Revlon Ultimate All-In-One™ Mascara

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Revlon Ultimate All-In-One™ Mascara is a mascara that delivers five lash transforming benefits: volume, length, definition, lift and intense colour. The Revlon Power Micro Brush has a hollow almond-shaped wand that is designed to reach every lash and deposit the right amount of formula for extra lash impact.

Available in four shades.


Revlon Ultimate All-In-One™ Mascara


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Love revlon products and this mascara is just divine. It delivers on its promise of all in one as after using this my lashes look longer, fuller, more lush and healthy, curled and have great definition. I love the colour pigmentation is this mascara, I used black and its a really intense glossy black, really flattering. This visibly lengthens and thickens my lashes and I have received lovely compliments on my lashes when wearing this and been asked what mascara it is Im wearing. The brush itself is so easy to use and delivers just the right amount of product without clumping and it separates and defines lashes perfectly. This mascara lasts all day without smudging and removes with ease. I love the classy packaging and bright red lid. It comes at a reasonable price so is great value for money and does the same job as more expensive brands. I really loved this mascara and will buy it again. I highly recommend it.
I bought this mascara because I am normally a Revlon devotee and to be honest the row of different coloured lids in the new range caught my eye. I chose this one because of the ‘Ultimate all in one’ claim. I find the shape of the tube and wand with the contours a lot easier to apply than the other standard cylinder tubes. The wand has a different hollow-type applicator and is quite small. I find the formula great, it coats my lashes and defines them. It doesn’t do anything crazy but gives a nice,natural look. I also find it great for bottom lashes as the wand tip isn’t so big that you risk getting your cheek and ruining your makeup! Pro: -Excellent for bottom lashes -Easier to apply handle -Gives natural lift and definition -Innovative design -Affordable and has lasted me a few months Cons: -I wouldn’t say it adds any length like it claims Overall, I love this mascara as my natural every day go-to. I can appreciate the changes they have made here and am impressed with the practicality of the new shape. I give it 4 stars and am happy to continue using it as my every day. Another win for Revlon with me.
I tried this mascara quite a while ago, and I have found it has both pro's and con's... PRO'S: - FORMULA: I really enjoy the formula of this product, the product does not cling to the lashes and I find that this mascara never gets clumpy and is best suited to those looking for volume. I don't think this mascara provides the best length but the formula is super black so if you are after volume/dark lashes this may be the one for you! - EFFECT: I find that this mascara is in between natural and dramatic. The first coat you apply is quite intense as the brush does deposit quite  bit of product onto the lashes. However, as I said before, the product does not clump up and I find it to be very buildable so two coats creates a nice, dramatic lash for the night time (and day!). - LONGEVITY: This mascara has very good staying power- I have never had it smudge or flake on me and it has held up well even on really hot days! CONS: - WAND: I am not a big fan of this wand, I find that is it a little too small. I have found that this makes it more difficult to apply and that it takes a lot longer to apply my mascara than usual. If you are looking for a quick sweep-and-go mascara, this one may cause some issues! However, I do find that this mascara is AMAZING for bottom lashes due to its size it is easier to comb through and separate the small bottom lashes! - LONGEVITY- I found that unfortunately the product itself dried up very fast. I made sure that the lid was screwed on tightly and I still found that within two/three months the mascara was dried up to the point where it was unusable, which I found a little disappointing. Howevert, it is quite an affordable mascara, which is a positive.
I recently tried this mascara for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised!! I had never used a Revlon mascara before this so I was unsure what the quality would be like and what I should expect.  The mascara is amazing! It makes my lashes look so much longer and more luscious. I actually really like the wand as well. I find that it is easy to use and that it transfers the mascara really well. For a less pricey mascara, the quality is really good, and I would recommend this product!
This mascara is total value for your money and is a very promising drug store mascara. When I first bought it I was a little dubious about the wand however it transfers the mascara effectively and doesn't waste any! Overall, while I love the mascara I am still a tiny bit wary of the wand as if you are in a rush you could create a little bit of a mess!!
I purchased this Revlon mascara as it sounded really promising and was quite affordable too. However I found the brush and formula to be fairly average. The brush head itself is quite small and had a hollow centre which doesn't really help add much volume to my lashes. The formula adds some length and definition to lashes, but overall I wouldn't call it an all in one mascara. Unfortunately I found the formula does start to flake and smudge after a few hours, especially if you apply more than I coat. Therefore I would recommend this product to anyone who just wants to apply a light coat of mascara to their lashes and doesn't want a product with a large brush. I generally prefer my mascaras to have a larger, fuller brush head so that I can add more volume and definition to my lashes. Overall this product's performance and quality is fairly average, as I believe there are quite a few less expensive and better performing mascaras available.
This mascara gives my short little straight blonde lashes a complete overhaul!  Within seconds they become long, black, thickened, fuller and glamorous.  I can work wonders with this mascara, pushing my lashes into shape and position, which then sets strong for the day.   I can make-over my lashes with it - and I'm not skilled in make-up at all or a trained make-up artist.  I have this mascara in the colour Blackest Black which is truly a very black coloured mascara and suits the name.  It's a super jet black colour.   This formula goes on quite wet and I find it good to apply several coats in succession, one straight after the other before it completely dries.  It only takes a a couple of minutes to completely dry so it's best, for me, to work first one eye and then move on to the other.   It doesn't flake off and it stays put really well until I'm ready to remove it.  So with this mascara I tend to do one eye at a time, coercing my lashes into shape and style, while the formula is wet, with the wand head.   The wand head is smaller than most and easy to use.  I can use it to manipulate my lashes into a new place and position than what they naturally are.  It's a bendy, flexible wand head with small, well-placed rubbery little bristles.  I find the handle of the wand very easy to hold as it's quite ergonomic and that makes it easy to get a stable grip for exact and steady control when applying the mascara.  My right hand is half numb (permanently) so I personally find this easy-to-grip handle really valuable.   The whole product measures approximately 12.5 cm long and the handle/lid is approximately 5 cm long.   As the name suggests, Ultimate ALL-IN-ONE, this high-quality mascara follows through on it's promises.  I love how it keeps my blonde little lashes looking almost like false eyelashes all day.  This mascara is great for both day and night time use.  It's easy to remove at night with just my regular cleanser in the shower or equally as easy to remove with some micellar water cleanser on a cotton make-up round. I can highly recommend this mascara to those who want to emphasise their lashes a lot and also to those who need a handle that is easy and secure to hold.