Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor™ Naked Mattes

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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor™ Naked Mattes is a lip colour inspired by the most popular nude shades amongst Australian women. It offers instant high coverage colour with a creamy, barely there feel for all day comfort. One swipe of the doe-foot applicator applies colour evenly, defining and enhancing lips for a flawless look and smooth matte finish that resists smudging, feathering, bleeding and settling into lip lines. Lips are left feeling conditioned with a perfect matte finish that never feels sticky or uncomfortable. Available in six new shades of nude: Cheek to Cheek, Bare Down, Frisky, Exhibitionist, Skinny Dip and Un-Nude.

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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor™ Naked Mattes


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loved it

I received this product from my aunty as she wasn't a fan of the particular colour that she had purchased. The first time using it I loved it! The formula is very smooth and easy to apply and has a very lovely smell, it is a very girly pick me up. My mum was going out with a few friends for the night and needed a new lip colour. I offered her this one and she accepted it she loved the colour, formula and feel of this lipcolor. We actually fight over who owns it now.... lol. I would definitely recommend this lip product to any one who enjoys a good lippy. Revlon never fails to deliver.

Lovely matte lip colour

I am using Revlon Matte LipColor Naked Mattes in the shade Frisky, which is darker brown, pink nude shade on my lips. The colour is quite pigmented and provides smooth, even coverage after one application. The texture and feel of this lip colour is a velvety matte, and the finish is soft powdery. It feels very light and hydrating on my lips. It has a pleasant fruity fragrance, that's not too strong. The colour lasts for a few hours on my lips and doesn't settle into lip lines or leave my lips feeling dry. This is a great everyday lip colour and there is a large range of shades available, therefore I will consider purchasing other shades too.

Great matte finish, creamy hydrating consistency

I love a good nude lip and these matte lip colours from Revlon are just great. Revlon is a trusted brand that I absolutely love and they make a really high quality lipstick. These give a nice matte finish without drying like some mattes can, they are really hydrating and have a nice smooth creamy consistency. They come in a great range of colours to suit everyone and at under $25.00 are great value for money. They are packaged nicely and they applicator makes them so easy to use, they swipe on with ease. I find they do last for quite a while, I had a coffee and my colour was still there. This lip colour does not bleed or feather, so you won’t be getting smudges on your face, it’s great at staying put. I love the Revlon naked mattes range and will be buying more of these
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Nice but not long-lasting

I had three colours to try - two were coffee-coloured and didn't suit me, personally, but the third colour - a dusky pink - was great. It would suit a lot of people with light olive skin like me. The lipcolour is super light on the lips, easy to apply (I could do it while watching Loki and not paying total attention to what I was doing in the mirror). The smell was a surprise, kind of like bubblegum. Being a matt, I thought it would last a lot longer than it did. It transferred pretty easily on my face mask and after drinking. But you can't have everything, eh?
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Not Your Average Matte Lipstick

The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour comes in a sleek matte tube with a soft easy to use applicator, that glides along your lips. I am not usually a fan of matte lipsticks, (especially in winter)but the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour is not at all drying. This lip colour glides on smoothly and feels like you are not wearing a lipstick and as a bonus they all smell delicious! The Bare Down (981) was my everyday go to colour, it looked great with both pink and peach based blushes. Whereas Frisky (982) was a bright fun colour to wear out and about to a special occasion. The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour had great staying power that didn’t need to be reapplied constantly, a lovely scent and felt fab on my lips!
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Smooth non drying matte lip colours

I tried 3 of Revlons new Ultra HD naked matte lip colours (Cheek to Cheek, Bare Down and Frisky) as part of the beauty crew free trial. I found these lip colours had a subtle but pleasant smell and were easy to apply with the doe foot applicator. The shape of the applicator allowed me to define the shape of my lips without having to worry about applying lip liner to ensure that there is no bleeding of colour onto the skin around my mouth. These colours are super pigmented and I could full coverage with just one swipe (as opposed to some other similar products on the market where I’ve found I have to apply a few layers to achieve an even appearance). Bare Down was the colour that most suited my skin tone (pale, dark hair, hazel eyes) that gave the appearance of “barely there” lip colour. I found this was the one that I chose to wear to work or the shops when I needed a bit of colour on my lips. It is definitely my go to colour at the moment. I found that Frisky was more suited towards going out to dinner and socialising as it was a darker, more vibrant colour and not as nude as the other two products. I love this colour. My lips felt hydrated when using this product and even after it was removed at the end of the day, my lips still felt soft and hydrated. Other matte lipsticks and lip balms on the market tend to make my lips feel dry or emphasise any dryness creating an uneven appearance. There was also no stickiness which is a problem I’ve had with other products on the market. The one downside with this product is how long it takes to “dry down” and set. I found myself having to reapply this product several times throughout the day, especially if I was inpatient and didn’t let it dry completely before eating or drinking. However the product does leave behind a lovely lip tint so I still have the appearance of wearing a lip product which I did appreciate. I would definitely recommend these naked matte lip colours to people who love nude matte lipsticks and they will be part of my makeup routine
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Gorgeous lip product!

This is a beautiful lip product that goes on well and stays on for a good period of time. It has a lovely scent and I found the applicator easy to use. The product would glide on and I found I didn’t need lip liner, there was no bleeding into my lip line! The colours didn’t match my skin tone well but I would definitely purchase in a red or pink shade if they were made available. I tend to look washed out in browns. I liked the packaging and felt the size was good for chucking in my purse or a small evening bag.
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Fabulous matte lip colour

I am beyond thrilled with these lip colours! Usually, never in my wildest dreams would I buy a matte lip colour. I'm mean, we've all been there. Trying for that matte lip look only to end up with lips that feel parched and look like two rust pipes instead of lips! But the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour totally changes that narrative! The colours are beautiful, the texture is a dream and the wearability is sublime! I couldn't believe how moisturised my lips felt for hours, nor how long the colour lasted. This from a girl who usually eats off her lipstick between the bathroom and the front door. It's an absolute revelation and if it sounds like I'm gushing, that's because I am. It really is that good and I'm a convert. Definitely recommend!
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Reputable brand, reputable gloss

I was sent 3 lovely glosses to trial- 980 Cheek to cheek, 981 Bare down and 982 Frisky. The first 2 are light nude shades while Frisky has more of a burgundy tone. I have slightly olive toned skin and found having a bit of colour made my lips just look a bit fuller. The nude tones were extremely similar…so much so that when I applied half on one side of my mouth and the other on the other side, that I couldn’t see any difference. I did wear “bare down” to work for a few days in a row and it was like wearing a lip balm with a pop of colour. It was moisturising and nothing to intrusive. I really liked the modern packaging. A flask style bottle with a screw top that won’t squeeze on your bag or pocket. It has a traditional gloss style applicator and a leak proof opening. It seems to be more generous in size to a standard lip gloss and the product itself is long lasting. After applying it for a few minutes it seems to sit on your lips well and is not easily removed. I was really impressed with this product and would like to see what other colours/shades there are.
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Pleasant Surprise

First thing I noticed was the lovely compact the lip colours came in, slender and very feminine. The second was a lovely fragrance (fruit like). I am not a big matte lipstick wearer which is why I wanted to test these. Loved the colours, I think they would suit a lot of different complexions, hair colours and ages. I received Bare Down, Cheek to Cheek and Frisky. The wand was perfect and gave great precision. I wouldn't call it a long lasting lip colour but I feel it is a great compromise between a true long lasting matte (often dry) lipstick and a normal type matte lipstick. I could also add a bit of gloss if I wanted without ruining the colour or making it bleed. I am definitely going to investigate some more colours.
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Great, non sticky, velvety lipcolour.

The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour is just lovely. It has a natural, velvety feeling on your lips and is non drying. It feels moisturising, and is non sticky, unlike other products that I have tried. The lipcolour is long lasting, even after eating and drinking. The colours on offer, all shades of ‘Naked’, were suitable for my skin type, and I used the three samples that I was given at different times of the day and found that they were suitable. The lipcolour is light, and does not leave a heavy feeling on your lips, and there was no colour bleeding at all. It has a lovely matt sheen, which is ideal for day time and office wear. It has a faint aroma, which is rather nice as some other products can be overpowering and not pleasant. The tube shape is nice and flat and fits easily in your purse or handbag. The applicator is a nice soft sponge which is very easy to use. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this product as it will be part of my everyday use. I would recommend this product as a moisturising, non sticky lipcolour with some great colours available.
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Beautiful and silky matte lip colour

I really enjoyed trying the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour shades sent to me for testing. I found just one of the 3 shades suited my skincolour best which was Frisky. The other 2 shades were a bit too nude and looked a bit like concealer on my lips. The product itself felt smooth and silky on the lips which I appreciated. Matte lip colours normally feel quite drying so the comfortable feel on the lips was an unexpected bonus. There is a slight fragrance to the product which I didn't really mind. Overall I would definitely repurchase this product in other shades and even probably repurchase the Frisky shade as I found it suited my complexion the best.
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Not your traditional matte lipcolor!

I was sent three different shades of the Revlon Ultra Matte HD Lipcolor, I am often not someone who wears a matte lipstick but these were extremely easy to apply with the applicator and lasted equally as long on the lips throughout the day. Although the shades given to me were not 100% compatible with my skin tone, I found mixing some of them together created the perfect bold lipstick. This is probably one of the first lip applicators that I have used where it was razor sharp in precision around the lips (I don't have the world's biggest or the tiniest) and no lip liner was required. The matte finish is no traditional matte lip colour I've used in the past - it does NOT dry your lips! It felt silky smooth all day and there was no need to reapply as the colours are extremely rich and pigmented. This is a game changer for those who avoid matte lip colours. I would definitely recommend this product to those who are after a quick one size-fits-all matte lip colour without the compromises of traditional lipsticks.
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Smooth & Hydrating

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor - Naked Mattes The colours that I was provided were the 980,981 & 982. They were very smooth and hydrating when applied to the lips for the first time. Unfortunately for my darker complexion these nudes colours were too pale and the coverage for my lips was not optimum. This product would be suitable for the lovely ladies who are after something very hydrating and soft but not much coverage. This is a nice, smooth hydrating and creamy lipstick but I would not describe it as matte.
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New Favourite Lipstick

The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors are the prefect mixture of a Lip Gloss and a Lipstick. They are moisturising and feel great to wear (similar to gloss) while being a long lasting matte colour (like Lipstick). The packaging was stylish and the wand applicator made it easy to apply a smooth layer and was not thick or dry on my lips. I am not someone who wears bright lipsticks so I was really pleased with the pink and brown shades that I trialled. They were all natural looking matte colours when applied lightly for everyday wear, although slightly similar. I would happily use Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors again and I would highly recommend them to others.
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Will buy more

I have been trialing three of these shades for a few weeks. I have really liked them. They are packaged in a spill proof bottle that is easy to open and apply. I liked that the bottle was slim so easy to slip into a hand bag or pocket, yet flat so it didn’t roll away! The liquid gave good coverage and stayed on my lips well through eating and drinking. It only needed minimal touch ups during the day. I will definitely be buying this again in different shades. Being able to try three different shades was a great way to really work out what colour suits best.
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Love them!

I received 3 different shades of the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor to trial. I have really enjoyed wearing these over the past few weeks. I found them very comfortable to wear. The colours went on nice and bold, and they didn’t try out my lips which is something I struggle with. The application is easy and when on the lips the products had a velvet feel to them. The packaging is tidy and compact which is great to pop a few shades in your handbag. When using them the first thing I noticed was the smell - it was delicious. Not too overpowering at all but just really pleasant to wear. The colour stays on for a decent amount of time, I didn’t experience any pilling which was good. I did have to touch up after eating and drinking but even then the colour didn’t completely disappear. Overall I would definitely recommend these to others as I really enjoyed wearing these and will be buying more shades.
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Would definitely recommend

I received three shades of the Revlon Ultra HD Matt lip colour Bare down, Frisky & Cheek to Cheek. I really liked the sleek shape of the bottle & the smooth sponge tip applicator. I found the formula smooth & creamy and not at all dry like some other Matt lip colours I have tried in the past. Being over 50 I never wore much lip colour as I had no lips , lol , but since having filler I love to experiment with lip colours and find so many different shades look good when you have fuller lips . The Revlon ones were great, Thank you for the opportunity to try them x
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Creamiest Matte Lip colour!

I received 3 shades of these lip colours as part of reviewcrew and can I just say thank you thank thank you I’m not really a matte lipstick wearer as I find them drying on my lips but these are on a whole different level firstly the smell of these are like a sweet yet warm vanilla/caramel scent smells like ice cream, secondly the shade colours are beautiful I played around with mixing them aswell to do a ombré lip to create the perfect nude for me and I’m now obsessed they look so natural on the lips, thirdly the colour payoff is amazing one swipe and it’s pigment city! they feel so comfortable on the lips, the applicator is easy to use and the packaging is very slimline and sleek, these lip colours have definitely changed my mind about matte lips I can definitely see myself rocking them daily and picking more colours up in the future all I can say is I’m now a matte lip lover!!!
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Great Lipgloss

I found this lip gloss very easy to apply and it blended well on my lips. It felt light and silky on application and the applicator was soft too. The whole bottle is bigger than other lip gloss brands I buy but not too big that I wouldn’t consider buying it. I loved how it was not sticky which is such a turn off for me with buying lip gloss. I found it to be fairly long lasting considering I was eating a drinking whilst wearing it and most other lip gloss brands don’t last like this one did. The fragrance is also pleasant. I tried Cheek to Cheek, Bare Down and Frisky. I really preferred Frisky as it suited my skin tone the best. I don’t wear nudes/browns as often however the other two shades are still nice, and I will definitely still a lot of use out of them.