjoyed trialing the Revlon Super Lustrous Mattes Lipstick! I usually hate wearing matte lipstick as i find them so drying and the dont like the feeling of dried lipstick lips. But these wow they are comfortable and dont dry my lips out. They arnt long lasting but not many lipsticks last long on me or for even half the day, so i have had to reapply a couple of times during the day. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to try a matte out and is scared of the drying out feeling of them! It has am amazing range of colours and i loved that it had a number of reds in the range! I will definitely keep using this product as i enjoyed it very much, like i said the only down side was i had to reapply a few times during the day! Definitely give this product a shot if you want a Comfortable feeling matte Lipstick!!
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Great matte lipstick

What can I say about these lipsticks, other than I love them! Normally I try steer away from matte lipsticks as I can normally get really chapped dry lips. These on the other hand are awesome doesn’t feel like I have a matte lipstick on at all I wouldn’t say it’s moisturising like a cream lipstick but for a matte it’s comfortable. It doesn’t last the whole day but I really don’t mind re applying during the day if it means the comfort I experience with this lipstick. I honestly would compare this to the OG Mac lipsticks if you like them I would give this ago.
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Comfortable wearing mattes

If you like a matte finish without the drying aftermath of some products, then this is the lipstick for you. It has a really comfortable, creamy feel on the lips without compromising too much of the matte finish, and has decent longevity in terms of wear, and when they do wear off it tends to be quite even in nature and leaves a nice stain. The colour range is beautiful with plenty of choices from deep reds to nudes, all with a similarly moisturising feel. The packaging feels quite luxe, too, which is a bonus, especially for the price!