Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor

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Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor is a lightweight gel lip colour formulated with hyaluronic acid to hydrate lips, leaving them soft and moisturised. The lipstick has a slim, ultra-precise tip to deliver colour with just one stroke. 

Available in 15 shades.


Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor


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Revlon is one of the few brands I have never really glanced at ever. This product has changed the way I view them for the absolute better and is something I think a lot of people are sleeping on.  I picked this up in the colour DESSERT during one of the epic Pricleine Cosmetics sales (50% off!) as I was wanting to branch into more lip products and this looked like the perfect my lips but better colour.  I can safely say this is the ONLY product that has lived up to and been a true my lips but better colour. It just gives my lips a bit more life, shape and shine. It is medium pigment and not buildable due to the type of formulae and finish which is a gel shine. Staying powder is not a strong point but it's very comfortable to reapply and never makes me feel like I have excess product bunching up on my lips and in any lines.  I have also found this makes an excellent cream blush! Multipurpose products are a favourite of mine. I mix a small amount with my foundation on the back of my hand and apply with a beauty blender. Gorgeous sheen with a pop of colour on the cheeks all day.  PROS:  - cheap, especially as this goes on sale very often  - multi purpose: can be used on the lips or cheeks which means that your makeup ties together very nicely  - comfortable, non drying formula  - decent range of colours to suit a variety of skin tones CONS:  - not long wearing - not insanely pigmented (I feel this is a con for a lot of people but definitely a neutral to pro for me personally) 
The Revlon ultra HD Gel Lipcolors had been on my radar and I took the opportunity to buy 2 when I was given'some birthday money. The lipsticks come in a metallic slim tube with 1.7 g of product. The colour of the tube is similar to the lip shade. They have a yummy vanilla frosting scent. The lipstick applies easily, being a gel formula it just glides across the lips. I wore Sand which is a nude shade. It is a my-lips-but-better colour and quite flattering. This lip product feels so comfortable on the lips and has an almost soothing quality like a balm. I found that the lipstick had quite good lasting power for such a creamy finish. I got around four hours of wear before needing to reapply. I now understand the buzz around the Revlon Ultra Gel Lip Colors. They not only look good, but feel so nice on the lips, too. There is a variety of shades to choose from, which means I'll have to buy more!
These are a hybrid - the nourishment of a lip balm, the colour of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss. The formula is really beautiful! I love skincare with hyaluronic acid in it since I have dry skin, and I was amazed to find out that these Revlon HD lippies contained it! Explains why my lips feel so supple and smooth ater it wears off. I got the shade HD Sand and it's a gorgeous pinky-nude, perfect for every day wear. It's not long lasting because the formula is really buttery and soft, so you'd have to repply after a meal. Without eating it lasts about 3-4 hours on me. The scent is so nice and inoffensive - like vanilla or cake batter. No noticeable taste. Overall they're great. Just wish the cap wasn't plastic as it cheapens the look of the product.
Firstly the packaging is very sophisticated, a metallic pencil shape. The lipstick glides on easily and only needs one coat. It is rich and creamy. Cons- Comes off easily when eating (no shock there). As it fades during the day it leaves a sort of lip-liner effect, which I hate, so it means am constantly checking to make sure it does not get to this stage. The colours look great in the package, but I found on me, they didn't flatter. I bought 2 , a browny and a mauve. What they look like in the container is not how it translate to my lips. It may be great on other people, just not for me. Am pleased I did not pay full price.
I am a big fan of Revlon cosmetics and this is a lovely sheer lip colour that is not as thick or shiny as a lipgloss, but feels more like a tinted lip balm. I quite like the sleek, lightweight packaging this product has, and it fits perfectly in my handbag. This lip colour has a very light, gel texture when you apply it to your lips, so it gives you a sheer wash of colour. It doesn’t feel oily or sticky, or as heavy as a gloss. It contains some good moisturising ingredients, so I like to alternate this with my matte lipsticks which can be a bit drying. I am impressed with the range of shades as there are some beautiful nude and pale pink shades that are great when you want to create a natural, subtle daytime makeup look. And of course there are more pigmented, bright shades too which you can even layer to create a mix of different looks and shades. This product does have a mild fruity, vanilla scent which I quite like and find pleasant. The overall staying power of this lip colour is good, however it’s not a long wearing formula but more like a gloss. Therefore you do need to reapply frequently throughout the day to maintain the colour. I really like the texture of this lip colour as it’s super lightweight, which feels smooth and hydrating on your lips. I think if you don’t like heavy cream or matte lipsticks but prefer sheer lip colours then this is a great product for you. It doesn’t dry out your lips and I even use this instead of my usual lip balm most days. I can’t really fault this product as I’m generally pleased with its results and the price is reasonable too. I will most definitely purchase a few more shades, as I think the moisturising formula is perfect for the Summer months! Repurchase: yes Overall rating: 5 stars!