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Rimmel London Brow Shake Filling Powder

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Rimmel London Brow Shake Filling Powder is an eyebrow powder that works to define and thicken brows by evenly dispersing product throughout the hairs to fill in any gaps. The waterproof powder won't fade, smudge or transfer to ensure eyebrows stay defined and flawless all day long.

Available in three shades.


Rimmel London Brow Shake Filling Powder


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Full brows

I decided to give this a go because I have a really thin brows and I’m not very good at using the eyebrow pencil to fill in. Rimmel London Brow Shake Filling Powder Is affordable and easy to use. You use the applicator to evenly apply the powder, I only used a little and the result is really great. It looks completely natural and filled in. I think if you go heavy handed it won’t work, just use a little at a time. I used the dark brown because I have olive skin tone, and it worked amazingly . Great product and I highly recommend this
I was given this brow filling powder by a friend and was not sure at first.  I used this powder in dark brown and it was easy to use, a smooth powdery product, just shake and apply along brows with the thin brush applicator, a little goes a long way so dont be heavy handed or you will get a dark fake look. This filled my brows well, I only used a little and worked to frame my face.The pigment is good, however I think I prefer a pencil, but if you love a powder this is a good product that I would recommend
I love nothing better than experimenting with different beauty looks, depending on my mood that day, but after a lot of experimentation, I've discovered that my signature beauty look has to be a flawless, glowing base, flushed cheeks, full lips and defined brows. It's a look that continues to work and never goes out of style, is great for any occasion, day or night and takes me about five minutes to do, great for mornings when I'm in a hurry or am not in the mood to spend ages in front of the mirror. Brow products, such as powders, creams, gels and tints are one of the best beauty product inventions I think there is. Lots of brands have great brow products available, and usually the brand and products I stick to is Benefit cosmetics, but I recently came across this Rimmel London Brow shake filling powder for under $20, I didn't think twice about buying and trying it out. After my usual double cleanse, serum, moisturiser and primer to prepare my skin to  be the best possible blank canvas, I smoothed on an even layer of my YSL teinte ecru ink fusion cushion foundation, then applied a layer of Benefit browvo! conditioning primer to both brows and smoothed into place, then gave the brow shake filling powder a gentle shake, and brushed onto both brows until I had my desired colour and coverage. It took about five seconds for each brow, it was a smooth, powdery consistency which applied like a dream, the colour was perfect for me and it lasted all day until my evening cleanse and I looked so naturally defined and on point all day too. Beauty is the best way to release your inner makeup artist and experiment with different looks and styles every day and have fun with it, but it is the best feeling when you know you have found your signature look, that works every day, for any occasion, and takes less than ten minutes to do, and completely says and shows who you are, but whatever you signature look is, add defined, neat, and coloured brows with a product such as this Rimmel one. It's affordable, effective, and easy to use, and really defines and elevates your look, whatever it might be. The power of beauty indeed.
This baby comes in 4 different shades, including blonde, light brown, dark brown and soft black. The applicator is a soft, thin brush that allows you to draw along the brows in a mostly precise manner. The powder is quite pigmented, and the dark brown has a bit of a red tint to it. The soft black is actually the most appropriate for my skin tone. I found the applicator a little tricky to work at first, and I ended up with way too much powder, which went everywhere - definitely not so great when the powder is crazy pigmented! This got better once I started tapping the extra powder off the applicator before placing it on the skin, so make sure you do that! I've also used an angled brush on the brows, and I found that this allowed me to control how little or how much powder I wanted to actually use - a good alternative to using the provided applicator! What I do like about this is that it sticks to the skin really well, and I can do some really dramatic brows with it, or use a light hand to get something less bold. Top notch amazing - you just need a little patience with it!
Rimmel has been killing it lately with their new brow releases! I love this product and how easy it makes it to fill in your brows. I've used this almost everyday since getting it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with fine sparse brows and wanting to fill them in completely but still looking quite natural but you can use as much or as little as you like for the overall look.
This brow prowder is not my thing,  I bought this only because it was a new thing that Rimmel had. So I tried,  it's not so powdery but just so thick and dark on my eyebrows.  If you are filling your brows with this please be gentle on the use because you don't want a super dark brows look like you use sharpie!