Revlon Uniq One Hair Treatment

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Revlon Uniq One Hair Treatment is a professional treatment that offers ten benefits, including repairing dry and damaged hair, adding body, and preventing split ends. It is also an effective heat protectant that can be used before heat styling.


Revlon Uniq One Hair Treatment


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This product is just amazing.  I bought it after seeing a review on Beauty Crew - my hair needed a major boost and conditioner was just not doing the trick.  I bought this and tried it.  Sprayed it on my hair left it for five minutes and dried with the hairdryer.  Definite change int he look ad feel of my hair , softer and more manageable. Now I use it every time I wash my hair and the bottle is a great size for travelling. No down side but you need to make sure you don't use too much otherwise it is so sleek it is difficult to curl and style.
This all in one hair treatment does what it says on the bottle. I liked to apply it to my wet hair before I blow dry my hair, since it helps with heat protection. I started seeing nice shiny and soft instantly after I finished blow drying my hair. I also feel like my hair looks healthier than before which is exactly what I want. It also leaves a nice smell on my hair which is something extra!! I highly recommend this product to people who likes to use heat to style their hair and do not like putting 10 products on their hair to style them.
I first fell in love with this product when I received it in the Marie Claire The Parcel (now sadly discontinued) quute some time ago. The Revlon Uniq One Hair Treatment smells lovely (the only way I can describe it is that it just SMELLS like luxe haircare), applies easily with the spray nozzle and does a brilliant job in helping to manage hair, detangle, adds softness and shine and smooths frizziness. I love this product, I really do, but the only thing preventing me from giving 5 stars,  is the price. At $29.95 it is a luxury that I allow myself to indulge in, but if it was more affordable I would be using twice as much as I would use this on my 5 year old as well., instead of using it sparingly to tackle any knots that that prove too difficult to manage otherwise.
Unfortunately I am not a fan of this hair treatment. I was pretty excited to receive it in one of the (very missed) Marie Claire Parcels, but it turns out this product does not work well on my hair. I do like the packaging, the dark red bottle and the black spray with the lid feel and look sturdy. The scent of the product is very strong but pleasant and I find it lingers on the hair for quite a long time. The formula seems to be a lightweight but what I noticed is that if I spray a few pumps onto my hair, it does look healthier and glossier for a while, but then Revlon Hair Treatment feels really heavy on my hair and it makes it look greasy. I will still use it every so often, but I expected so much more. Wanted it to tame the frizz and provide silkiness and smoothness but got nothing. A bit disappointed.
This is a great product. I love the smell and I hope and very curly hair and find it’s great for using to detangle and hydrate my hair. I find I can use this without needing other products to tame the frizz and set the curls. It’s easy to use you just spray it on and comb it through your hair.
I love redken products, such high quality and this one hair treatment is super special. My hair is so much more manageable when using this product. I love this for heat protection as it does such an amazing job of protecting my coloured hair from heat styling tools while also protecting my colour. Split ends are a thing of the past when I use this product. Simple to use I just spray onto damp hair and style as normal and my hair is left visibly bouncy, shiny, soft and has a just come from the salon feel and look, really professional. It certainly does offer ten benefits as there is virtually nothing this product doesn't offer. The packaging is classy and the scent divine, a lovely musky scent. My hair is so healthy when using this product, no dryness and no frizz and it's super manageable. A gorgeous product for my hair I would highly recommend
So I found this from my last parcel a few months ago and thought I'd start using it as a heat protectant before straightening/blow drying my hair. It states that Revlon Uniq One Hair Treatment is a professional treatment that offers ten benefits, including repairing dry and damaged hair, adding body, and preventing split ends. But as I was already using a hair mask I thought Id use it as an effective heat protectant instead. The main issue I've had with heat protectants in the past is that they have made my hair frizzier after heat styling however Revlon's Uniq One Hair treatment was surprisingly light and delivered results on so many levels. The spray covers a generous space and one to three sprays is more than enough to cover your hair. The smell is slightly sweet like vanilla without overpowering the hair which I really liked. It added body to my hair and helped it looked smoother and more luscious. I'm hoping after long term use I will see all of the ten benefits come to light as I'm very happy with the results so far. I prefer a few sprays on damp hair then use detangling brush to comb product in gives me better results. A quick natural dry followe'd by heat styling and I'm good to go. One product that delivers many benefits. My hair always looks, feels and smells divine after using Revlon's Uniq One hair treatment. Perfect for everyday use too!
I recently had my hair bleached and it was looking a little fried, the Revlon Uniq One Hair Treatment has been amazing in making my hair look and feel smooth and healthy again! Before bleaching I was a little worried about how to take care of my hair at home, and this product has been amazing! It's light and smooth, easy to apply with the spritzer and has a slight pleasant scent to it. I spray over my damp hair a couple of times before drying then straightening my hair; the 150ml bottle as lasted for quite a while! When I started using this product I noticed immediately that my hair was softer, smoother and overall healthier; plus all that frizziness was gone and my hairstyle doesn't get as many annoying kinks in it! This has been a fantastic product for my bleached hair, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to give their hair a health boost!
My hair has been bleached and dyed and is very overprocessed and difficult to brush when wet. This product detangles my hair so easily leaving it silky and it smells great. I find oil is too heavy for my fine hair this drys light and if you spray too much it doesn't look greasy like when you overdo oil.
As much as I’ve tried to like this hair treatment, it’s just not working for me. I have lots of fine hair that I wash every other night, and I like to apply a treatment after washing and before drying my hair. I’ve used this product for a few weeks now, and sadly it doesn’t leave my hair feeling or looking like it’s had a treatment applied. It boasts having ‘10 real benefits’, but I don't think that it does any of them particularly well, if at all. On the upside, the scent is pleasant and the spray works well and evenly disperses the product. Rather than throw it out, I will see if family or friends would like to try it. Honestly, at $29.95 it is not worth the spend, especially when there are plenty of other treatments out there that work brilliantly and are comparable in price or cheaper (Pantene, Redken and Loreal make some great ones!). Would not recommend.
I like to mix up my hair products a bit but I did use this spray for quite some time and I absolutely loved it! My hair is curly and a bit course and I often use heat styling tools. I sprayed this onto my wet hair straight from the shower and style and significantly reduced frizz and dryness. Even when I let my hair dry naturally it did the same. It isn't a heavy spray that gives you a slicked down look it really compliments hair without taking it over and making it greasy. I am a big fan and will more than likely go back to using it again. I highly recommend it for anyone with dry or damaged hair needing a bit of love and a boost
At first I loved this product! It really did seem to live up to its hype. After about a few days of use, I noticed that my bathroom floor was covered in a very sticky residue. The nozzle on the spray stopped working after a few weeks also. If they changed the solution so it wouldn't leave sticky residue and redesign the nozzle for a seamless application, I would definitely give it 5 stars.
This helped to detangle and smells nice. I didn't notice much difference in my fine hair. I didn't get crispy or oily hair.
It's easy to end up with a drawerful of hair and skin products with each claiming to address a specific issue. This product ticks so many boxes in looking after your hair that a clear-out of old products is in order.It detangles, provides heat protection and moisturises as it goes. Clearly there are other claimed talents given its '10 real benefits" labelling. I'm just interested in the ones I listed. Uniq one certainly covers these functions well. And it makes your hair smell good.
I love this product. It is one of the best hair treatments that are quick and can be done without having to sit down for many hours to have completed. My hair feels wonderful.
I use this on my hair everday keeps it really hydrated plus it smells really nice, highly recommend
Lovely fragrance. Great for dry ends and as a leave in conditioner.
Has a nice smell, goes on easily. Helps smooth my crazy hair
This product leaves your hair soft and shiny, and has a nice smell. My daughter is a hairdresser and I gave it to her to try. She says it protects your hair beautifully, and will be recommending it to her clients.