Revlon Ultra Volume™ Mascara

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Revlon Ultra Volume™ Mascara is a mascara with a conditioning, clump-free formula for creating intense volume. The Revlon Plumping Brush has triple grooves within the brush for extra lash volume, while the short and long bristles comb every lash to eliminate clumps.

Available in four shades.


Revlon Ultra Volume™ Mascara


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I’m giving this Mascara 4 stars because when I wear it without a lash primer it transfers to the top of my eye.  It’s easy to apply as the wand grabs the lashes well and it creates a voluminous lash, without needing to apply numerous coats. I have the blackest black 001 shade and am happy with the intensity of the colour. A tube of this mascara lasts a while so it’s worth the price and it definitely does give ultra volume without looking spidery. I would recommend this mascara to someone that wears a lash Primer as it lasts superbly without flaking, transferring or smudging when worn with one.
This is my all time go to mascara. I recently bought a high end mascara and feel like kicking my self because I keep coming back to this one. No panda eyes, great volume and separation of lashes and my lashes are loving it xx A+++ absolutely love this mascara 
A really solid mascara. The Revlon Ultra Volume mascara didn't smudge or flake on me throughout the dag and throughout any kind of weather. As long as I was patient with application, my lashes never became clumpy. I was a real fan of this mascara until I found other mascara that were cheaper and did just as - if not better - a good of a job.
I love revlon products and needed a new mascara so tried this for the first time. I really loved this product. The mascara is high quality leaving my lashes looking long and lush, thick and gorgeous. I absolutely adored the brush, its really thick and coated lashes well to add heaps of volume and separated lashes to define them leaving behind no clumps or residue. I received compliments on my lashes wearing this and I loved the little thick tube it comes in really easy to use. I will buy this mascara again for beautiful lashes that look extra lush
This mascara does just what it is marketed for super great :) Its nice of the lashes and doesn't feel heavy on the eyes and there isn't any off putting scent which is great. I love using this mascara because it makes my lashes look full and volumed, the only disappointing thing about this product is that it takes a little bit for it to dry so can sometimes go on the eyelid/face etc.. but id still recommend it because a little mess if not paying attention is no big deal if its worth it.  Pros: - makes lashes look great - the brush is a great size and shape - affordable & easy to find in stores - comes in a options like brown/black, waterproof or not etc.. Cons: - takes a little while to dry - can be a little stiff to remove