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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor is a lightweight liquid lipstick formulated to provide a matte finish that doesn’t dry out lips. The 100 per cent wax-free gel formula features a creamy mango and whipped vanilla fragrance. 

Available in 16 shades.


Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor


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I received a few different colours of these matte lip colours in a prize, and I've tried to love them but unfortunately they are just too drying on the lips for me. The colours I have are all beautiful, and there is a nice variety of colours in the range to suit different skin tones. It applies well, looks really nice, and wears fairly well for a matte lip colour, but it does dry out with time and it shows. For a short outing, these lip colours are great, but as an all-day long wearing lip colour, this is way too drying for me. I wouldn't repurchase as I don't wear makeup enough to warrant it.
Not sure how I only discovered these now but I recently bought this in the colour Seduction and I am obsessed. I love a matte lip bit I have dry lips so it's hard to find a one that is not too drying. The Revlon HD Matte Lipcolour goes on like a lipgloss but has a matte finish. It is very moisturising and doesn't dry out at all. The product is very creamy and the applicator is shaped so it is so easy to line and fill the lips all in one go. The colour is my lips bit better and really brightens up my yellow-toned complexion. A lot of nude pinks wash me out, but Seduction is just perfect. Longlasting and smells great.
I absolutely adore these!!!  They glide on so smoothly, are very easy to apply and have fantastic staying power.  If eating and drinking, it barely wears off and is easily reapplied with a quick swipe and no fuss.  Another one of my must-haves, and so many beautiful shades, adorable :)
I love this matte lip tint a lot. It smells good and gives a really nice colour. It gives a perfect matte lip colour and also stays on my lips for long time, it still have some stain on my lips even after meal, which is amazing!! This product basically have every colour you can imagine!! I highly recommend this product to everyone because it is cheap and worth it!!
I love these because they're a liquid lip that won't shrivel the lips up - because they're not completely matte. They're more of a plush, comfortable matte that doesn't dry down completely. The formula is very pigmented though and it's fantastic. Great alternative for those that have super dry lips but also want to wear liquid lipstick. I have a few of them and wear them frequently.
I am a big fan of the matte lip look and Revlon tend to make pretty good lipsticks and glosses, plus they always have a large selection of shades. I decided to purchase three of these matte lipcolours; a nude, a deep berry and a subtle pink shade. The nude has a slight peach tone and I would have preferred a true nude colour, but overall the colours and formula of these lipcolours are pretty good! The product comes in a very generous sized tube with a large wand/sponge tip applicator and there is a slight fragrance, but nothing too overpowering. The texture is lightweight and mousse like, and not at all heavy, drying or sticky. This makes the lipcolour really smooth, quick and easy to apply. It is also pigmented so you don’t really need to apply more than 1 to 2 coats to get decent, even coverage. My one main criticism is that this product takes a long time to set and dry. Many of the other matte liquid lipcolours I’ve tried tend to set instantly and create a truly matte finish but this one is probably more semi-matte. So it doesn’t give you that velvety, powdery finish I prefer. However it isn’t drying and doesn’t settle into my lip lines, whereas other brands sometimes do.  This lipcolour does last well for at least a good couple of hours and doesn’t smudge or rub off too easily. I usually only need to touch up once during the day, and my lips feel smooth as it doesn’t flake or dry out your lips during the day. It is easily removed with you standard miceller water cleanser or makeup removal wipes. I think this is a great everyday lipcolour, that is reasonably priced so you can buy a few shades and they can easily be layered too. Pros: Non-drying, smooth formula Pleasant fruity fragrance  A good selection of shades Concentrated and pigmented formula Long lasting and smudge proof Good value for money Cons: Not really a “matte” formula Takes a long time to set and dry Best for: This lipcolour is great for all ages and skin tones as the colours are very natural and versatile. The texture is lovely and lightweight, so it doesn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a good quality lipcolour that is also pretty affordable too.  I will continue to repurchase and use this lovely product. 
Matte lips aren't going anywhere...and with good reason.They last,they suit any look...from a corporate daytime softness,to an all out glamourous "femme fatale" evening effect,they feel weightless AND they are "girl on a budget" friendly (apply once,wear for hours).This offering from Revlon is fairly new,so i wanted to give my lippy addiction a little "hit". Now this is a tad misleading in it's they aren’t truly matte in finish,rather a "velvet finish" in texture,so they never quite dry down to a true matte hue (this does not take away from the formula,as they wear incredibly well but most importantly the formula is very comfortable and light on lips...almost a "nude" feel). At first application they feel like a thin liquid lip stain of sorts.They cover lips in an almost balmy layer of color that feels lightly hydrating,yet still very "dry" to touch (dry time is a few seconds),and is somewhere between a "lipstick" look and a "wartertint" feel (something i personally love).Now,to get a coverage you feel works for you,is a bit "trial and error" here....some of the lighter hues (like one i picked up, "Hd Seduction"....a pinky nude ) can be quite nice with just one swipe,whilst the deeper / brighter hues (like another i got,"Intensity"....a summer appropriate orchid hue) need a couple of layers to look more "put together" and as the colour was intended,but with 16 shades to choose from,you will definitely at least one to experiment with.  But what is the wear like ? Well,with usual wear (so no oily foods,no kissing like a feverish 16 year old),they will wear for a good 4 - 5 hours before they start to fade like an 80's pop star.AND,one thing i DO love about these lipccolours is that unlike many of the liquid lipstick products we’re seeing at the moment ,these do not set to a point that you need to haul out paint stripper to remove them.. an oil based remover will do the trick,OR exfoliate with a facial polish prior to cleansing with conventional cleansers.As mentioned,they do however, wear for a solid five hours without migrating,or feathering,but i won't lie...these do feel dry and may be a little uncomfortable to some who aren't a fan,or familiar with these types of lipcolours. The packaging ? Its pretty nondescript. housed in a flat rounded,matte plastic tube that has a sponge applicator for application.A silver hued top and black lettering complete the look,and the colour inside is visible via the transparent nothing to rave about or truly dresser worthy. At around $25 for a  (just under) 6ml tube,i can safely say this would not be my "go to" again for something like this,in this pricerange,and that for a few $ extra,i would go for a less "mass market","supermarket" brand,and get something a bit more comfortable,a bit more "luxe" and a lot more variety within the range (i felt that all the shades were just variations on each other,with no real "wow" factor to any of them. TIP:Give (some of) these a try as a long wearing blush.I know it's unconventional,but if a product can be multi purpose,then why not give it a go ? Apply a swipe from the sponge tip applicator to the apples of your cheeks and blend out with a beautyblender or brush...quickly.There you have it...a super long lasting glow that will tie in with your lips beautifully.No thinking involved,no clashing hues.
Pigmented. It is so pigmented. I have the shade Passion and oh my God do I look passionate wearing it. However, it is really drying on my lips and can get flakey.  I'm not the kind of person to spend over $15 on a lipstick and so I got this on sale. There are a huge variety of other liquid lipsticks that you can get that are of the same and higher quality at a cheaper price.
Absolutely love this product. I've just recently been introduced to liquid lipstick and its amazing. This product particularly lasts all day long with little effort and without drying out the lips, the range of colours are beautiful. Revlon has always been high above the rest and this product just confirms that.
Absolutely love these liquid lipsticks. Such a light weight product that goes on creamy and smoothly. Doesn't dry out your lips like a lot of other liquid lipsticks and lasts all day. It has minimal transfer and is super easy to take off as well so no need to sit there scrubbing your lips away just to get it off. They are the perfect size to fit in your purse, clutch or handbag so you can carry with you no matter where you go. I am definitely going back to buy more
First of all these smell so good!! They have a huge color range especially in the nude/pink tones. These go on very pigmented, super creamy and most important they do not dry out your lips like a normal liquid lip! These are very lightweight and long wearing. They are a perfect size for the handbag and I would definitely buy more!